Saturday, June 30, 2018


It was a long thought of activity - HIGH TEA! The venue was meant to be at Fullerton but we came across Atlas on social media and decided this place looks very instagram worthy too!

After booking the place, we also read some reviews of this place. Quite a few horror stories about the service but we decided to still try our luck! I will say overall the service we received was quite alright.

Here, at Singapore's Gotham City! Parkview Square!

The place is amazing! Wonderful ambience with a touch of class! 

we went for the high tea going at about $50ish... 

first to start is a mushroom soup like amuse bouche...

along with it is a tier of high tea canap├ęs... 

to end off, there was also some home made ice cream cubes... 

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Pura Brasa

Timothy and Jefrince asked me out and selected Pura Brasa! In fact, I recall this as one of the places they shortlisted for last year as well!

We finally made it this year! And I guess it’s good coz it’s probably much more crowded last year!! 

The first dish that arrived was the ribs. It was a huge slab and importantly, it’s sooooooooo good! It was meaty and importantly, it was savoury!!! It’s not Sweet like most other ribs. It’s savoury seasoned with salt and pepper!

The paella was seafood paella...

Which was nice but not extraordinary.

Dessert was some chocolate puff...

And the molten chocolate lava cake with ice cream...

Thank you guys! For the dinner and great conversations!

I will be back for the ribs!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

All Things Delicious

Finally made it back to All Things Delicious for lunch! 

I have such affinity with the folks of this place and I really like how they well they do their food and their social media!

We were offered a nice serving of their raya biscuits..

They are soooo good! I especially love the sugee and the gula Melaka cookies! Sadly the sugee is sold out already! The gula Melaka cookies are crisp and very tasty!

Aside from the cookies, while waiting for our guests, we also couldn’t resist ordering the gula Melaka scone to share...

It’s sooooo good too!

Rachel had the beef sandwich and green pea soup....

Which the green pea soup was really good. Didn’t get to try the beef sandwich coz was too full.

For me, I had the crab cakes!

The crab cakes were good and the salad was refreshing. But what wow-ed me was the garlic bread! It was so good! The garlic flavour was intense and the bread was nicely toasted!

We were also recommended the Chee cheong fan...

Which has proved to be as interesting as the recommendation! It’s kale with chee cheong fan! 

The meal was a delight! 

But what came as a surprise was that Donna the pastry chef saw from my ig that it’s my birthday month and surprised me with this!


Thank you Donna! That was such a surprise and so sweet! Importantly the cake was so good! Moist chocolate cake topped with hazelnut cream. Love it!

Caffe B

today after work, i headed over to meet Ginny and Vivian over at Caffe B. They chose the venue and i'm glad its a place i have not visited.

The whole experience started right from the time i stepped down from my Grab ride. As i was trying to find the unit along Club Street, i was greeted " Hi! " by the manager Shafri.

He introduced himself and asked if i was in the company of Ginny. I responded positively and he led me upstairs.

As we walked up, he even offered to take pictures for me! Such a warm start! 

level 2....

we were served the complimentary bread which i liked the one with sundried tomato inside. The butter and the olive paste as also really tasty!

One of the starters we had was the Farmer's egg...

chilled egg, uni, caviar and the egg white was fluffed like a paste...

MMmmm! so good!

Next up is the crab croquette...

very nicely fried (crispy on the outside) and soft on the inside....

Though i can say i like the taste of the croquette. feels a little too sweet for my liking.

for such a happy event like my birthday, got to have some drinks!

I had a virgin mojito....

the ladies had a lychee martini each!


we also shared a truffle fries...

the fries were super good. like really good especially the mayo they had, it was so so good! the portion was miserable though! for the price and for how good it was. Its quite sad. It feels like less than a person's portion. haha. 

we also had a beef carpaccio...

which was also super good! tender beef slices! YUMS!

For mains, we had Vongole, Squid Ink Risotto and a Rossini.

The vongole....

vongole was light but nice.

Squid ink risotto...

the squid ink risotto was good! Importantly, I'm happy to find another squid ink that is really squid ink-ish! I love it! Though i couldn't eat much but it was really good! something i'd love to be back for!

the beef rossini...

i will say the steak is the most ordinary tasting of the dishes. 

thank you ladies for the meal!

Importantly, we almost had the whole of level 2 for a long while! We had very good, engaging conversations! 

A surprise was planned for me, though not the best form of execution! haha lights were off and suddenly the female server brought some plates over though we din order anything. and i heard some 'pit pit pat pat' on the side and i asked " is it my birthday cake?? " hehehehe

my birthday cake is served with a sparkler! 

although surprise failed but sweet thoughts appreciated!

even took pics with the sweet manager Shafri who kept offering me drinks haha...

THANK YOU LADIES for the night and the cake was a matcha tiramisu! The tiramisu was moist and super good!