Friday, September 30, 2016


It was an organized team lunch at Bacchanalia located along Hong Kong street....



The whole place looks like a big open kitchen with some stations and cabinets on the side of the tables.

We were served the warm bread and homemade spread...


It was a carrot mash that had a curry buttery taste....


They do not exactly have an ala carte menu, it was a set menu ($48++) consisting of a starter, mains and dessert.

Starter consisted of cauliflower risotto which looks more like broccoli risotto ...


Despite the green, was pretty yummy!


The other option was hamachi on toast....


For mains, my colleagues all went for the beef and fish but the very informative server recommended me the chicken. He said it's his favorite and despite being breast meat, it's super tender and juicy. He was so convincing I saw no reason not to take up his recommendation!


And he was so right. The chicken was very very good! Very bouncy kind of tender and juicy. It was great! I will order the chicken again if I'm back. The only thing was the portion. It was so puny! Haha

The fish...



And the beef...


And coz portions were really small, there wasn't much trying involved or others dishes.

Complimentary homemade marshmallow by the pastry chef....


Dessert was choice of Sunchoke...


It's kalamansi lime jelly  and different textures of sun choke and lavender. 

I would say this sunchoke thingy is quite a unique taste .

The other dessert is the chocolate and grapefruit tart with Assam tea ice cream...


The Assam tea ice cream was pretty good! 

Overall, the chicken really impressed me, enough to make me want to head back just for the chicken!

ChaTraMue Brand

Introduced by my customer who knows I love milk tea!

Located at the basement level of Tanjong Pagar mrt station...




It's indeed very good! 

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Pasar Bella (Suntec City)

Our September's date night... was supposed to be a visit to a farmer's market but eventually ended up as a visit to Pasar Bella. 

It was a long tiring day but i must say this guy from Pimp My Salad made my day! I ordered salad and he gave me a stamp card (like a rewards card) and he gave me 2 stamps coz he said he was feeling happy. Small gestures like these goes a long way! haha

and the salad was pretty good! I couldn't not order coz i saw the salmon and the pesto ball they had! 

Salad was good!

Bunny ordered a burger from Wolf Burgers... 

Oh man it was amazing! 

the burger was juicy and beefy! very good! We will be back!

anddddd their nutella shake was incredibly good!

We couldn't resist also ordering from Cajun on Wheels...


The fish nuggets were really tender and it came it spam fries!!

Also must add that the price is super reasonable, its cheaper than some hawker western food found near my neighbourhood!

and that sums up our short farmers market date night!

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Crab and Claws (Bangkok)

Was in Bangkok for a work trip and very blessed that my travelling companions ta bao-ed this for me!

From none other than the famous Crab and Claws! Located at Emquartier.

The bread was soft yet crisp. The lobster was chunky and the sauce was great! 

Fellicia and Aunty who got this for me was full of raves of what they had at the shop itself. They particularly raved about the seafood sauce they had, repeating it at almost every other outlet we went that the seafood sauce at Crab and Claw was how amazing. Haha