Thursday, January 27, 2005

Prata - Spize - Milo Gorzilla

Erica asked to meet up for dinner at River Valley today. While i was preparing to meet her, Steve came to chat up wif me on msn so i asked him along as well... We went over to Spize...

Ordered the wrong roti john special.. wanted the chicken one but we forgot to specify coz i dun really take mutton. The fries was good.

We spotted Milo Gorzilla and Milo Dinosaur on the menu. Hmm.. im pretty sure many of u have heard of Milo Dinosaur... its just milo drink with alot of milo powder on top. But Milo Gorzilla? It was priced at $3 whereas Milo Dinosaur was at $2. I asked if Erica or Steve knew the diff.. Steve's answer was... Gorzilla more expensive means bigger cup and more powder. hahhaa.. sounds pretty logical den i start to imagine a gorzilla and a dinosaur.

Hmm.... Gorzilla bigger or Dinosaur bigger? Should be Dinosaur right???

anyways.. i later found out from the ogk forum dat the difference bwt a milo dinosaur and gorzilla is.. dinosaur is the milo drink wif alot of milo powder on top... milo gorzilla is the milo drink with alot of milo powder on top plus.... ice cream!

There u go.. haha.. i was just damn bored la.. so trying out the photoshop software.. i still dun really koe how to use it.

After dinner, i spotted dat across the road, the road sign read.. Kay Poh Road!! hahhaa.. what a name!

Monday, January 24, 2005

Japanese Western - Ma.Maison

Ma.Maison at Bugis Junction - level 2.

Looks familiar? Always walked past but never entered to try? Well, i did so today.

The whole restaurant was decorated like a house, cottage style. As i entered, i really felt like i was really entering one of the theme restaurants that you would usually only see on TV. It gives a pretty fairy tale like kinda feeling somehow.

The tables no.s were differentiated via the golden key in the first pic. Looks special right? We were holding onto the key no.7. The cultery set was given in a little basket dat totally matches the whole restaurant's theme. The menu was a big book with brown leather cover. It looks like some ancient diary from some fairy tale. Overall, i really like the whole atmosphere.

The service was overall ok except that initally, it was kinda hard to get the server's attention ( probably due to lack of staff ). But the staff were all pretty polite and friendly so the experience was really good.

We noticed dat that they had alot of japanese customers. We browsed around and we noticed at least 4 tables of japanese. Hmm.. On a sunday night around 9.30 pm, you still get 4 tables of japanese, dats alot!

Finally, im sure you're all waiting to find out about their food!

The onion gratin soup was good! Maybe because we recently just dined at Tony Roma's, we could help but compare.. it was much much better den the Tony Roma's one.

A little digression here. I saw my friend add pepper to the soup w/o even trying it. And we got engaged in a little discussion. I asked her why she added the pepper to the soup w/o even trying it. Her reply was dat: " its kinda a habit, everyone does it ( Is this true? Do you do that as well? ) ". I mean, yes, i know for a fact dat majority of the people would have the practice of adding salt and pepper to their soup and sauces to their food - ketchup and chilli. But i, so happen to be one of the rare few, who doesnt. I dun add salt n pepper to my soup unless its really so super blend. And unlike everyone, even when it comes to fries, i dun nid to have ketchup or chilli sauce. Im ok with or without it. I'll probably only dip abit of it when im sharing my fries and someone has opened up a pack of the sauces but i won't need any sauce if im eating it alone. I understand dat most people, would add ketchup and chilli to alot of their other food as well - be it before or after trying the food.

My question to my friend and most of you people out there who would behave like my friend, is... why do u add the pepper before trying the soup? Maybe it tastes just fine by itself.

My friend did tell me this as well... " anyway its just a little bit of pepper so it wun affect the taste so much " So my next question is, if that's the case den why add pepper? since its not going to make a difference... hahahahha...

My friend was kinda dumbfolded by my questions... haha.. i know its not something dat really has a reason to it.. everyone's probably just used to doing it. But those who read my blog, if u haf any views on this issue, let me know oki!! lol..

PS: im asking not because i think its wrong or anything. In all due respect to everyone who adds pepper to their soup w/o testing it first, im just curious. :)

Oki.. back to my food recommendations! The hamburger steak was oki. Not bad. It was after we ordered dat we realised dat they haf different kinda hamburger steak. Ours is just hamburger steak. They had swiss hamburger steak, korean hamburger steak and russian hamburger steak! We agreed to try the others next time.. rest assured there'll be a next visit to Ma.Maison!

The Scotch Eggs, dun be mistaken dat its a starter. Its a main course - $16! Its egg covered with meat - not sure what kind. Looks special doesn't it? Tastes ok as well. The dish's side salad was really good, the sauce made it very good.

The Napolitian Spaghetti was served in a pan. Below the spaghetti was a layer of fried egg. ( Erm.. notice most of its dishes involves egg? a very egg-y dinner ) The overall taste of the spaghetti was not bad as well. The tomato base is not the usual kind. Its a little.. japanese kinda tomato paste ( Not sure if u'll understand what i mean here.. haha )

Lastly.. the brownie with ice cream..... Heavenly!~ Surprisingly huh.. their brownie is very good! With nuts in the warm brownie coming together with the ice cream melting in ur mouth... We couldn't stop repeating " Hen2 hao3 chi1 " after every bite!

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Local Delights - G7 Frog Leg Porridge

Met up with Adrian for supper. We had tian2 ji1 zhou1. Frog leg porridge.

G7 from geylang lorong 3. Gong1 Bao3 Tian2 Ji1. Very spicy!!!!

It was cheaper den the one dats near the Yong He dou jiang you tiao. Order 3 and they give u 2 free and the first pot of porridge is free. Only $27 i tink.

Japanese - Ramen - Yaki Yuki

Erica and i went to the Yaki Yuki Ramen at Level 4 cineleisure for our dinner.

I like the soup of my terriyaki chicken ramen. The Tori Karage was a STAR ITEM. I named it the star item coz it was so cheap! Only $1.80. I mean, yes i know its just a few pieces of fried chicken but where do u find restaurants dat only charge $1.80 for a few pieces of fried chicken right? Its not exceptionally yummy but its ok.. the rest of the dishes were pretty alright as well. Dun expect anything really fabulous but its ok.. n not very expensive.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Western - Tony Romas

After the Breko dinner with Levine, i had to rush over to Suntec City for expensive dinner wif Erica n Steve...

We went for Tony Roma's.

wow.. it was very crowded.. for a weekday dinner, it was this packed..

The first thing dat came was the complimentary garlic bread...

It was served like the left pic.. u gotta cut the bread urself ( like cafe cartel ) and they haf this very yummmmmmy garlic spread!! See, we finished every bit of it!!

Then came our soup.. all 3 soup were sedap~~~ all quite nice especially the mushroom soup and baked potato soup. The onion soup although tasted abit like soya sauce (hee) but still quite nice.. salty enough.. or should i say, its more suitable for people who like salty stuff - might taste too salty for some...

The drums from the appetiser platter was very salty and very spicy ah!!! The onion loaf... erm... was oki.. but Black Angus's wild wild west was much nicer (refer here). The corn on the cob was very sweet!! *sLuRp* the rest was just so so~

There were many recommendations and raves about their ribs.. but we din find it any spectacular...

Cafe - Breko - 4th Anniversary

Remember i announced dat Breko is celebrating their 4th anniversary today and ALL ITEMS on their menu are on half price? Well, cheapo Levine and cheapo June rushed down from home to enjoy the special offer! - even despite their super busy and tight schedule ( Levine has a project meeting on home at 8 pm, i had to meet Steve and Erica for expensive dinner at suntec at 7.30 pm ) haha...

We went to the Breko at Bugis. Before we ordered, we even double confirmed...

yeah.. its indeed half price!

So we ordered...


the beer at 2 for $10 doesnt only apply on this 4th anniversary. Its actually on the menu. The food was so so cheap! Actually, even without the half price, its ALREADY VERY CHEAP. It was so cheap dat we felt like ordering everything just to try. haha.. Imagine all dat we ordered only cost us around $26!! The serving was pretty big and it tasted good! We realised its open 24 hours on weekends... hehe.. we found a new cool and good supper place after clubbing next time!

The cheddar potato was normal over.. we probably wld try the other flavours one nxt time. The bbq sauce for the grilled chicken was not nice.. but the chicken itself was very juicy and tender. The saus and mash was YUM!! Levine gave a thumbs up for the Oreo Ice!

Initially when the saus'n'mash came, Levine was saying the sauce wasn't thick enough ( but still not bad ).. den we agreed dat for 50%, we shouldn't complain so much... haha.. n den Levine did this...


with all the food we had.. we needed...

our Extrim and Xando!! haahahaa...

Somehow after eating our Extrim and Xando, we dun feel so sinful.... it gives us the idea dat it'll help us block block block off all the fats! lol

initially when we got there around 6 plus.. we were surprised it wasn't packed at all...

But by 7.30 pm, crowd started coming in so much so dat the servers had to borrow menus from us.

Steak - Jack's Place

Met up with Sorina and Meina for dinner. We went over to Hougang Plaza for Jack's Place.

Lobster Bisque is like my favourite soup!! I had the Steak & Chicken, Meina had the Grilled Chicken (which were both not bad).. Sorina's Chicken Spaghetti was... well.. really just so so - so so.. Garlic Bread of coz loses to the Modesto's one which Levine and i have been raving about... hee...

oh.. i just recalled.. Breko's actually have this 50% off tml on ALL ITEMS! In addition, members get a free $5 voucher. so head down to the nearest Breko today!! ( as far as i know, they have one @ Bugis and one @ Holland Village )

Meina made me take this pic.. she wanted to capture the bloody bloody look of the steak. I wonder why. hahhaa... Its obvious shes pretty much of a beef lover as well but shes controlling herself for religious reasons. But u can see dat desiring look on her when she sees my steak... hahhaa.. so poor thing...

this.. erm....

... lol.. is a " candid " shot of meina drinking the soup... please take note of the " "s! hahhahahahaha

Monday, January 17, 2005

Cafe - Breko - First time

After dinner, Levine and i went to check out Breko!

The concept is pretty much similar to Cafe Cartel. Order and pay at cashier, food will be served to u. ( No free bread and butter though ). We had drinks. The baked potato and fried shrimp was ordered by Dean and Raymond when they came over to join us for chit chat. ( dun order the fried shrimp.. not nice... very hard! )

Italian - Pizza Restaurant

Levine msged me after school to ask where i was so we met up at Holland Village.

Went for dinner at this Pizza Restaurant...

Hmm.. they have this red liquid inside their ashtray which i find quite special? coz usually aren't most ashtrays dry and even if they wana put water, why make it red? haha... so i took a pic of this.

as we were missing Modesto's garlic bread, we ordered the Tullui. Disappointed. Not nice. Bread was too hard. The Lasagna was YUMMY though... just nice... not too cheesy and the beef was just enough! The Pamela pizza's crust was so ultra super thin!! It was nice enough though we were still missing Modesto's garlic bread and ravioli.....

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Steak - Black Angus - Erica's birthday

We went over to meet up with Erica at the Starbucks at Orchard Parade Hotel around 9 pm and we realised Erica, levine, Steve and myself have all not eaten. We wanted to go over to Modestos for dinner... i miss their ravioli and garlic bread!!!!! But before we even got our seats, one server was so rude to Steve and the whole way they made us wait here and wait there, totally disorganised! We were so pissed off and i told the servers off and we changed over to Black Angus.

As soon as we sat down with our menu, Luis said something really funny. " I thought they have so many outlets here... but i look at the locations, all not familar one.. den i realised its in the states.. " hahhaa

imagine having so many Black Angus in Singapore! LOL. The service at Black Angus was much better.. but i still missed the food at Modestos.. *whine whine*

our orders....

The wild wild west onion is POWER SIA!!!!! Even a non-onionring lover like myself finds it totally yummy!!! The Stuart's Steak Soup and Baked Potato Soup were also sedap!!! Cheesy Garlic Bread wasn't comparable to Modesto's one though. The fried mushroom was also very nice..... Oooo.. overall a very nice dinner... Erica treated us all.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Hongkong - Crystal Jade (Plaza Singapura)

I went for lunch at Crystal Jade - Plaza Singapura. I've been yearning for shrimp dumping soup since i saw it on TV a few days again .. the hongkong style kind...

I also had pig liver porridge. Liver was not too cooked... just nice. The shrimp dumpling soup was exactly how i wanted it... yum~

I was the only customer there....

have you ever seen a crystal jade so deserted? I bet the one at taka wun be so deserted even at this kinda hour...

and oh..btw.. if u ever go over to crystal jade at Plaza Singapura.. can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ORDER A FISH?

Look how overcrowded this fishtank is??????? Its so congested i tink they barely get to move around at all! By ordering fishes u're sparing them the agony of such congested living conditions!

Monday, January 10, 2005

Wala Wala - Kelvin's Birthday Celebration

Finally at wala wala.. my first time there! Kelvin had promised to bring me there and finally we're there!! haha... we had ordered....

Adrian oredered the Aglio Olio Al Gamberetti.. its a lil spicy... i din really like it... Kelvin ordered the wala pizza.. it has almost everything in.. pepperoni, capsicum, italian sausage, ham, pineapple, mushroom, olives, blah blah blah... most importantly, the pizza crust is very thin and crispy.. remember im not a pizza lover but i find it nice! Lastly its my Grilled John Dory Fillet with White Wine Cream Sauce.. we all agreed dat its very nice.. fish is rather tender and most importantly the sauce is just nice.. not too thick nor thin... sluUUURPP~~ =9~~

by about 9 plus, we went up to level 2 of wala wala to check out the band.. The Unexpectedly..

The girl from the band.. and she's really got a very powerful voice. we stayed till around 10.30 pm and asked for the bill.. at the cashier counter, i saw the staff taking down the ornaments from their xmas tree...

took a picture of this coz i find the santa claus climbing the ladder to be very cute.. it climbs all the way up to the top of the ladder and den climbs down.. haha

Dim Sum - Crystal Jade

Was supposed to meet up with Joanne after school at around 1.30 pm at Chijmes Lei Garden (which Joanne strongly recommended) but because i went back to sleep, we arranged to meet up at 2.30 pm instead.

we went over to crystal jade for her dim sum instead. i was so surprised when she ordered a few of the filling items like char siew bao and luo pak gou...

the char siew bao .... is DAMN NICE. the bun is very soft!! its not very filling actually. im not a char siew bao lover but wow.. crystal jade's one is POWER~

Friday, January 07, 2005

Japanese - Hoshigaoka

Steve, Erica and myself went for japanese food... can't remember the name of the restaurant.. its beside MOS burger, opposite Yoshinoya.. 3 broke person going for japanese food, who would believe we're broke? LOL...

They had this 1 + 1 special...

see the picture? what it means is u can choose one type of rice and one type of noodle for just $10.80. Of coz, they're not in big portions la. We each ordered a 1 + 1 each. We also added an additional order of curry udon and fried tou fu.

Nice...... each person was around $18 each.

Dim Sum - Chicken Steamed Rice

The chicken steamed rice from the hawker near my market is VERY GOOD!

The pic doesnt really do it honour but trust me.. its very yummy. The chicken is very tender with chicken sausage, mushroom, haybehiam and the rice has dark sauce and sesame sauce... YUM~~~ I have this for breakfast ( oki.. lunch wld be a better term given the hours dat i get up everyday ) at least once a week, usually on sundays.. mum would ta bao for me. The stall is located at block 11X ( not sure of the block.. hee ) aljunied crescent... also sells a small variety of dim sum ( which is of very normal taste only )

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Seng Choon Farm Instant Eggs

When i got home, guess wat i found on the dining table...

Seng Choon Farm Instant Eggs.... Lor Neng! So cute... i wasn't hungry but i ate it anyway! hahaha.. tastes quite ok u know.. salty enuff... i think they should import some over to the tsunami affected places where they dun haf eggs to eat... ( am i thinking too much? )

Local Delights - Chicken Rice Balls

It was located at the same coffeeshop where Erica likes their chao ta bee hoon...

Boon Hwa Food Centre, located right opposite Sim Lim Tower.

This is the stall...

Ahhh.. finally! It tastes... ok. the rice is slightly more sticky den the normal one but the taste is more or less the same. I was kinda expecting more.. i though chicken rice ball would mean the chicken is also rubbed into the ball.. haha.. turned out it seems to be like the normal chicken rice.. Not sure if the other chicken rice ball stall's ones are the same... but overall, its not bad. Costs $3.60.... they're selling normal chicken rice at $3. Worth a try.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Sweden - IKEA Meatballs

After school, i went over to Ikea for breakfast, lunch n dinner... haha.. i havent had time to eat anything before going to school...

btw.. just to offer my recommendation...

The Daim Cake at IKEA restaurant is very nice! The Almond Cake is not bad also. Have you ever tried Daim Chocolates? Well, the Daim Cake is of somewhat similar taste. Recommended for those who have a sweet tooth!

But i din have it today.... i had to be disciplined!

I only had meatballs (member's price, only $4.80)

I noticed dat IKEA has already put up decorations for Chinese New Year...

Hmm.. dat's fast huh?

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Local Delights - XO Fishhead Beehoon

Was supposed to meet up wif Erica for seoul garden.. yesterday we passed by Bugis's Seoul Garden and were the bbq smell caught our attention.. lol.. but today, apparently we both lost the appetite for Seoul Garden... so we went for....

yes.. the west XO fish slice bee hoon! Think of today's cool weather, the rain dat never stopped... a great day for a pipping hot XO fish slice bee hoon! YUM~~

Andy zai joined us for dinner as well.

We din order a whole table full of food dat the last time (Refer here).... today we ordered...

Everything was really yummy! My favourite is the xo fish slice soup!

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Prata - Spize with Erica - New Year's Day

I promised Erica i would bring her to eat the yummy yummy prata... so we took a cab down to River Valley... Spize! This is where Issey and i went the other time (Refer here). Today, we ordered ...

Food was great.. all 3 dishes were just great! As i din really like bryani rice, they allowed me to replace the bryani rice with the nasi lemak rice. and look at the humongous drumstick... Damn filling. The Chicken Special Roti John had the fillings of chicken, cheese, mushrooms and eggs. On top is thousand island sauce... what can i say.... i think i shall quote what Ken Lim had said to Sylvester on Singapore Idol... " Roti John, u're really special " wahahhahahha


I left house at about 6.30 pm to first go over to Parkway Parade for Rotiboy.

Arguably the most talked about bun after the Breadtalk's porkfloss bun! Just look at the queue!! Since it says one is never enough, i bought 4! 2 for Erica and 2 for myself...

I think... its over-rated. I dun find it extremely nice at all. The coffee flavoured top is very coffee-ty... the supposedly hollow interior is not very hollow and there is very little of the buttered interior. One is definitely enough. I would prefer Yakun Kaya Toast over it. Erm... dats just what i felt..

I got to Bugis at around 8 pm and passed the Rotiboy dat's fresh from the oven to Erica...

Erica likes the buttery interior but finds it too sweet. She doesn't really like it having a too coffee-ish taste as well.