Friday, November 25, 2011


suzi and lydia chose NYDC as the dinner venue.

i had a lemon shiver...

one of my all time favourite drink from NYDC.

they ordered a potato skins to share...

i ordered a mushroom munchies...

i think i prefer the mushroom to the potato. it was juicy!

for mains, lydia had a shrimp pasta in cream sauce....

it was quite yummy!

i had the same pasta in aglio style...

which was not bad either.

suzi had a hot dog bun as she called it...

for dessert, we shared a red velvet cake and a mud pie....

the red velvet cake was not really nice. i think jones still has the best red velvet cake ever. the mud pie was ok.

Food For Thought

Brian asked me to decide on where to have breakfast so i choice Food For Thought!

told him i miss their pancakes!

we shared a basic works where its got scrambled eggs, brioche and his favourite bacon!

he said it was good. he also likes the brioche!

we shared a nutella pancake...

i still think that food for thought has the best pancakes ever. although this nutella one wasnt as good as the other flavours, i still think its nice.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


sharon suggested heading for desserts at Antoinette. She was really excited about the place so i agreed to go when she said its actually opened by a previous chef at canele. it was along lavender.
when i reached there and saw the sign....

i was like.. " eh!! why u bring me here??? isnt this the place from...."

sharon replied.. " ya, mandarin gallery! "

thats when i related to her the incident when i went over with meina and aloysious the last time, how when the server was planning to show me to my seat, he said.. " come ".. machiam like im his dog?!

but since we were here, i went along.

and now that sharon has mentioned it, i found the decor here very similiar to the canele. the victoria style plush sofas and the macaroons towers.

i was still full from my brunch so i skipped desserts too.

sharon ordered a strawberry shortcake....

looks totally the same as the one from canele. it taste good too but in comparison i think canele's one had more moisture.

saphy had a mont blanc...

it was yummy!!

The House of Robert Timms

i was early and since i'm on leave, i decided to fully utilise the day! i first went over to Robert Timms to enjoy my brunch. its such a shiok feeling! because its a weekday morning, the whole place was empty. everyone is working while i'm on leave! shiok-a-doo-da-doo!

usually i wouldnt order coffee, i will prefer chilled drinks. but u know, these kind of coffee cafe places, its usually the hot coffee thats more picture perfect so i ordered the hazelnut latte under the server's recommendation. proved to be a good choice!


so cute right???

food wise, i was spoilt for choice! the all day breakfast items looked good, pasta looks good!

i ended up with the big bang!

comes with 2 sausage, turkey ham, bacon, beef patty. i think i made a wrong choice. it was a little too meaty and too heavy for my liking. it looks better than it tastes. i think i probably should have opted for the eggs benedict instead.

the pastas also look good. will be back to try them!

and although i already couldnt finish my main, i just had to give their cupcake a try. i had a red velvet cupcake with white chocolate cream...

it wasnt fabulous. i think till date, the best red velvet i've tried is still from jones the grocer.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


arranged to meet up with lydia after work. for dinner, we went for itacho. i was actually still full from lunch but i promised lydia to bring her to itacho. its her first visit!

the usually out of stock roasted salmon in soya sauce is available today!

and of coz, had to let lydia try my true love - roasted fish dorsal.

crab and crab miso warship...

overall, lydia quite enjoyed the meal too.

Manna Korean Restaurant

Lunch with lea, francesca and christine. we went over to Manna because it was near their office.

the complimentary side dishes for today...

their kim chi and beansprouts were really good.

they also ordered the korean pancakes...

lea had the kim chi tofu soup....

i had a ginseng chicken soup this time round...

also really good. the soup. the chicken was ok. really soft that it got a little messy and hard to eat. but i like the glutinous rice in the soup!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Lao Ban Soya Beancurd

i didn't realise this lao ban craze till i saw a few postings on my facebook so i did some googling and found some raves about this. our appointment ended early so i got lea to drive over to maxwell market where we did our lunch and braced ourselves to queue!

we were there around 11 and there wasnt exactly a queue but you can already see tables of people seated around, ready to form a queue!

as the stall opens, although we were way early, in a blinking of the eye, we had missed being in the front of the queue formation!

but luckily we were not too far off!

we bought 9 sets. one for us to share on the spot and 8 to bring back to the office for whoever is around.....

it was really quite nice. different from the usual beancurd. lea said it really does burst into liquid and its really fun to eat. and u can really taste the soya drink taste.

lea said she can eat this everyday!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Crystal Jade Kitchen

I know, i just had crystal jade steamboat yesterday and the day before! hehe...

arranged to bring my parents out for dinner, couldnt decide on where (or should i say my mind is STILL on crystal jade's steamboat) hence it was there we went! also wanted to catch up with loh gong zai so i asked him along!

im not getting sick of this! love it! and i love that they give heng cai also. its damn smooth!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Crystal Jade Kitchen

cynthia asked to meet and wants me to accompany her for the movie apple of my eye again so we went. dinner was on cynthia! i suggested crystal jade steamboat!

yeah yeah, if u havent noticed the trend by now, if i like something, i would tend to want to eat it like everyday.. hehe...

the crystal jade steamboat is just very good in my view. the ingredients are really fresh, soup is good. the ingredients are fresh and yummy coz they use most of the ingredients the crystal jade kitchen uses for their porridge etc. its super yummy! particularly love their big pieces of liver, their beef.. WOW! free flow!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Crystal Jade Kitchen

dinner was with shawn. when he told me crystal jade has steamboat, i didnt really believe him. i mean, how can crystal jade have steam boat and i don't know! haha

they really have!!

includes free flow drinks summore!!

we chose the pork bone soup...

peking duck...

and they have the fried fish skin! part of the buffet!! which means FREE FLOW!!!

and their ingredients were really really fresh!!

super good! Love it!

very value for money, really yummy, really enjoyed it!

Manna Korean Restaurant

lunch with an associate and she brought me over this korean restaurant along telok ayer street...

complimentary little side dishes...

its all really yummy! their kim chi is really nice. all 3 of us think so. and i personally really like the big head korean bean sprouts! yummy!

and our mains....

stephanie had a tofu soup. joelle had a beef soup kim chi soup and i had a ox bone soup.

i didnt try theirs but they said theirs were yummy.

i like mine. yummy!

free fruits!