Friday, November 18, 2016

Australia Dairy Company (Hong Kong)

Australia dairy company is MUST visit for every HK visit!

In fact, we came over yesterday only to find it closed, we were really disappointed! So to you guys who are intending to head down, please note that they are closed every Thursday!


We went for their set A breakfast which came with macaroni with ham, toast with egg (must order their scrambled) and a drink!


While I thought their macaroni is so so, bunny really liked it.

The toast however was incredible! Spread with butter, it tasted amazing! The scrambled eggs were out of this world! I have said this before, I say it again. It's just scrambled eggs, how is it so amazing?!!!!



Their tea was awesome too!


And of course, their smooth steamed milk!


Can't stop thinking about it! We overheard the conversation between the two ladies who were sharing our table, one lady said to the other " next time I come Hong Kong, I must find a hotel near Australian Dairy because I want to have breakfast here everyday! " hahahaa


Thursday, November 17, 2016

Yat Lok (Hong Kong)

When in Hong Kong, roast goose is one of the most popular must eat! Yung Kee is one of the most popular one. Recently, I was introduced to Yat Lok. It is just one lane away from Yung Kee....


Space wise it's definitely much smaller than Yung Kee, like a cha Chan Teng but apparently really popular for their roast goose too.

And Michelin award winner!


Roast goose with super crispy skin...



I must say their roast goose is really good! Super crispy skin and fatty skin too! Better than the Yung Kee

The char Siew..


Also good but the goose was much better!

Dim Sum Icon (Hong Kong)

We chanced upon this place as we were walking along Central.... 


A crayon shin concept cafe!

This is a 真真假假西瓜糕!

It's like jelly but really has the watermelon taste! It's quite good!

We also ordered a chocolate bun....


U should check out the clip below with the chocolate sauce oozing out! 

And they serve frozen beer, they call it papa beer and mama beer!


The mama beer is Sakura flavoured frozen beer, a little sweet and really good! 

The center one is some peach frizz that wasn't superb thou. But it was cute!

An interesting place to visit coz of its concept.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Ichiran (Hong Kong)

Heard some raves of the Ichiran ramen and was pleasantly surprised they have a 24 hours outlet near Causeway Bay! Gosh, how I love Hong Kong!


We were there near midnight so there wasn't much of a crowd...


The ichiran concept is as such, everyone is given a small cubicle, said to be for the patrons to fully enjoy their bowl of ramen...



Everyone is given a chit to place their order with choice of noodle texture, flavour richness etc.,


Here comes mine....



Sorry to say, I wasn't too impressed. The noodle was ok and not as firm as I wanted it to.

But maybe it's famous more for their spicy noodles while I had the non spicy one.

The char Siew was also not impressionable. 

Monday, November 07, 2016


I read an article awhile back about dining places along telok Ayer road and Pantler was one of the highly recommended place for its pastry and particularly cream puff...




The Swiss roll was good but could be a bit more moist...


The cream puff...



The cream puff was pretty good with the vanilla cream oozing out! 


Meat Smith

An impromptu lunch arranged with bunny over at Meat Smith! Another round of glorious meat affair!

Crackling pork skin...


Beef rib, the mere sight of the rib itself will make any meat lover go crazy!


The meat is so tender and juicy! It easily peels off from the bone and is nicely smoked!

Didn't realize the beef brisket was very similar to the beef rib so we also ordered it...


Again, very tender, juicy and flavourful!

Pork collar....


Cheese bread


That's crazy amazing! 

A hearty meaty meal!

Friday, November 04, 2016

The Pelician

During my last visit, I was very upset to hear that Pelician is going to remove the scampi from their menu. I can't understand why coz it's so damn good! 

I was lucky one of the server - Jebb, offered to help preorder it for me so here i am today! 

Their scampi comes in torched or raw version, both incredibly gooooooood!



And we ordered around 6 of each!


It was scampi glorious scampi! Tooooo good! It was fresh n served with prawn bisque. The texture is succulent - love it! 

Really hope they keep this in their menu!

Another super incredible item is their oyster!


Apparently tues and thurs are their oysters night where it's $2 per piece. We are coming back then! Their oysters are amazing! 

Poached lobster...


Also another succulent find!

And the following are the mains....



But really, the star was the scampi! 

Thank you Jebb for the fabulous service!