Thursday, June 28, 2012


today, i bring wendy over to Ember for lunch. Ember is just one of those places where i feel unsure about blogging. Unsure because its already so popular, if i blog about how wonderful and great it is, more people will know about it and what should i do if it gets too popular that its hard to get reservations? haha

but seriously, i love their foie gras! so even though i was feeling sick (and the nauseous taxi ride didnt help), i still had to get the foie gras. its seriously the biggest piece i get anywhere!

wendy had the one with cinnamon apples...

just to give you an idea of how big piece it is!

and i still want for the one with mushrooms...

for mains, wendy had the duck confit...

which was pretty good as would their other items (oh god, i love ember!)....

and i had the seabass which meixin had the last week ...

i love it!

and for dessert,  wendy had the pear tart with baileys ice cream...

the tart was really good! 

as for myself, i SUPER LOVE their coconut panna cotta with water chestnut...

i even told the server to not the chef get this off the menu. I LOVE IT!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pusat Makanan Cedar Point (Johor Bahru)

i was headed to JB with bernard again! and this time, he told me he wants to 吃报仇! haha
i told him i only want my wanton mee and my lok lok, he said he wants seafood!

he brought me to this place near paragon hotel where he usually eats his seafood.....

his usual seafood stall with the very funny stall owner...

he also ordered satay and truth is, i typically seldom go for satay but this satay actually LOOKED GOOD and taste awesome!!

its pork and its not hard! its actually quite tender! i really liked it!

and some other bbq items..

the chicken wing was pretty good!

and he ordered like seafood enough for 5 pax!!

i must say they were all pretty good and fresh. although the crayfish was not as big as the taman sentosa one that i like, its really fresh and cheap. for so many items, he only paid about $80 ringgit.

and we actually finished it all!

i still feel full thinking about it!

but thats not all! we headed to have my wanton mee and he had his abalone noodles...

lesson learnt the last time round was that we must sit the black chairs to order from the original abalone noodles stall. today we learnt that if we want to eat from the original abalone stall and the wanton mee, we must sit the white chairs! *major roll eyeballs*

but anyway, the original abalone noodles with the thin noodles were actually really quite good.

but i still prefer my wanton mee!!

love it love it love it!

and yes, we did still go for my LOK LOK!!!

Robert Timms

today is a the much delayed meet up with doris, queenie and ah mah pig. we went to robert timms coz they have a 1 for 1 main course deal!

i love the great singapore sale! so many places having 1 for 1! but i dont like TCC!! they sent me a 50% off card for my birthday but they also have a 1 for 1 main course. i don't feel special at all *whine*

chocolate milk!

very yummy! just felt like having a coffee/tea/choco kind of drink and this iced chocolate really hit the right note in me!

super love their mushroom soup! thick and really tasty.... fell in love with it after trying jasmine's one the last time we were here.

we weren't very hungry so we decided to just get one main course (plus one free one) and two more of the yummy soup.

we had a bacon fettuccine...

pretty decent but probably hard to finish it all by yourself.

some butter duno what fish...

the name sounded quite chimx.. but it was very fishy! luckily the manager agreed to change it for us so in the end they chose the roasted chicken...

which was also just mediocre.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


arranged to meet up with xin for lunch today. her birthday celebration this time!

jipooonese drinks!

mine is the grape! i like the grape drink! comes with real grapes inside. yummy! but the can is so small.

our sashimi feast!

majority of the above are recognisable items except the bottom slightly char-ed looking fish. honestly i cant rem what it is already. it tasted a little like tuna though.

xin also ordered clams and they were unexpectedly SUPER YUMMY!!

they were fresh and it was fried with butter, really really yummy! very tasty!

also had a zaru soba...

fried octopus...

which was quite flat in taste n texture.

Monday, June 25, 2012


tonight is dinner with vreniz, my birthday celebration at our 老地方 !

oh yes the salad..

but who cares about the salad (haha).. give me my steak!

my lawrys cut looks as big but less thick (sian)

but still yummy! i just love it! i also kind of like their mashed potato. and today we added creamed spinach. i still like db bistro's creamed spinach better.

and i love their yorkshire pudding! especially when its added with the sauce.....

Super good!

and this year is our probably 3rd or 4th year that we have been religiously coming here for her birthday, my birthday and our xmas celebration! but whats different this year is that we had a complimentary dessert with a birthday song for me!

we never really was asked if it was any occassion when we call to make reservations. but apparently they asked this time and vreniz told them its a birthday celebration so they came out with a complimentary dessert and a song for me!


the dessert was not too bad. its some cake like texture with strawberries inside. preserved strawberries which were good.

oh and they also gave us a picture!


thank you vreniz for the birthday treat!

thank you for the friendship and to many more years to lawrys to US!

Saturday, June 23, 2012


 thank u Eileen....

when i first saw the box, i was excited seeing its a box of macaroons. I was silly not to be aware of the Laduree name until i was going to start blogging and i did some reading up.

the macaroons were really good. i particularly liked the caramel and the licorice (i think its the licorice) one. Its very unique and leaves a lingering taste.

the pistachio one is also yummy! taste a lil like coconut to me. haha..

all the way from Paris! thank cute Stalker!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Blue Mountain Cafe

xiuling jiejie happened to know its my birthday and sweetly say let's meet for dinner. and so we kind of decided to meet up for each of our birthdays.

and its only when i got there that i realised xiuling jie jie's birthday is also in June and just passed! and she's so nice to say want to treat me! aww!

actually till noon we were still not sure about where to go for our dinner and i recall blue mountain cafe for their comfy chairs (these days, seats are also very important to me in choosing a dining venue.. maybe coz growing older, backs can't take it anymore. haha)

we shared a pizza...

caesar salad...

xiu ling jie jie's rosemary chicken...

my carbonara...

ho guan's chicken chop...

somehow the food seemed to have tasted better when i didnt eat (but i sampled) with dear dear and jasmine previously. the food today didnt taste bad but just not as good. overall its pretty reasonable pricing i'd say.

and desserts! their peachy paradise was nice!

the waffle was done nicely! 

joshua's strawberry ice cream ...

Snoopy Cup Noodles

i am so happy with meixin's goodie bag.. i spent the afternoon slowly relishing the contents. the japanese vanilla 'cigar' is soooo good!

the candies are also so special!

what was most adorable and excited for me is the snoopy cup noodles!

because of their crazy cute fish cakes!!!!


and it actually taste quite well!! and check out the ham! their ham/bacon actually looks like ham. not like the local kind.

she got them from universal studios japan. i so want more of these! haha

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Yomenya Goemon

went to katong 112 and went for yomenya again! i LOVE their pasta!

they also have a salad bar here!

much lesser variety though!

and naturally, i went for the cold pasta to show my support (in case they decide to remove it from the menu)...

i really like the texture and taste of the cold pasta. i can just slurp slurp and slurrrrrp. YUMMY!