Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Pasta Shop

we were deciding on where to go for dinner when i recalled that they have The Pasta Shop by Sakae at China square so we went over...

what we didnt realise was that they were having buffet! Their buffet is really cheap! only $14.99 and drinks included!

when we ordered, we kinda asked the person whether the portions were small. they said yes so we ordered quite a few mains to try. to our surprise, they were all rather big portions! in fact, its the normal mains portions!

some scallop noodles in soup...

the soup was pretty good. the scallops were big!

chicken baked rice....

was really glad this was the only baked rice they had on the menu or we probably would have ordered more den one baked rice! haha..


the cream sauce was not bad. the bacon gave most of the flavouring.

some spicy clam pasta...

which was not bad.

tepanyaki chicken and pork sausage...

some other bbq items...

which were mediocre but given its buffet, im not complaining.


fish and chips...

i think the fish. its thick portions. comes with fries too.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


i was in the mood for alcohol and so we went over to rail way mall and ended up at blooies....

ordered a fried dory fish fingers...

was hopin it was the usual fish fingers we get, the microwavable one. but it wasnt. it was hard and dry. not nice!

nachos with some beef sauce...

nowhere near archepalegoes. even gotta top up $3 for the nachos.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Cafe Cartel

we had cartel and the macaroni was great! east side brownie stack was wonderful too! salad shrunk in size n was not as good as before.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Dinner at Saizerya. i had the pork salad!

i love love love their pork salad. very fresh ingredients and the pork slices they use is superb! May loves them too!

for mains, i ordered a smoked salmon with spinach pasta. it came like this....

its totally different from the menu. where got people go and cook smoked salmon one? i didnt try it and requested for a change. the chef came out and it was so funny. the chef actually said (word for word).. " it is dangerous to eat smoked salmon so we cook it ".... WHAT THE???

in the end, they offered to let me choose something else instead. i chose the mushroom and bacon risotto...

it was not too bad. tasted a lot like mushroom soup actually.

peishan's tomato pasta with ham...

peishan likes their sauce.

ren yin had the cheesy chicken chop....

big favourite amongst all! yummy!

one of peishan's other sister (whose name i kinda forgot already) went for the hamburger steak and pork slices...

another one of my fav!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Xin Wang HK Cafe

We did dinner at Xin Wang HK cafe.

i ordered the nissin noodles with luncheon meat and egg...

i koe its just instant noodles and luncheon meat but its good! i like the soup and the luncheon meat! even the noodles were springy! yummy!

har gao!

i've been lemming for wan tou shek's dim sum! this har gao is just nice to curb a bit of my craving!

kwang's chicken chop baked rice...

good too!

i always think that HK cafes are a safe choice. they kinda have everything from chinese to western to local! haha

Monday, September 21, 2009

Xin Hai Shan

we did dinner at Tiong Bahru area's Xin Hai Shan. This place is a very popular Tze Char place. A lot of celebrities come here.. even my aunt came all the way here previously to chase after Mayday.

Xin suggested this place.

We ordered a fried vegetable...

which was good.

and xin highly recommended this Yue Guang He...

which was superb too! the kway teow is pretty fragrant!

and there is this mini squid thing with loads of garlic on the top!

yummy as well!

we also ordered a salted egg prawns which never came. service today was really terrible. our dishes took almost 45 mins to come. the salted egg prawns came as cereal prawns n they tried to get us to accept it. den the replacement dish got us waiting for like another 30 mins and the aunty still kay siao come near our table den purposely loudly talk over the microphone of her walkie talkie to ask about our dish.

in the end we cancelled the dish.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Cheese Prata Shop

Supper at the NUS cheese prata place....

been ages since we've been here!

tissue prata dat i shared with deanie...

nice but the best i've had so far is from spize!

and the niqqi special i've nt had for a long long time!

quite expensive for a prata $4. comes with potato, egg and cheese!

now niqqi will chase people when u're done eating. its no longer like before where u can order one cuppa tea n chat the whole night. haha


our orders!

princess cake!

its not as nice as last time. somehow. i remember it was really good that time when i came wif ping jie jie, ah yee and uncle sq.

but the good old daime cake still rocks big time!

and needless to say, the must have meatballs!

and the big and JUICY chicken wings.....


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Marvelous Cream

we got to the basement of ion and i tried this ice cream...

got the very cold rock feeling...

i think i went for the caramel panna cotta....

it tasted ok. looks better on the menu den in reality

The Pasta Shop

We headed to Wheelock's The Pasta Shop.... been wanting to check out this place....

its a pasta shop operated by Sakae Sushi.

they were having some promotion for their japanese soda (i think its called capris or something). We had a black berry (is there really such a thing as black berry?) and i had a green apple....

his black berry was toooooo sweet. My green apple was nice!

i ordered their braised pork pasta....

saw this on tv a long while back and think dat its interesting. It turned out to be ok... the pork wasnt exactly fantastic.. not super tender or anything. the sauce was a little sweet and came with bitter gourd. not something i'd reorder again... it was not not nice.. just not nice either.

simon had a seafood pasta...

also mediocre. he was disappointed there was no crayfish. haha

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ah Wok

the seafoodies sep gathering is today. we did dinner at Ah Wok as recommended by crabby!

squiddy commented.. " hao chi, bu gui, hao pin wei " ... like some tv advertisement slogan! haha

i was already not hungry by the time i got there so i just shared wat squiddy ordered.

squiddy ordered a beef kway teow...

gotta say, the kway teow was really very good. its got that very fragrant stir fried taste. the beef was ok.

clammy came and she ordered the haybe hiam sweet potato leaves...

also quite yum!

and fried tofu ....

this is so darn good!

the cai por is very good and the tofu is very smooth!

i ordered a yam paste...

took damn long for them to steam it. wasnt fantastic coz it was quite thick.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


as u probably already know, i've been dying to check out KPO! aside from the many beautiful pictures i've seen of the place, closer friends will know i have this special thing for Killiney Post Office. haha

a post on fb and a onz reply from lisa and we have a date!

i knock off at 7 so lisa went to get seats first. she also asked her friends along. the smoking section didnt really haf nice views for me to take pictures though....

my dinner was their all day breakfast!

the rosti was really nice. the bacon was close to the ones i had in USA! and the cheese sausage was yummy too! but overall it was a little oily.

also ordered wings to share...

the wings were just mediocre.. no fight against no.5's wings!

and the yorkshire pizza..

thin but not superb in terms of taste. maybe i just didnt really fancy the greens dat came along wif it.