Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Others - Maison De Poupee (Sonia's birthday celebration)

Today we celebrated Sonia's belated birthday. I found out about this place serving cheese fondue, tiramisu fondue, cheese fondue. Its called Maison De Poupee.

Located at Armenian street. Its a Bistro and Boutique concept.

This is the interior of the place.

They have a side which is the boutique...

and the other side which is the bistro....

We were there mainly for the fondue. I kinda got to know this guy from a forum (i think he's the boss of the place) and he informed me that they have different kinda fondues there. Tiramisu, cheese, chocolate, etc. Dat just got me SO interested. Most importantly, they're reasonably priced! Only about $14+ per pot. Swiss Culture's one is abt $30+ or $40+ per pot?

I pretty much like the deco of the place. It gives a very Hong Kong-ish feeling. But there were no other customers aside from us. (i wonder how they survive)

The first pot of fondue that arrived was the cheese fondue....

Each pot of fondue comes with 8 small dishes of dippers. In our case she gave us 7 dishes of bread cubes and 1 dish of cherry tomatoes. It was YUMMY!! very nice!! much cheaper den Swiss Culture for sure.

Sonia and i loved the cheese fondue. Seth didn't eat much but he said he likes the cheese one better den the chocolate one.

The dippers for the chocolate fondue includes strawberry, peach, fruits cocktails and marshmallows. The chocolate was too watery and not hot enuff. Overall i wouldnt say its nice.

Sadly they were out of the tiramisu one.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Chinese - Crystal Jade Xiao La Mian

These are the food we ordered today...

Wuite a feast (again!). Realised that crystal jade xiao la mian has changed abit of their menu. They don't have dar dar and my favourite dessert anymore. N they don't have my favourite tea smoked eggs anymore! =(

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Lok Lok (Johor Bahru)

We didnt eat till we were super full.. coz Deanie say wana bring me go eat Lok Lok!! hee... since the previous time we were here he had already wanted to bring me for Lok Lok! But there were no stalls open at dat time.. hee..... today we had LOK LOK!!

The lok lok stalls are all in the form of a vehicle.

wow.. so many varieties!

Here's some of the things we had...

These are only the fried stuff. they had boiled stuff too which are obviously less yummy =x
The last pic is dat of bird (i duno wat bird.. i would guess its pigeon..i only stole a bite from deanie's.. tasted abit like chicken but deanie said its nicer den chicken)

the prawns were upon Deanie's recommendation and it was really POWER!!

But i think after my investigation, credits of how yummy their food is should go to....

The spices they used!

The food were so good dat initially CHK Andy who didnt want to get down the car coz he said hes very full, got down to join us when he saw us having so much fun and all the yummy food!

CHK Andy is happily slowly choosing his food...

haha.. see how happy he is...

The 2 owners of the lok lok stalls were also very cute and funny. Or rather they were just amused by us.. haha...

Steamboat (Johor Bahru)

Deanie brought us to have steamboat! The restaurant had a very nice interior decoration.

behind all the curtains were tables and the tables were all japanese style. Customers were seated on the floors. The atmosphere was there! Sitting on the floor eating steamboat... shiiiok! The whole atmosphere of the place was very cozy and ideal for gatherings. Too bad its in JB.

This is the menu.

and the servers were setting up the table....

their sauces are self service by the way.. but we had our own personal server called Deanie =x

Our orders were...

Our soup base was Ma La Soup & Chicken Soup. We had a medium set plus an additional order of beef slices and golden mushrooms.

Deanie also ordered 2 extra dishes of fried yu tiao (which everyone said is very nice but i dun like) and San Bei Ji (which according to dean was cooked using 3 cups of water and some wine).

The ladies ordered bubble tea...

Steamboat with bubble tea.. nice~ but the guy's beer were nicer!

The steamboat food was ok. Ingredients were very fresh. I was so suprised that even the chicken breast meat was so so so tender! Oooooo~*

everyone enjoyed the food.

oh.. n there were only 2 small little bird eggs. i had one of it and the last one was pushed to deanie... he had to shell it upon our commands and eat it n pose with it! (we bully him!! haha)

we finished all the food...

it wasnt exactly alot n it was only around SGD$17 per person because they ordered beer as well. N oh.... allow me to mention that THEIR BEER VERY VERY VERY NICE! i duno why. But the guys were actually sharing the beer but dar dar and i tried and we were semi addicted to it. Its so so nice!! Deanie says its coz of the glass they use to hold the beer. Not mug kind. He said dats why we think its very nice. Not sure how true but the beer was just very nice!