Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thai Express

The seafoodies april 09 gathering. Birthday girl wanted thai express.

they ordered a salted egg squid.. haha.. they were missing the salted egg prawns we had at the seafood international market and restaurant. The salted egg squid came as such...

fishy said its super nice.. squiddy and i found it ok only.

i had an olive rice wif chicken...

i thot the chicken would be some cutlet or chop by the side.. we waited and waited so i started on the rice first when i suddenly saw a piece of chicken drop out within the rice... boring. breast meat. the rice tasted reasonably tasty though.

fishy had a phad thai...

a bit different in terms of taste.. has a tomato sauce taste which is quite addictive in some sense.

they also shared 2 bowls of fish tom yam soup....

And squiddy had a black pepper vermicelli with soft shell crab...

which was not too bad.

Friday, April 24, 2009


I arranged to meet up with kor and da sao for dinner. had wanted to bring them to eden only to realise dat the eden at club street has already closed shop. and with my cravings for the strawberry shortcake from canele, it was canele we went.

i went for their mushroom soup...

i've remembered their mushrooom soup to be thick and tasty. today's mushroom soup was not as thick. was not bad but not as good as before.

kor went for the rustic pea and bacon soup...

which was clear soup. i prefer my mushroom soup!

for mains, kor had the spaghetti marinara....

da sao had the club salmon sandwich...

looks huge in portion! da sao is looking good! forgot to take a picture of her. still as slim as before she gave birth!

as for me, i had the seafood doria...

its got a good and fresh amount of crab meat, scallop, mussels and prawns cooked in white wine sauce. the taste was good.

kor was telling me to order anything i want, especially the strawberry shortcake coz he saw on my fb how i've been craving for it. he said its his treat today! haha... wee~

my strawberry shortcake!

i love their strawberry shortcake! i love the white and red combination of strawberries and cream in general. Canele's spongecake is really good. it has got moisture locked in. Love it~!

i finally got my canele strawberry shortcake dat i've been craving for weeks!

thank cute kor for dinner.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Dinner at Dennis... i went for my usual order of the grilled garlic chicken and pasta...

love the tender grilled chicken and their garlic sauce!

monkey went for his usual order of the steak and egg....

i was in fact considering ordering that but since he ordered that, i decided to just pick on his food. haha.. the steak was nice.. n i love their hashbrown that tastes like rosti.

and for dessert, we had the free green bean soup....

ahhh.. so fulfilling!

thank cute for dinner!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fei Fei Wanton Mee

bernard picked me up and i was asked to suggest on dinner venues. I suggested either Fei Fei wanton mee or the Peng Lai Ge taiwanese food. In the end, we settled for Fei fei because i told Bernard i've not tried it before.

the dry version....

the soup version...

where is the wanton?!

finally found one...

haha.. apparently there are only 2 in each bowl. the wanton is quite nice though its pretty small. i only had a few mouths of the soup n noodles. dun understand the fascination about them. heh... bernard said its only popular because of people like me who have never tried them before and never return after that. haha

Sunday, April 12, 2009


After 2 rounds of scrabble, Kenneth suggested we head for dinner. He said he was in the mood for steak and he suggested Outback so we walked over to Milennia Walk.

the complimentary bread...

i forgot what he had but it looked nice...

i had the prime minister prime rib.. 8 oz...

it was not bad but i think hogs breath and lawry's one is much nicer. hehe... but of course, their prices are also much more expensive.

kenneth treated. thank cute!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


we headed over to valentino at around 6.30 pm. it was not easy for me to get the reservations. we were actually on waiting list initially but thank god they managed to get us seats....

we popped by the bakery the management opened by the side. they have those very traditional Victorian looking cakes!

so pretty!

Joey said to me.. " today we shall be excessive.. let's have an excessive dinner.. n let's go for drinks later.. we can have wine.. let's just be excessive. hopefully, u'll feel better "

and so we did.

the food at valentino is fabulous as usual. it totally stirred up my appetite dat i lost over the past week.

we were first served the starters of bread and some greenish dip...

the dip is probably some olive oil thing.. super good. i, the not bread person polished off the whole bread.

a picture of the interior...

we shared a crab meat squid ink pasta...

super GOOD.

we also shared a starter of some cheese wrapped in pamma ham thingy....

check out that melted cheese....

ma ma mia!

after the first two dishes, ishan happily declared to us.. " i think this is my favourite restaurant out of all the places we've visited "

joey replied.. " u so fast pass judgement already? "

ishan nodded gleefully. haha.. i'm glad.

and the server was making recommendations. when he mentioned dat $88 grilled beef thingy, i remember eyeing dat on other patron's table when i was here the last time. the poor student i was den couldnt afford it. but now, WE'LL HAVE THAT.

served on a wooden base were pieces of finely grilled beef topped wif lotsa rockets...

the steaks were really nicely grilled.. there was slight charred portions dat tasted fabulous but not overly charred to actually taste bitter. like what ishan said, it had this primitive taste... n it was bursting wif the juicy beef flavour. so darn good.

and despite already having a whole rack of beef steaks, i insisted on the tenderloin in beef sauce when we ordered. when they looked at me, i replied.. " excessive remember? " ... i tried this the very first time i came to valentino with lil bee. it was love at first bite.

medium rare...

the beef was thick, tender and done just right. the cheese sauce was not too thick but tasted simply fabulous. they both loved it as well.

and after we ordered but before the food arrived, i was telling them.. " actually i was contemplating about the pizza ".... but of course, we didnt order because we all agreed what we ordered was already excessive.

after all our orders arrived n to be honest after sharing the portions, we felt dat we may still haf some space.. n joey went.. " ok, i think we can order the pizza now "

And without much ado, viola~

rockets + pamma ham = my favourite.

the pizza was nice and thin. the way a good pizza is. However, either we were too full or there are just quite a number of places offering such good pizzas around already.. so the pizza while it was nice, didnt wow us like the previous few items did.

n its not hard to guess, we couldnt finish the pizza. we tried to do some cooperation work.... i polished the toppings of the rockets and pamma, joey tried to roll them up like buritos and just stuff them down his throat while ishan focused on her favourite crispy crusts. haha... its no joking matter ok!

ishan was found to have 3 pieces of pizza left on her plate, w/o toppings and w/o the sides. the server was super funny. while he was clearing our plates, he suddenly looked at her and said.. " why? not nice? " in a very funny tone and gave us the look. and we all know dat he knows its coz we cannot consume anymore. we all burst out luffing.

joey chose the chocolate easter cake.. since easter is technically round the corner...

it looks like some bread with nutella on it. tasted like some xmas fruit cake wif nutella. i.. didnt really like it.

the funny server came by again and asked us.. " so how do u like it? "

i replied.. " i love ur panna cotta "

and he went.. " the easter cake? "

we went.. " erm.. "

and he said.. " ya.. u know.. some people.... they order.. its not for every people " he said it in a very funny tone like he already knows its not as popular as the other desserts..

and i replied.. " den why didnt u tell us when we ordered? " i teased.

and we all luffed.. coz we all knew that he most probably didnt 'stop' us coz he figured this 3 is here all out to be excessive! hahaha

and yes, i chose the panna cotta...

when he served it to us, he joked and said.. " italian tofu! " hahahhaa

the panna cotta is amazing. its very vanilla-ish. i know jeffrey will love it too. its very smooth and really good.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


crabby had the hammie munch!

today's hammie munch didnt look as good as usual.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Ba Bao

i met up wif summer n stella after work for dinner. summer brought us to this vegetarian place called ba bao along smith street area.

it was all vegetarian dishes but they were nice. except i was too sleepy. although i didnt eat the whole day, i wasnt hungry at all. i was yawning all the way so i barely ate.

the olive rice that is very yummy...

its abit like those salted vegetables in cans where u use to complement your porridge.

and the hou tou gu which is really good..

summer said this is what helps her tide over her meat cravings.

a couple of other dishes which i dun remember what they are.

Saturday, April 04, 2009


I brought Eugene to waraku when he suggested japanese food.

he had a curry katsu don...

and we also shared a sashimi...

the sashimi was good. fresh.. n he likes it.

i had my usual tuna minced rice...

i went for the mini although the server tried to suggest to him dat the mini is only half the size of the regular. den when the server came, i told him its actually not that great a difference and he said something very funny... " huh? zhe yang wo bu shi gei ta close qu? " hahahahaa

Friday, April 03, 2009

Soup Restaurant

after work, i met up with mr tan, statue and diana for dinner. they were very nice to come all the way down to my office area. we had dinner at soup restaurant.

we had the samsui chicken with their oh-so-wonderful chicken...

minced pork with salted fish...

over priced item. haha..

yummy stir fried french beans with baby shrimps...

some sweet pork rib which has little meat...

bean sprouts with fish....

quite a nice dish except we were too full by the time it arrived.