Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Ofira Amazing Thai Food

Far East Plaza, 14 Scotts Road
s228213 (Orchard)
Tel: 8650 3055
Mon to Sat: 1100 - 2030
Closed on Sun

I really really like the balacan fried rice here in Ofira. I actually didn't know its called Ofira because the signboard they have just says 'Enjoy Thai Food'. It is chucked in a small corner at level one of Far East Plaza which usually when i'm here im spoilt for choices. I actually also like the Pontien wanton mee that is next door and the E.A.T laksa.

So anyway, this balacan fried rice is very cheap, probably just $4 (cannot remember) and very tasty! Although it looks simple but its really good. Its a bit moist (the way i like my rice) and has its savoury taste.

They actually used to give a bit of cashew nuts too but they seem to have removed it. But overall, the mango they use and the onion goes very well with the rice. I like it a lot.

Do note that it typically does not come with the yellowish chunks on top, the yellowish white thing on top is crab meat that i requested to add. And do also note that they typically will give you a constipated you-are-asking-for-too-much-even-if-you-are-willing-to-pay look if you request for any top up. But i don't care, i pay for my food, i like my variety, i don't think its difficult. haha

They also have other Thai dishes that are cheap and decent too.

Friday, October 03, 2014

Greyhound Cafe (Bangkok)

Dar recommended Greyhound Cafe. She said its quite popular, nice food and very reasonable pricing. She also told me they even have outlets in Hong Kong.

Siam Center
3rd Floor
Tel 0-2658-1129

we asked the manager for recommendations and he recommended this steak salad.....

it was amazing! the beef cubes were SO TENDER! really yummy! the sauce that came along with it was a little sour, i actually liked it without the sauce.

Dar dar recommended their iced tea. Their iced tea are served with tea cubes instead of ice cubes. This means that even as the cubes melt, the tea does not get diluted...

dar dar had the thai milk tea which had the same tea cubes...

before the manager recommended the steak salad, i had ordered the prawn and avocado salad and forgot to cancel it...

ingredients were really fresh.

for mains, we had a prawn cream pasta...

i must say it was really good!

i ordered the squid ink burger with foie gras...

the squid ink burger is very very good. there wasnt much squid ink taste in the burger - which so far most of the squid ink bread i have tried all didnt have the squid ink taste - but the patty was really juicy and tasty. the foie gras is a generous portion. for its price, i think its mind blowing...

and i couldnt resist ordered a dessert despite knowing we are headed to Hello Kitty House later for desserts.

We had a sago and coconut dessert....

i like the blue colour! reminds me of my favourite hydrangeas! and taste wise, its very much like the popular thai dessert - red ruby. theres coconut ice cream, coconut, sago and water chestnut bits. Very yummy!

lunch came up to about SGD$66. very reasonably priced if u ask me.

After You Bangkok)

Amanda also recommended this dessert place called After You Cafe. Also located on the same floor as Vanilla....

Siam Paragon, Ground Floor
Tel no. 02 610 7659
Opens: 10am - 10.30pm daily

In all seriousness in our watsapp exchange, she told me i MUST try After You. And that everything is nice over here and that there is always a queue.

and she was right, there is a long queue!

we took our queue number and waited. But we were rushing for our massage so we decide to do a take away instead.

i had an earl grey milk tea...

it was quite yum!

and who knows, the item we ordered arrived right when our table was available. we ordered a shibuya honey toast!

it was CRAZY GOOD! with every bite dar dar was going " this is so good, this is good recommendation! "

the toast is thick with butter. the toast is fluffy and soft yet crispy outside. the cream and ice cream and honey combo was just amazing! very good!

Vanilla Brasserie (Bangkok)

for dinner, we headed to siam paragon because we decided not to head to Healthland anymore - they have very poor service. We decided to try out another spa called Let's Relax Spa recommended by Amanda. Let's Relax Spa is located at Siam Square 1, located opposite from Siam Paragon. So Amanda also recommended her absolute favourite restaurant in Bangkok to us - Vanilla Brasserie.

Ground Floor, Siam Paragon Shopping Center
991/1 Rama I Road
Pathumwan Bangkok 10330
Ph: +66 02-610 9383+66 02-610 9383

Opening hours: 10am - 9pm

tried this spicy bacon spaghetti that Amanda said is her absolute favourite...

haha i didnt like it though. a bit too spicy and the bacon was too hard and crispy for my liking.

i preferred their crepe. it was very thin...

overall the meal in Vanilla did not make an impression though. The decor was nice but taste was just decent to me.

Hello Kitty House (Bangkok)

we moved on to shop around and went on our search for the hello kitty house! Its my first visit to such hello kitty theme cafes. Ok, im not exactly a fan (or not) but i do think its cute!

The Hello Kitty House is located at Siam Square One.

once when you get to the entrance, they will let you have a table number...

as you enter, the place is all pink with hello kitty theme...

on the left is the counter where you can order and they have displays of their hello kitty cakes!

i was excited when i was there. I remember the exact words i told dar dar.. " don't stop me...." hahaha.. dar dar left me alone and let me go ahead with the ordering...

our hot chocolate!

i ordered 3 desserts and a sandwich! one is a chocolate cake, one is a panna cotta and one is a rainbow mille crepe....

i must say the desserts tasted better than i thought they would.

the rainbow mille crepe...

it was quite nice!

the chocolate cake was rich and very yummy. the panna cotta was not so to my liking though i typically like panna cotta. 

having tea with hello kitty!

the lower floor was where all the merchandise was...

they even had a hello kitty spa...