Saturday, October 28, 2006

Settlers Cafe

Went over to Settlers Cafe with ah yee, uncle sq and ping jie jie.

We took the standard package ($30), comes with a drink each...

The only drink worth mentioning is the strawberry comfort tea. It looks pretty gross before u stir it. Ping jie jie said it looks like some menses tea (u get the idea). but she said taste was alright.

And a snack (which we had settler's strips)...

As mentioned before, their settlers strips is cuttlefish but they microwave it till its so crispy and yummy!

ping jie jie ordered a side of fried chicken wings...

their chicken wings are pretty good actually.

Our package includes 2 hours of free gaming but because we started around 11.50 pm and they close at 1.30 am, we didnt manage to enjoy the whole 2 hours but it was pretty alright.

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