Monday, November 13, 2017

Rice & Fries

Always happy to be back at Rice & Fries to try their new menu! Ok, maybe not as new but when I saw beef and foie gras risotto I was like fwahhhhhhh

The results...

Need I say more? Hahahaha

The sauce was savoury and flavourful, the risotto done just right! I love the flavour! 

Wednesday, November 08, 2017


Lunch with Bunny at Fynn's! It was another impromptu decision, she came to pick me up after my appointment and she remembered how we saw this rather instagram worthy place on Bree's instagram!

this is the interior of the place and i love the marble tables and the modern decor. very instagram worth place indeed!

The cavetelli with octopus was not avail but they did it in beef ragout for us...

The flavour was good. Pasta texture was alright too. Not the bouncy texture I will wow over but it’s good enough.

The bbq pork rib bowl was special!

The pork rib can be a bit more tender but it’s overall decent. What’s so special is prob that they did a brown rice fried rice and it tasted good!

Overall, its a place i wouldn't mind revisiting. more for its decor though.

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

All Things Delicious

All things delicious is situated right beside Fika along Arab Street. And it’s also a Halal certified cafe. The gorgeous IG account was what drew us here for lunch, including their pretty plates used. 

The first thing that welcomed us was an array of Gorgeous cakes and pastries!

Like the name of the place, All Things look delicious!

There were quite a number of items on the menu to try! Lunch included choice of a free soup or dessert so we opted for one each!

The soup was some butternut squash which was really good. So good that someone refused to share!!!

Ordered the crab cake salad to start and it was surprisingly good. Salad was refreshing accompanied by the moist crab cakes. 

They have a very good soft hard boiled egg! I don’t know how they do it but it’s so good! Check out the soft yolk amidst the white!

Ordered the salmon rice bowl as well. Just the sight of the mushrooms they used won me over cuz it's Shimeiji! Hahahaha. Instagram worthy food in general. Not to the mention orgasmic soft boiled eggs. Lol

Bunny ordered the creamy salmon pasta with dill and her favorite capers. Nicely done as well. 

We also ordered a side of scrambled eggs to share and it was pleasantly runny and creamy. Not overdone unlike many places we've been to, and required us to give specific orders to have it done this way.

The sticky date pudding was really good too! Sweet and moist!

Oh something to note was how pretty their iced latte looked when served. Usually it's the hot drinks that's more photogenic but the iced hazelnut latte was gorgeous.