Monday, March 28, 2005

Brazilian - Brazil Churrascaria, Again

I met up with Sonia and Rachel for dinner. Its kinda a belated birthday celebration for Rachel's 21st birthday. Sonia and myself din know what to get for her and after hearing me rave abt Brazil Churrascaria, we decided to celebrate there.

We got there very early - 6.15 pm. In fact, we were probably the very first to get into the restaurant. Sonia and i got there first.

This is how empty the whole restaurant was.

We were first served the cheese bread....

while waiting for Rachel we got bored... so we took these pics...

but Rachel was still not here yet so we kinda started before she arrived. Oh.. in case u din notice, Sonia and myself were wearing very similar style tops today! U'll see more pics later....

We helped ourselves to the salad bar.

this is my first helping from the salad bar and just like the previous time, it was also my only helping on the salad bar simply because the servers just keep coming over to serve us the meat!

Rachel arrived shortly after we started.

So its the 3 ladies tonight.

Like i mentioned earlier, the servers kept coming around with the meat...

we even managed to take pics with them. Probably coz there wasnt many guests tonight being a monday night, the servers were extra entertaining and attentive towards us. See how we posed with them... lol..

we eat had different favourites (i mean the meat, not the servers)...

Sonia's favourite is without a doubt the topslice beef. Rachel loved the lemon-ly soft snowfish (gotta admit the fish this time is much much much better den my previous visit) and im still rooting for the cock-a-doo-da-doo chicken!

Upon my highly recommendation on the pineapple, they tried the pineapple and had to gave their thumbs up! its indeed very very sweet and tasty. They baked the pineapple till its warm and roasted. Very nice!

We were soon very full... but none of us were ready to leave. (we're paying $37+++ leh.. must eat our worth!) lol.. so we tried to sit longer to chat and hoping we'd get hungry again later.... while we were sitting around, we started to do what we always do....... take pictures!!!

I really love this whole batch of pics!

haha...n yes.. we did this inside a highhhhhhhh class restaurant like Brazil Churrascaria! haha...

there's more....

n sonia and i are very identically dressed right?

These 2 pics make us look like we're sharing a top. Siamese twins? lol...

n of coz, not forgetting sonia's signature pose...

We chatted till around 9.30 pm before we finally decided to surrender and go.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Home Delivery - Modestos

I found out through a forum that theres this home delivery webby....

Do check them out. Aside from Modestos, they have quite a list of reputable restaurants like Thai Express, Sushi Tei, Tony Romas, Califonia Kitchen Pizza and even Al Frono (the restaurant i visited with Sonia last week.. refer here!! Miss their pizza to the bits!)... check it out urself ya!

of coz, i ordered my long awaited modestos..... Oooo.. been yearning for it for months!

their pizza box....

The Pane Al Burro D' Aglio, is their garlic bread. The garlic bread spread is a special blend of black olives and fresh garlic herb butter. By the time it got here, its all softened. *disappointed* But if u ever go over to the restaurant, its a must try. Its highly recommended by deanie, my Erica and myself!

The Pizza Capricciosa comes with tomato, cheese, pork ham, mushrooms and artichokes. I ordered it mainly coz i miss Al Forno's pizza.... Modestos one is not bad seriously but after trying Al Forno's, Modestos pizza is nothing.

Finally.. the Ravioloni Di Pesce Al Pomodoro E Basilico!!!!!!!!! MY FAVOURITE!!! Its homemade pasta filled with minced prawn and crabmeat in a fresh tomato and basil sauce!!! Its so so so yummy!! Must try!

Mum tried and liked it as well!

actually Modestos has got a number of other tasty pasta on their menu.. do try them out!

The Ravioloni really made my day!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Buffet - Ritz Carlton (Hotel) / Mum's birthday celebration

Mummy's birthday dinner was postponed to today.

Decided to bring mummy to try out Ritz Carlton's buffet. Like most, the mere mention of Ritz Carlton would make them think its definitely gonna be really expensive. Truth be told, Ritz Carlton has one of the cheaper and more reasonably priced hotel buffets i've tried. Its only around $38.80 +++ per person. Dad and Mum was surprised that it wasnt my first time there and also, its so cheap.

din manage to take many pics of the food though.. so heres just a collage.

and here's the live cooking section.

the chef preparing the venison sausage is actually very friendly and all smiley. I also bumped into Ken, Xinying's boyfriend who's also working as a chef there.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Chinese - Crystal Jade Xiao La Mian

Steve and Deanie came to pick me up after school.

We went for dinner at crystal jade xiao la mian at ngee ann city. After last week's Ding Tai Feng, we promised to bring Deanie to try crystal jade - which tastes much better and is much cheaper! Also, i have a $20 voucher which i redeemed using my UOB rewards points.

We've all along felt that crystal jade xiao la mian' stuff are very cheap. With a $20 voucher today, we ordered like nobody's business.

i would say the xiao long bao is quite on par though i personally prefer crystal jade's one. I LOVE the tea smoked egg and i tink im the only one. Its a cold dish. n i love love love it! But cannot eat too much of it. The sauteed egg and fishmeat is not bad... Steve's favourite.

Steve asked to order the hua diao chicken without realising its a cold dish. Deanie din like the fact dat it was cold. haha.. i quite liked it though.

Deanie insisted on ordering the double boiled chicken soup to compare against the Ding Tai Feng one. Results are.. the crystal jade one is much nicer. The taste is stronger.

Coming onto the noodles, without a doubt crystal jade's la mian is much nicer. Be it the noodles or the soup base. The stewed beef la mian is POWER!!!!

I was the one who ordered the fried rice. N the 3 of them kept insisting dat Ding Tai Feng's fried rice is better. Its not that Crystal Jade's one is not nice just dat they feel dat Ding Tai Feng's one is tastier. *bleah*

dessert wise, at Ding Tai Feng we ordered some layer cake which was very lousy. Erica and i loveeeeeeeee crytal jade's crispy red bean paste though!

we actually ordered another bowl of knife sliced beef noodles, beijing xiao long bao and french duno-wat xiao long bao. But duno why the pics din turn out.

Talking about xiao long bao, im sure most people should koe, to eat xiao long bao, its impt to ensure the skin doesnt break with all the soup inside drained out before you have your first bite. So you gotta be skillful when you use ur chopsticks to pick it up. So Steve was trying to 'teach' Deanie how to do it...

whereas Erica, the true master of xiao long bao, .......

indulges in her xiao long bao in silence!

oopz... Steve caught me suaning him. hee... no la.. i where got?

n as usual, Steve was siao kianing the aunties.... haha...

today, these aunties were especially responsive and amused by him. Especially the second aunty.. kept coming back to serve us. Whereas the CUTEST auntie is the last one. Shes so cute! Shes obviously amused by Steve and each time she comes round she'll be gently smiling away. Her smile very very cute oki!! hee...

We finally ate till we were all so damn full....

this is roughly how full we all were. haha..

Friday, March 11, 2005

Cafe - The Cheesecake Cafe

After dinner, also under Desmond's recommendation, we went over to The Cheesecake Cafe. Name sounds interesting right?). It was located somewhere along Siglap. So it was a short stroll for the both of us.

n finally we're there!

it was a really cozy cafe and i believe its got its fair share of regular customers. There were lotsa magazine reviews of it by the counter. The servers were all really really polite.

Actually we were both really full from the dinner but we still ordered a cake each...

one's the chocolate truffle and another's the strawberry orea cheesecake. I guess they are really reknowned for their cheesecake and they really highly recommend their cheesecake. They would even highlight that the chocolate truffle is not a cheesecake upon ordering.

and check our their menu...

its in the form of a CD case. i wun say its unique coz im sure there are others using this concept but its definitely not common. UOB cardmembers get a 10% discount.

Italian - Alfrono

Sonia and myself went over to the restaurant where Desmond is working for dinner. Its an italian restaurant called Alforno, located along East Coast Road. That is actually our main agenda for the day, to try the food at the restaurant under Desmond's recommendation.

the ambience of the restaurant was fine. The menu was one w/o any pics *abit boring*. but the pizza was simply wonderful!

Yes, the heart shaped thingy is the pizza. But dun be expecting that if u ever dine there coz that's Desmond's heart for Sonia. lol.. but he said i can haf half of his heart! hahhaa...

The pizza was DAMN DAMN NICE!! My friends would all koe im not much of a pizza person.. Sonia also confessed she's not a pizza person.... but this pizza.. oooooo..... im still drooling thinking about it. The crust is so so so thin, and the ham and the sauce simply blends and goes with it! wonderful! I din really fancy the pasta though. We found it a little too dry.

the pizza, must try!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Chinese - Ding Tai Feng

Steve and Dean came to pick me up in school. Den we headed for Paragon's Ding Tai Feng for dinner with Erica and Icy.

Have long heard of Ding Tai Feng from Joanne but never visited this place. Apparently its quite famous for its Xiao Long Bao and chinese food.

while waiting for our table, we were looking at the chefs at work...

and theres the menu to drool over...

look at their introduction of their xiao long bao on the menu...

wow.. looks pretty exquisite right?

we ordered ALOT of food... n we basically shared everything...

honestly, we find the xiao long bao so so only. Crystal Jade's one is much better! But the beef noodle and the pork ribs taste great! Steamed meat bun was too hard... Fried Rice was not bad (salty enuff...keke).. the rest were ok... But overall, the honest truth is crystal jade is much nicer in terms of food taste and variety and definitely price.

n look at the shrimp dumpling, doesn't it look at a stamp? so Steve was jokingly using the dumping like it was a stamp, added vinegar to it like the vinegar dish was the stamp pad and tried to give me a stamp... he said its like the stamps u get when u go clubbing... this one is for entering Ding Tai Feng after paying the cover! hahhaha...

ya.. so here's my stamp.. lol...

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Seafood - JB - Heng Heng 958 Live Seafood

By around 6, we went for our dinner at Ta Ma Hua Yuan....

Yes, SEAFOOD!!! Cheap cheap seafood!

Look at our feast!

Check out what we ordered...

I had insisted on the oatmeal sotong. (i love sotongs!) hee... the crayfish was not bad also... the snails were yummy!! Sweet and Sour pork was really tender... Hotplate Toufu was nice.. Fried vege looked damn not appetising but its actually normal la... The limited soup for the essence of chicken frog legs were yum yum!! Sting ray was a disappointment. N.. oooo... the extra large sized sugar cane juices. We ordered the medium sized one.... but i secretly took a pic of the large size one dat the table beside us ordered...

humongous right? The guys were saying if its beer they most probably can finish it but not if its sugarcane or other juices! -.-"" hahaha..

Friday, March 04, 2005

Cafe Cartel

Met up with cynthia... n we went over to cartel.... oOoo.. yummy yummy!!

I ordered the baked chicken macaroni and the chef's chicken salad... WONDERFUL! Cynthia ordered the st. louis pork ribs.

anywayz... just drool.. drool on at our food! coz even her pork ribs are mighty delicious! (but still loses out to my macaroni!! Cheese lovers MUST TRY!)

the chef's salad is also mama mia!! simply wonderful! n its healthy! i've decided nxt time when i wana go for healthy food... this salad will definitely be my tip top choice!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Cafe Cartel

Dinner with my former OCBC colleagues at Cartel.

everyone was hungry.. but when our food came, all our eyes were on Queenie's dish!

yes.. it was the chicken baked macaroni! Its damn good! Even Doris's duno-wat-salad looked damn appetising! Joanna's duno-wat-pasta also tasted not bad but after trying Queenies macaroni, Joanna's pasta feels tasteless. Moon, Jasmine and myself ordered the duno-wat mushroom sauce grilled chicken wif pasta.... the pasta is tasteless... the mushroom sauce tasted more like bbq sauce with a few pieces of mushroom added... =S n the bbq sauce, like the bbq sauce at breko, is NOT NICE!