Friday, December 21, 2018

Straits Clan

Company lunch at Straits Clan! First visit!

Starters was some greens as in really GREEN GREENS with some taro chips! the taro chips were popular! The greens went well with the mentaiko mayo sauce that came along together!

Bone marrow! 

the bone marrow was an acquired taste for many and i think i would have preferred it more charred. 

Egg mayo...

heirloom tomatoes and burrata...

the tomatoes were sweet and burrata i wish there were more! a refreshing dish!

otah sandwich...

Pork katsu sandwich. My absolute favourite dish of the day!

the katsu was PINK.. n omg so tender! Pity it was only half a piece each! I will go back for this!


sting ray...

the sting ray was a little fishy for my liking but the rest seated on the other side of our long table said their portion was great!

dessert was a kaya puff... which was a little too sweet for my liking

and pavlova! watching so much Zumba programmes on Netflix makes it very timely to have pavlova!

the pavlova was great and love the berries they have with it. not overly sweet for me.

the classiest staff meal i'd say! haha

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Over Easy

It was an impromptu decision to head over to Over Easy for dinner and to do a little bit of Christmas shopping together.

It has been years since i visited Over Easy and i can't really recall if i should expect anything but it was proved to be really good! From the service to the food, thumbs up! which to some extent it was quite unexpected.

Bunny ordered a chocolate milk shake which was not overly sweet. So it went down really smoothly... 

we shared the lobster tater tots starters... 

it was great! You actually can taste chunks of lobster meat hence with that kind of texture, the price was worth it! 

we also shared a steak and eggs... 

there was an option to change the fries to truffle fries. the fries were SO SKINNY but they were still pretty good! 

the steak was a surprise! I'm serious! usually for such cafes, i won't have high expectations of their steak. i mean i guess my expectations of steaks will be higher for steak houses and i kinda have this perception any steak in cafes like these will be more for fulfilment but i was so wrong. The steak was so tender and juicy. Also, the portion was good for us both to share! for that to be so, the portion must be good coz we are big eaters! 

we also shared a mac and cheese recommended by bunny's sister.. 

we didnt really like that thou.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Tapas Club

After Pim Pam the last time round, fishy strongly recommend The Tapas Club at Orchard Central. For the same range of cuisine but at a much friendlier budget!

the garlic prawns...

crunchy prawns of a decent serving and the sauce was great!

Spanish omelette!

also really good! but one of my favourite that i've tried so far is from Serendipity which has unfortunately closed down. 

chicken spinach cannelloni...

which was great too with the minced chicken and the pasta is awesome! its thin and bouncy! 

squid with mashed..

the squid with mash was decent. i think next time round we'd try the octopus.

we also had the iberico pork which was really good! But i forgot the pic! 

Overall a nice place with pretty good service! 

Monday, November 05, 2018


so i told bunny last week, its been awhile since we went dating. So she said, Monday's good. And upon the sudden realisation that tomorrow is PH, today's GREAT!

Bunny and i have a group chat that consists of a list of places we want to dine at. On that note, we have a number of group chats! that is amidst those regular ones we have with different groups of friends....hahaha.. one for masseurs that i approve.. one for finances.. blah blah..

So anyway, its been a LONGGGGGG while since we added any new restaurants or checked off any places off the list! I'm glad this place is still around!

Lolla off Ann Siang Hill...

Ken joined us today as well and we're happy to have her come along.

for starters, we had an item from the specials menu - Burrata...

and boy was it amazing! the Burrata was flavourful and while it wasn't cheap, it was SO GOOD! served with figs and oh man the burrata was just well textured and tasted damn good. So good that we wanted to order a second portion!

and of course, i HAD TO order the signature sea urchin pudding! I mean, this is why we're here! 

the sea urchin pudding is amazing! i LOVE IT! its fresh and sweet sea urchin on top and the pudding below is SQUID INK!! yes, you heard right, its SQUID INK! and sorry, this one cannot resist, X2 PORTIONS! YUM YUM YUM!

flavourful chorizos...

which they all loved!

and a iberico pork that was really good as well!

avocado that was filled with some very rich cheese fillings...

ok this avocado piece, i can't decide if i like it or not. the cheese is very strong in the goat cheese kinda flavour. it didnt kill it for me but i just can't decide if i like it but i like rich.

Dessert was a very popular lemon curd donut...

i was too full to judge! But they said its damn good!

Monday, October 22, 2018

Violet Oon Kitchen

in my line of work, i will say i meet a lot of Chefs and one of the nicest nicest one whom i've met must be Chef Stefano. Unfortunately, he will be leaving Singapore soon. Johnson and i met him up for lunch and where better than Violet Oon for a taste of Singapore!

We shared a kueh pie tee....

which was pretty good! a nonya food favourites.

next, another Peranakan favourite, ayam buah keluak!

their buah keluak is very nicely done with the paste easily removable from the nut. 

beef rendang...

done SO WELL! beef was really tender and rendang wasn't overly sweet, we loved it!

chap chye... 

cod fish in laksa sauce...

this cod fish was really good. crispy cod fish in the laksa sauce. we all loved it.

and of course, fish head curry which was so fragrant on other's table that we HAD TO order it!

a good lunch!

Sunday, September 09, 2018

Unicorn Cafe (Bangkok)

We managed to find a pocket of time to fulfill my wish of heading to the unicorn cafe! 

I love Grab in BKK! It’s so convenient and I love that they have these cafe recommendations on the app itself! Makes it so easy peasy for tourists!

And if u can see, yes I’m wearing a unicorn dress! Upcoming on Juneoesque soon!

Inside, everything was all Things rainbow! Even the cakes and pastry!

Keeping in mind that we have lunch appointments later but we were so hungry, we shared a burger!

Burger with unicorn colors...

Honestly the beef patty was not bad!

The lychee galaxy coloured drink was ok too! 

Hot chocolate......

...... with loadddddddddssssss of cream! More than half the cup was cream!!! But of coz, Instagram worthy! Just not that good to drink?

The actual chocolate was thick n not bad!

Unicorn cafe, checked! Happy!

Monday, August 20, 2018


Because the birthday boy likes chap chai peng, birthday dinner i tried to explore places that feels like it. Peranakan somehow came to mind and upon checking on Chope, i found Royale! 

Located at Mercure Bugis....

They have a selection of cold seafood which honestly what really drew me over was the fact that they had scampi on their online menu! 

The prawns were pretty good and fresh!

The scampi however was a little too hard n small for my liking...

U can also make your own Rojak!

And some savory items...

There’s also a live bbq station area where you can order grilled sting ray, sotong and otah...

Overall quite value for money! Not the super atas buffet kind but good enuff!