Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Fook Yew (Jakarta)

Another random choice but this time it's due to the the name and decor that i chose this place. 

Fook Yew!

And accordingly, this is what it stands for...

A semi fusion Chinese decorated cafe....

Love being welcomed by a life size fortune cat!

The menu was like some olden martial skills book!

Ordered a prawn and salted egg dumpling...

Which was ok. Can say it's pretty good for jakarta standards.

Also ordered a fried noodle served in the ang moh Chinese food takeaway box!

This noodle is seafood fried noodles and it's very yummy! I realize they do pretty good fried noodles and rice!

Also couldn't resist ordering the 5 colours Xiao long bao! 

While it probably looks ok, it was quite bad. Haha so much so that I couldn't even finish one. 

And being a halal country, the Xiao long bao is made of chicken instead of pork/beef.

Couldn't help also order the Sheng Mian... which is fried noodles in a seafood gravy...

Which was not bad!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Seven Friday (Jakarta)

Back to Seven Friday! Recalling how good the food seemed to have been previously, it's great keeping a food blog coz I can always refer back what I liked or din like and how much I liked it.

The perfect spot (in my view) is always occupied by their staff....

Bo bian, can only cam whore on the next table!

The lychee tea is a popular drink in indo. Every other place serves it. Probably more popular than lemon tea.

The calamari was good! Chewy in texture and the garlic bits above are saltish. 

The mayo they serve it with is superb!

Referring back, I super loved their beef bowl so it's a no brained repeat order for me!

The beef rib is tender and nicely seasoned with some dark sauce. The sous vide egg when poked, oozes and wets the rice. It's really good!

Best part of it is, the price tag here is really reasonable.

Calamari was about  S$4? The beef bowl was around $8?

It was a steal.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Hejohejo Chendol (Jakarta)

 Couldn't help but want to order this ...

Milk tea cum chendol wor!!!

It wasn't as too sweet so it was pretty ok. 

But it also wasn't as wow as I thot it would. 

Pancious (Jakarta)

It was a random choice of coming across this place for a quickest meal possible and this place had no queue. Looked like a pancake house thou I didn't order pancakes in the end!

Their earl gray iced tea is alike the greyhound concept where the ice cubes are the tea cubes...

Overall the drink is nice and thick!

For my love of blue cheese, I had the chicken and blue cheese salad. Their blue cheese sauce is surprising awesome with real blue cheese cubes! 

Even for the pasta, I went for the blue cheese and chicken pasta.

It's not the best but I'd say it's decent for Indonesia standards. The sauce can be more flavourful. 

Friday, August 18, 2017

Gyu Kaku

Cat's birthday treat at Gyu Kaku for their BBQ buffet. Option of $42.90, $48.90 or $54.90.

Most items are the same except for the range and quality of meat. It's great having BBQ where the air con was blasting! I realized this is also why I don't particularly fancy Mookata. It's usually quite hot or the meat quality is just so so. But I'm also impatient so I typically get bored waiting for the food to cook.

The Gyu Kaku buffet is good coz they also include cooked items that can served (and keeps me entertained while the meat is cooked!).

I really enjoyed their rice, both the garlic fried rice and the seaweed rice....

I didn't take much pictures (coz too busy cooking) but I really did enjoy their meat. Be it in terms of quality or taste! They have way more things that I took pictures of so definitely worth a try!

My only pick is they are damn stingy with the dessert (only 1 each). Like, u are already serving buffet, how much ice cream can one person eat?

Also, it's a timed buffet (90minutes) and they are damn strict about it. But overall it's a good buffet. I will come back again.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Imperial Treasure

The rather disappointing Mui Kee over the weekend got our porridge cravings stronger than ever. We decided to get our fix from Imperial Treasure and it was more than a fix. Definitely one of the better porridge around in town! 

It's tasty and the texture is just right! I had the pig liver porridge and this is how pig liver should be! Thick and in the right doneness!

Super good! 

And we noticed they also have Xia Zi noodles now!

Pretty close to the authentic HK one!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Sumo Bar Happy

A few days back, Lionel sent me his blog entry of the Sumo Bar Happy....


That made Sumo Bar Happy fast accelerate to the top of my 'to-visit' list!

Located at Waterloo Centre, Sumo Bar Happy is a rather small place. 

The beef rib ramen goes at $42, suitable for sharing...

The mere sight of the beef rib excites me!

Check out the tender beef....

The meat tears off easily and it's juicy and tender. The soup is flavourful and the noodles texture is just right. Importantly, there aren't many beef ramen around. 

As I'm blogging I'm missing the rib!

As the portion of the beef rib is huge, we limited the ordering of sides. The pork knuckle thingy was served very interesting! Served like some dim sum...

The outside is crispy and the inside is mashy with pork knuckle and skin. Anna really loved it. I don't particularly fancy skin so not so much for me.

Aside from beef ramen, they also have beef gyoza. The beef gyoza was not fancy or extraordinary but interesting on outlook, being red and all....

I will be back again for the beef rib ramen!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Waku Ghin

Waku Ghin is one of the few restaurants located above the casino at MBS. I am filled with anticipation visiting here after hearing loads of raves about it. 

First time at this level, I was surprised there is a view of the casino interior from here....

We managed to secure the 6pm seating. When we first got here, we got seats by the bar. When it was time for dinner, we were invited to our own private room where we were explained about the dining concept here. 

The service was superb for the night which made me understand why they charge their at their price tag. Also, I think one thing about this place is also the whole dining experience. They explained each dish to us and told us that most of the dishes tonight will be seafood and they showed us this....

And when it came to drinks, we were offered some premium sake...

It was really good! Easy to drink and went down very smoothly.

First dish was white tuna belly...

It was soooooooo soft and buttery. Melts in the mouth!

The first dish got us anticipating for more and the second dish did not disappoint! Uni! Rich creamy uni served with caviar on top of botan shrimp! It's like oh-my-god!!!!

Give me 2 more of these please!

The chef also came by with lobster, preparing it at the side....

As he was preparing the lobster, we were served a fish and foie gras dish...

And with the lobster at the side, the king crab was being prepared....

Followed by the king crab was abalone!

And remember the lobster at the side?

Ta da~~~~

The bisque was so good! Clear bisque but so flavourful with lobster! I polished off every bit of it!

After all the seafood, we were invited to change seats and dine at another section instead.

And finally there was meat! Wagyu, no less...

The wagyu was amazing! Tender and nicely charred. Give me 10 more of this pls!

For the end of savoury, they asked if we wanted something hot or something cold. Hot would be a hot chicken consume with rice and cold was some noodle...

The hot chicken consumme was warm and was a comfy end.

The chills noodles were of a great texture to slurp down!

A green tea that tasted like seaweed tea to cleanse the palette...


Overall, a good experience at Waku Ghin!