Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Jpot Steamboat

recently developed a craving for steamboat and Jpot is one of those that i really like! Especially their laksa!

was craving for sashimi and the only sashimi they kind of have is the geoduck...

i really like geoduck for its crunchy texture.

as for why Jpot, love their laksa soup base. goes very well with the fried beancurd skin!

their variety of meat is also good. i also really like one of their pork balls with cheese!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Fart Tartz

Geor came with a special delivery!

Because i highlighted not to waste money on bouquets, she seeked alternatives and get me flower pots of desserts instead! and they look oh so lovely!

aren't they pretty??? She got them from Fart Tartz!

1 Expo Drive, #02-04
Singapore 486150

my little box here attracted lots of envy which i also shared the love...

there are apparently different flavours. I think there's nutella oreo, matcha and a few other flavours. I didn't know until i gave out a few so i only got to try the nutella oreo.

They were so good. Smooth layers of cake, oreo bits, cream and nutella. Yummy! and pretty!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Quick lunch at Rouse!

Address: 36 Dunlop Street, 209364
Phone:6292 2642

the whole place was a rustic feel with the walls with peeled paint and all...

as there were a few of us, we ordered a few items to share...

Krusty Kari Burger.....

its soft shell crab burger with a curry sauce. comes with sweet potato fries. i liked the soft shell crab and the curry sauce.

everyone can't wait to tuck in while i went.. " wait! i haven't take pictures!! " #woesofafoodblogger #woesofdiningwithafoodblogger hahahaha

and the Quinoa Quake...

i would say this is Yang Ling's favourite. I like it too. The quinoa patty was good and went very well with the smoked salmon... in between is a poached egg! The sauce was really good too.

we had another crab item, the Crabby Patty...

a yummy crab cake. and of coz, because i don't like mango, i can't comment on the sauce because its a mango sauce. but i will say its a good crab cake!

and this was what got me to head down - the open faced beef sandwich...

unfortunately, i wasn't wow or won by this. The beef felt rather dry. I very much preferred the crabby patty and quinoa quake.

we also share a cake, ondeh ondeh in flavour..

which was moist but lacking in gula melaka.

but overall a delightful meal! Service was also thumbs up!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Por Kee

Dinner with Geor, Bri, Mel and Cat at Por Kee!

we shared a cereal prawn...

which was decent.

i super love the homemade beancurd! it has this egg taste in it and very smooth!

and a essence of chicken frog leg...

which i super like! to begin with, i like essence of chicken! the frog legs were also tender. yummy!

and of coz, the MUST ORDER is the champagne pork rib!

the meat is tender and succulent!

you have a choice of long or short ribs. the long ribs are usually my choice. each piece is almost like  a big piece of pork chop! the sauce is not overly sweet like some pieces. i reallly like it!


Brunch at Symmetry!

ordered my favourite lychee mint! they have upsized on their portion! I love this drink and they do it so well! so much so that despite the upsize i just had to have another serving of it! haha

and geor ordered the infamous truffle fries with truffle mayo...

i really like their truffle mayo, smells so good! but oh well, anything with truffle tastes great! in my opinion!

and there's the crispy squid with squid ink aioli...

the squid ink aioli was tasty as usual. i really like them for their creativity. Creative and still taste good! The squids were of a good texture as well!

for mains, we had the beef cheek which came with foie gras...

it was soooo good!

we also had the truffle scrambled egg with smoked salmon.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Fluff Bakery

Geor was really sweet! She popped by my office with surprise cupcake delivery from Fluff!

and i finally got to try the Chendol flavour!!

but haha.. i didnt actually like the Chendol that much. Maybe coz its red beans fillings. But i loved the Horlicks (another new flavour i got to try)

Flavours above are as follows:
Top row left to right - Nutella Red Velvet, Salted Caramel, Chendol
Bottom row left to right - Strawberry Eton Mess, Horlicks, Maple Pancake Beef Bacon

Fluff bakery is a halal bakery that serves absolutely delectable cupcakes. They operate from Tues to Saturday from 12pm till all bakes sell out but typically they are sold out by like 2 - 3pm. Forever long queue. Each week they will have a menu of 6 different flavours of cupcakes with Nutella Red Velvet and Salted Caramel being a permanent item because of their popularity.

Here's my verdict of the few flavours above....

Nutella Red Velvet
My all time favourite. Every mouthful is moist and with the nutella oozing out, whats there not to like?

Salted Caramel
another popular item. Always excellent though not my favourite.

i was really looking forward to try this. Turned out i didnt like it as much as i thought i would. Perhaps if the interior was gula melaka i would have liked it much better. The fillings was red bean which was nice too.

Strawberry Eton Mess
very xmas-y look. fillings was some strawberry jam or something. not bad and love the cute meringue.

LOVE IT! its so damn good! one of my favourites!

Maple Pancake Beef Bacon
i really like this too! The smokey bacon just blended well with the cream.

Thank you Bunny G!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


dinner was catching up with Kaizhi over at EWF at Orch Central. i kinda miss their burgers and particularly their prawn paste chicken nuggets!

Its a pity they no longer have their pork belly burget so i tried the duck burger...

a little too dry for my liking.

kaizhi also ordered some duno what wings.. also looks too dry for me to even wana taste it. haha

but i love their prawn paste nuggets!!!!!

its tender chicken thigh or drum meat with prawn paste. Absolutely scrumptious! the taste is just so good!

for the burger, kaizhi ordered some bacon and egg one which was decent...

for desserts, we ordered the nutella lava cake...

which totally looked different from the picture on the menu. it was basically just chocolate cake drizzled with nutella sauce. I felt kinda cheated - no oozing warm nutella. But having said that, im not saying its bad, its still decent (hard to go wrong with nutella)

we end up ordering a nutella peanut butter tart...

the top part was some jelly like texture. i think i much prefer their nutella tart.

Friday, January 09, 2015

Mdm Kwan

Crystal and i did a quick lunch together. Checked out Mdm Kwan! Been meaning to check it out.

we had this set which comes with fried chicken, prawns and beef rendang...

they were all amazing!

the fried chicken was tender and juicy with crispy and tasty skin.

the beef rendang was tender and not too spicy.

the prawns had that crunchy texture.

the rice was fragrant! We both very much enjoyed it!

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Crab Party

I was sourcing for an event venue which serves good food and has ktv and i received numerous recommendations for Crab Party.

100 Yio Chu Kang Road, Singapore 545576
6280 0068

Upon contacting the owner, i also received a very kind invitation from him for food tasting. I went down with my 5 gam channels group!

Crab Party is located within a residential like building. The main restauarant area is at level one.

the first dish we were served was the prawns done 2 ways. It was served in Hong Kong Garlic and salt and pepper style...

the prawns were decent. Some said the flesh kind of stuck to shell. Taste wise, i really liked the salt and pepper one. It was very tasty!

next up was the BBQ squid - MY FAVOURITE for the day! Most of the rest also think its good. Bri liked it too!

the squid is nicely textured and nicely seasoned in salt and pepper. I think i can easily finish another 2 plates of it all by myself. Am still missing it now as i am typing.

Next up was the pork ribs! Also done 2 styles. One was the stout pork ribs and the deep fried ribs...

the most pleasant thing is, the pork ribs are tender! the deep fried ribs came with golden strands of not sure what they are but they are damn yummy!

next up was the seabass in cambodia style...

was a little spicy for those who don't take spicy food. The food was nicely fried to crisp on the outside.. i actually like munching on the crispy fins and all. The spicy sauce went well with the seabass.

Next was the Kai Lan done 2 styles. This style of cooking seems to be rather popular these days and i really like the crunchy leaves!

And of course, their star would be their crabs!

There was chilli crab....

which they used reasonably sized Sri Lanka crabs! The chilli crab sauce was very good to be dipped in man tou with...

some curry crab like thingy...

we collectively agreed that it looks spicy but actually was not super spicy and the taste gets to you. yummy!

and of course, the most photogenic crab for today, the salted egg crab!

this was really yummy too! The sauce was also especially good to go with man tou!

and their crabs of are a decent size with roe and all...

for desserts, we had options of mango pudding....

or yam paste!

which i don't really take mango so i only had the yam paste.

overall, everyone pretty much enjoyed the seafood! Especially the sotong for me!

I can't wait to be back again for the sotong!