Saturday, February 25, 2012


dinner at this place i've been meaning to try. i first saw dawn post it on fb.. the food all looks so fine dining yet when many people posted to ask dawn where it is, her reply was.. " Ali Baba kopitiam along katong "
this place is right opposite katong 112!

angelhair pasta...

its really quite good and guess what? its only $4!!! portion isnt big but still, even if you order double portions ($8), its still damn wu hua!

duck confit ($8.90)...

ridiculously cheap yet incredibly yummy! the duck is done really nicely. crispy skin with tender meat. and i love their mashed potato! its super good! and its only $8.90!!

so yeah, given how yummy and cheap their food are, the kopitiam is packed with people. and i think within the same kopitiam itself, there are other stalls that seems to sell loads of other yummy food like fried prawn mee and mushroom noodles etc.

and not forgetting, i think its the cheapest foie gras u'll find. only $7.50 for 30 grams! 60 grams at $14. I ordered the 60 grams but they got my order wrong but its ok, I WILL BE BACK!!

missing it now!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ice Cold Beer

after work, i met up with lionel. been years since we met up! he suddenly texted to ask for dinner today and i was free so yeah, let's meet up! he was keen for drinks too so we decided to head to ice cold beer....

its almost standard to order these few items at ICB.

four cheese pizza,...

fish and chips....


simply coz they are all incredibly yummy!! 

and i love ciders!

was great catching up lionel!

My Kenteen

it was lunch with the boss and an associate and sister. location was to be around lower delta area so immediately, My Kenteen comes to mind!

My Kenteen started out over in Singapore Polytechnic. Chef is called Ken Chia hence the KENteen. Ken used to be Sous Chef in big hotels like Hotel Intercontinental, Fullerton Hotel, Ritz Carlton. Read about his life story here:

and may i add they do catering too!

They have since moved over to Cendex Building (120 Lower Delta Road).

it was lunch hour and business is good....

chef ken in action....

sister and i shared a carbonara....


we also shared a steak, done medium rare....

my boss ordered a chicken chop with fries...

boss used to be a hotelier too and he was giving his thumbs up. he said, this fries is hotel standard! haha

associate had a steak with pasta...

calamari to share...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


the seafoodies arranged to meet up today. crabby suggested tcc because its her birthday month and she's entitled to a 50% discount!

we picked tcc centrepoint because its supposed to be quieter!

the girls ordered a starter sampler to share... i only had the fried cheese thingy which was not bad...

shared a seafood aglio with crabby and clammy because i wasnt very hungry. fishy also had a plate by herself..

their aglio is typically not bad. quite yummy. fish said this is the only thing she orders here and she loves it.

but she forgot that her daughter cannot take spicy food and as we ate, nano was eyeing on our food. when fishy tried to feed some to her after diluting the spiciness, this was what happened....

oh no! haha

squiddy's pasta..

not sure what it is but apparently also another spicy pasta.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Max Brenner

after the meal, we headed over to 112 katong's max brenners and had drinks. we all walked around smelling like bbq!!

camilia had the hot chocolate with marshmallow she's been craving for...

i had some lemon with mint blended...

sq had a chocolate molten cake...

and kz had a milk shake of sorts...

kz's milk shake was really good!!

my lemon blended was not bad also.

Katong Mookata

the butter girls arranged to meet for dinner and sq suggested thai steamboat - Mookata over at katong (right opposite katong mall).

thai milk tea ordered by camilia...

sq ordered their thai soft drink...

taste like those 20 cents drinks we used to buy from school canteen!

i didnt eat coz i had a late lunch but it did look yummy. according to the girls, the soup part was really good...

but its really damn hot even though its air conditioned.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Crab

after viewing the pictures of happy crab on my fb, andy zai was eager to ask me to bring him there!

good ah!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Kraze Burger

kraze burger for dinner. only praise has tried this...

as kz doesnt eat beef, she opted for a chicken sandwich....

which was normal. i will say this place isnt exactly for people who don't take beef.

i had a semi nude...

its quite my ideal burger! people who know me will know i don't like to eat bread and this burger is perfect for me! it doesnt come with the buns! the patty is quite juicy and not bad too!

praise's order...

Ye Shanghai Teochew Porridge

asked lea to go for porridge lunch with me. missing the ye shanghai @ hendersons teochew porridge!

love their heng chye, their chai por neng, their liver (doneness just right!) and they have my favourite sotong too!

and its all freaking cheap!! i think we paid only $8!!

Thursday, February 09, 2012


today we arranged to meet up to celebrate dar dar's birthday. We couldnt really decide on a restaurant but decided to meet at somerset. Dar dar eventually chose Medz.

i strongly recommended the salt roast beef. dar dar tried it and agreed its really good. and i requested for it to be without sauce. Dar agrees with me that many places don't exactly have good sauces hence sometimes its so much better when its au naturale~

and i like that they give rockets and cheese as sides.

kendi ordered their t-bone steak which i've not tried..

its pretty good as well. quite tender and all.

kendi also ordered a mushroom soup...

their soup is also good. creamy and yummy!

service at Medz was really good. the servers are all very polite and helpful. There was this particular guy named Saga, very smiley, warm and nice guy. very attentive about clearing plates and very polite. We requested for a lighter to light up the candle and immediately he asked if we could wait one minute. Then we saw him rounding around to jio-jio more of the staffs.. we joked and told dar dar.. " he went to ask the whole village to come sing u a birthday song already! "

thank you for the great service!

Tuesday, February 07, 2012


crabby was going to walk me to the train station when we passed by itacho and there was no queue so we decided to go for a quick meal. feels more like a celebration that way...

introduced her to my true love - roasted fish dorsal sushi. she loved it.

and my usual favourites.

Philip Street Roast Pork

appointments at raffles place gave me a chance to savour the philip street roast pork stall that i miss!

standards seem to have dropped a little but still good enough for me!

i also like the fish soup from the same coffeeshop!

the fish is thick and yummy.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Hung Kang Teochew Restaurant

stella's company lunch at Hung Kang...

long heard about this place but never visited.

as its cny, we started off with yu sheng. first time trying teochew yu sheng...

aside from the more common salmon, they use the raw fish you'd sometimes get from chicken rice stalls and sesame sauce for seasoning. its pretty good...

lots more greens and feels much healthier yet still taste good.

next is the vegetable dish..

the famous braised goose..

was not bad.

roast suckling pig....

not bad as well.

not exactly sure if this is hay chor or ngoh heong with fried prawns..

not bad.

steamed fish...

fish is a little overcooked hence a little hard but overall ok.

fried noodle...

usually i won't really have noodles but their fried noodles are pretty tasty in my view.

and of coz, dessert! it was the popular yam paste! was so looking forward...

sadly, the creative chef added orange peel to it. doesnt quite go well with me. i prefer it sweet but the orange peel just spoilt it for me.