Friday, December 21, 2018

Straits Clan

Company lunch at Straits Clan! First visit!

Starters was some greens as in really GREEN GREENS with some taro chips! the taro chips were popular! The greens went well with the mentaiko mayo sauce that came along together!

Bone marrow! 

the bone marrow was an acquired taste for many and i think i would have preferred it more charred. 

Egg mayo...

heirloom tomatoes and burrata...

the tomatoes were sweet and burrata i wish there were more! a refreshing dish!

otah sandwich...

Pork katsu sandwich. My absolute favourite dish of the day!

the katsu was PINK.. n omg so tender! Pity it was only half a piece each! I will go back for this!


sting ray...

the sting ray was a little fishy for my liking but the rest seated on the other side of our long table said their portion was great!

dessert was a kaya puff... which was a little too sweet for my liking

and pavlova! watching so much Zumba programmes on Netflix makes it very timely to have pavlova!

the pavlova was great and love the berries they have with it. not overly sweet for me.

the classiest staff meal i'd say! haha

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Over Easy

It was an impromptu decision to head over to Over Easy for dinner and to do a little bit of Christmas shopping together.

It has been years since i visited Over Easy and i can't really recall if i should expect anything but it was proved to be really good! From the service to the food, thumbs up! which to some extent it was quite unexpected.

Bunny ordered a chocolate milk shake which was not overly sweet. So it went down really smoothly... 

we shared the lobster tater tots starters... 

it was great! You actually can taste chunks of lobster meat hence with that kind of texture, the price was worth it! 

we also shared a steak and eggs... 

there was an option to change the fries to truffle fries. the fries were SO SKINNY but they were still pretty good! 

the steak was a surprise! I'm serious! usually for such cafes, i won't have high expectations of their steak. i mean i guess my expectations of steaks will be higher for steak houses and i kinda have this perception any steak in cafes like these will be more for fulfilment but i was so wrong. The steak was so tender and juicy. Also, the portion was good for us both to share! for that to be so, the portion must be good coz we are big eaters! 

we also shared a mac and cheese recommended by bunny's sister.. 

we didnt really like that thou.