Sunday, October 29, 2017


It was an impromptu decision to head over to Osia for dinner because we suddenly realised we had some vouchers to be utilized. It turned out to be a good decision because everything was great!

We were first served a complimentary Fermented Beancurd thingy...

Actually tasted like smelly tofu!

Bunny has been craving for tomato soup and this was their soup of the day. Great creamy texture. Ordered a second serving for bunny cuz she liked it so much. 

Actually, I loved it too! 

Cauliflower salad...

Despite being a fan of cauliflower, I wasn't particularly wowed by this. Not like it was bad, just not something I would think of coming back for.

Foie gras...

Loved the texture of the foie gras as they pan fried it with some flour/powder. Hahaha.The crispy outer.

Next up was the grilled seafood platter....

Decided on the seafood platter as it had the best of both worlds. Lobster and the grilled Fremantle octopus. Got to say the octopus is pretty good. Done just right where there texture is still springy. Bunny likes the visible charred taste (some places goes str to burnt) haha. 

Clams are also juicy and flavorful. Was so good that I was super tempted to order another serving for it too! 🤣🤣

The tenderloin was ok, juicy and not too tough but has reaffirmed my preference for rib eye. Tenderloin still a little too lean for my liking. Loved loved loved the hollandaise. Not overly sour with a strong fragrant buttery taste and creamy finish. 

We skipped desserts because we ordered too late and the soufflé takes about 40 mins to prepare.

Service is superb! We will so be back!

Saturday, October 28, 2017


After our event, Bunny came to pick Ginny and me up! We were gonna go for coffee / brunch. A lady we met at the event overheard us looking out for Instagram worthy places and recommended Punch! 

We took the recommendation and got there! 

Tucked inside a small glass door along North Canal road...

The decor is simple and clean. I believe there are other corners with more instagram worthy areas but we just didn’t manage to head in to explore. We got seats around the second table and ordered away. 

But I really liked the service. The folks were so vibrant and friendly in personality! 

Food wise, they were good too!

This is their version of eggs Ben, only avail for weekends....

The overall combo of the poached egg, the smoked salmon and the toast was good. The toast was nicely buttered and there were apple slices above.

Grilled cheese sandwich!

The grilled cheese sandwich was not bad. Along with it is a tomato soup which was clear based that’s not bad too! It’s got bits of garlic like minced items in it.

Another item that caught all our eyes on the menu was the earl grey pancakes....

Topped with a poached pear coated with chocolate. The earl grey pancakes were good to just eat it on its own!

We ordered additional sides of grilled mushrooms....

The mushrooms are SO GOOD! 

So good we ordered 3 portions!!! It’s seasoned with rosemary and thyme and with different variations of mushrooms! Super good!

The drinks...

Definitely a place worth revisiting!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

FoodDNA - Private Chef for Hire

Special thanks to Chef Donny of FoodDNA for inviting me to this food tasting session to savour his delightful cooking and I also got to understand private chefs for hire better!

It's a very interesting concept really, to have a private chef over to cook anything to your palate's desire! In fact, my honest opinion is this might be a trending concept! 

The initial impression would be that private chefs are for the rich and socialites but this is clearly not the case anymore. Private chefs can now be hired for small private dinners or big scale parties. The cost is reasonable. I mean, perhaps not everyday meals but for special occasions like birthdays, anniversarys, we do spend a budget for a good meal at a fine restaurant too. For that same budget or even less, for busy folks who want to celebrate at the comfort of their home, private chefs are a good option! 

They can work on the menu according to your preferences! Most importantly, they clean up after too ;) you get your kitchen back in the same state you pass to them. But don't sabo and tell them you have a fully functional kitchen when your oven is not working or you are out of gas la! Haha

The meal was nicely set to welcome us....

Before every dish came up, Chef Donny gave a brief on each dish, explaining to us what we were eating and the choice of fine ingredients.

The amuse bouche...

It was very interesting that he replaced the common melon with Parma to watermelon with Parma. The juice from the watermelon oozed out and neutralized the salty flavour of the Parma ham. It was so good! 

In the middle was the smoked duck, which was very nicely done too.

The cucumber skewer on the right was drizzled with some miso sauce, very refreshing!

Next up is the Hokkaido scallop! 

Above each scallop is a bundle of mango and below the scallop is some ponzu sauce. The mango was really sweet but in my view overpowered the taste of the ponzu and the scallop. There were mixed reviews of whether each individual preferred it sweet or savoury.

Next up was the heirloom tomatoes....

The tomatoes were really sweet! There was a piece of grilled cheese that left us craving for more.

Next up was the very incredible pumpkin soup! The texture of it was amazing! Super interesting coz if I were to describe, I will say it's like egg yolk! 

The grains on the side gave a good texture to the soup.

Finally it's the mains of a fish....

The most interesting of this has got to be the corn on the side...

Thank you Chef Donny for the invite!

Sunday, October 01, 2017

Akira Back

It was an impromptu visit to Akira Back with recommendations from Erich!

Akira Back is a Japanese fusion place that belongs to JW Marriott Singapore. The day we were there, it's the first day they are serving brunch!

We went with the recommendations from the server which included the scallop....

It was so good! There was some ponzu like sauce below with yellow kiwi as well. It was refreshing and yummy!

And the signature tuna pizza...

This is..... #MYFAVOURITEPIZZAEVER! I mean seriously! The crust is sooooo thin! I love it! And the tuna went super well with the layer of cheese. Super yummeh!

We also had some rock shrimp tempura... 

The shape of the shrimp is probably why they call it rock but it's definitely not hard. It's crunchy shrimp and it's sriracha coated ranch sauce. I love it!

We also had a sushi roll to share...

Topped with mushroom and overall it was good!