Monday, July 31, 2017

Diabolical Sins

Aside from the cake from Beach Road Kitchen, prissy also prepared cakes from Diabolical Sins. 3 cakes in fact! 

There was crunchy hazelnut...

Black Forest ....

And opera!

Of the 3, the Black Forest was my favourite! The alcoholic cherries were amazing! Super good!

The other 2 cakes were also alcoholic in content. Pretty good!

Beach Road Kitchen

After that previous delightful lunch at Beach Road Kitchen, when the ladies wanted a buffet recommendation for dinner, Beach Road Kitchen easily came to mind! 

Filled with loads of selection for their appetizers and cold seafood, it was a delight even to just look at their selection!

Really love their cold dishes! They have assortment of mackerel, salmon and many other Seafood cold dishes!

And fresh Seafood too!


Lobsters, prawns, crab...

The hot savoury items....

Roast beef!

BBQ items and apparently the lamb chops are fabulous!

Indian selection...

Chinese dishes...

And desserts! Another buffet with very good desserts selection that actually tastes good!

Knowing it's a trio birthday celebration, they prepared a birthday cake for the birthday ladies followed by a whole crew!

Happy birthday ladies!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Mellower Coffee

It's another instagram worthy visit! The cotton candy coffee from Mellower Coffee!

But seriously, if not for the instagram worthy picture, I doubt I will order this again. Firstly, it's hot coffee, I prefer it cold.

The cotton candy when placed above the coffee, begins melting and falls onto the coffee, like rain, like snow! It's quite a beautiful sight!

Listed on their menu under signature is their ondeh latte...

Which really does taste like ondeh ondeh!

I probably will order ondeh instead of the sweet little rain next time! 

Gattopardo Ristorante Di Mare

Lunch at Gattopardo and because we missed out making reservations, we ended up having to enjoy Chef Lino's good spread at the courtyard. 

It was not as hot as we thought it'd be! 

We went for the set lunch. 3 course comes with appetizer, mains and dessert going at only $32!

Luca went for the tuna tartare...

I had a bacon omelette...

Love the tomato sauce that was drizzled over! The bacon was also great, went really well with the omelette! 

For mains, I went for the spinach pasta with cauliflower, anchovies ...

It was so good!  The spinach pasta looks like the chendol strands, very interesting! The sauce is cheesy and creamy, really good!

Luca went for the fillet, look how pretty it looks!

I'm so coming back for the fillet and the ala carte menu!

Compliments from the chef, Parma ham and fried bread...

The fried bread is super good! It was crispy yet soft! Went really well with the Parma ham!

Dessert was the cheese platter!

A great end to the meal!

Looking forward to come back for another meal!