Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Imperial Treasure Kitchen

We had Imperial Treasure and she suggested the roast meat...

really pretty good.

i had a pig liver porridge...

not bad but nothing like the hong kong sheng ji's one. haha

joelle had the pig liver noodles... omg, look at the generous amount of pig liver!!

im having this next time!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Ramen Play

Ramen Play!

so yes, from Novena we headed over to Katong 112...

determined not to order 2 bowls of ramen, we ordered one Santou Ramen but added loads of tops ups!

and i actually forgot to take a picture of the ramen. he agreed with me the soup base taste good and the pork cheeks are especially tender!

the dango meatballs are also yummy!

so is the bamboo minced meat...

QQ Rice

anyway, bernard last minute asked for dinner so we went. intially, we were not sure on where to head to.. until i suggested QQ Rice balls. I have been pretty INTO these lately to be honest. i think they taste so good!

i like that mouthful of warm rice (particularly like the purple rice texture) to mouthfuls of meat/sea weed/tuna etc. i guess it kind of also makes me feel 'good' thinking its actually quite healthy.

i see they also have porridge now. tempted to try but still like my rice balls.

also, i really like their purple rice pudding. like pulau hitam pudding! yummy!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Crystal Jade Korean BBQ

today is Ditchi's first birthday with us. When i asked her what she would like for her birthday meal, she chose buffet bbq so we headed to crystal jade korean bbq!

the centrepoint one seems to have closed shop so we headed over to the one at Nex instead.

one bowl of ginseng chicken per person..

the ginseng chicken soup tasted like just chicken soup. not korean-ish at all. in fact, its quite disappointing.

the whole bbq was fine but not the same standard as the one at Crystal jade. this one feels much more local, less authentic. 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Cufflink Club

We decided on The Cufflinks Club!

first drink for tonight, i wanted something with Gin....

it was not bad. and im a terrible drinker! by one glass, i was all gigglish and telling the both of them that.. " hey... i feel kinda high already! "

my second glass was chosen for me by Alex...

not sure what this is called but i didnt really like it.

love their parma ham!

and my 3rd glass, sweet shop sling!

its very nice! its sweet, a little frizzy and especially nice when you take a bite of the candy where they imported from England and go with a slip of the alcohol, its very yummy! the whole texture of the chewy changes! it becomes kind of frizzy too, damn nice!!

Friday, October 26, 2012


arranged to meet up with dear dear and jasmine today. We met up at bugis plus.

most of the dining places were packed with long queues as it was dinner time hence we landed over at this japanese restaurant beside ramon champion - Tsubohachi...

probably due to the entrance, this restaurant seems somewhat hidden.

they have those somewhat authentic seatings where you need to remove your shoes!

i had the pork salad...

overall its decent. Saizeriya used to have a damn good one. but sadly they removed it from the menu.

jasmine's vegetable ramen...

dear dear's udon...


and yakitori platter to share..

their yakitori is pretty good!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tonkotsu Kazan

for lunch today, we explored over to Novena.

and over at Tonkotsu Kazan... fishy ordered tha kazan ramen.. served in a stone bowl....

sooo troublesome! haha.. i typically dont like to eat food served on sizzling plates to be honest! haha

wei seng and i had the tonkutsu char siew ramen...

it was decent. the char siew was quite nice. but overall, we joked and found ajisen's soup base nicer. and that got us to comment on Ramen Play's ramen. it is actually surprisingly good. in terms of the soup base, noodles and even the ramen!

QQ Rice

for lunch today, we explored over to Novena.

While Wei seng and fishy queued for Tonkotsu Kazan, i decided to check out whether QQ Rice is still around. I kind of miss it!

Glad it is still around!

soooo yummy! and great that it gives a very healthy feel...

shared it with weiseng and fishy, they agreed its yummy too!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Goemon Yomenya

lunch with anna, carol and chung sheng @ Goemon Yomenya.

carol's tomato based seafood pasta..

tried their lobster bisque pasta...

not impressive. the sauce was not enough. very little lobster as well.

gorgonzola cheese with mushroom and fresh tomato...

would be nicer if the sauce is thicker and the gorgonzola is stronger in taste. this one is too mild.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Chiso Zanmai

dinner with Alvin. knowing that i kind of like sashimi, he recommended this place over at The Central called Chiso Zanmai...

i actually googled a little about the place before i headed down. reviews seemed good. and with alvin's recommendations, i was hopeful.

sadly, when i went, the only sashimi they had was salmon and the other dishes were.. hmm.. not one was really worth mentioning in my view...

overall, it was ok, edible but not special. I won't head back i guess.

Friday, October 19, 2012

My Kenteen

appointment was at Cendex building so it makes sense to patronise My Kenteen...

fishy had a seafood aglio olio...

it was so good! fishy is a aglio olio lover and she loved it!

i had the meatballs..

also good! love the sauce!

we also had the wings....

fishy said this is even better than the ones from Ikea!

Monday, October 15, 2012


Jo picked me up and we headed for dinner over at Oasis...

we had wanted to do dinner at goodwood's teochew porridge instead coz we wanted something light. but it was only recently that i realised the old taiwan porridge place we used to patronise as kids over at Kallang Indoor Stadium area has shifted over to a stone's throw away from my office.

just like old times, the porridge is served in little plastic buckets...

a braised pork belly...

si ji dou...

cai por neng...

goodwood's one is much better.

hay chor...

steamed meat with salted fish..

overall, the dishes were fine. but i think i kinda prefer goodwood's one. we're going there next time!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Skinny Pizza

prawning was postponed it was raining. Bernard was in the mood for pizza so we headed to Skinny Pizza....

we had the veal pizza!

like!! every time its hard to order the veal coz usually would end up at Skinny with people who dont eat beef. either that or its out of stock (ya, its quite popular!).

i like it! its got mashed potato below and a good amount of nicely braised veal and rockets! yummy!

we ordered the 3 for $15 side orders to share.

i chose the mashed potato (like like like!), he chose the pork sausage (nice nice nice) and we decided to go for something we've both not tried.. some prawn thingy..

not bad!