Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Pelican

i was supposed to do dinner with Sharon but last min she couldn't make it. we had reservations on and last minute bunny could make it so we took the reservations!

The Pelican has been a place i have been meaning to check out after walking pass a couple of times. The decor and atmosphere feels like a great place to hang out!

and of course, thank you Amex for adding them into the Palate list! 

the server informed us that tonight there are promotions for the oysters. Each oyster is going for $2 each so we ordered 4 for a start!

it was SO GOOD! so good that even bunny who is not a oyster eater actually loved it that she requested for more! 

scampi! sashimi...

soaked in a prawn bisque like sauce, amazing! love it!

the roasted version...

or was it aburi version? but just really amazing too!

some look like smaller versions of broccoli sides... oh i remember now, its called broccolini...

didn't quite fancy it though.

i actually can't remember what fish this is but its quite special, came with a crust...

overall it was not bad.

the snapper pie i hearsay is very popular and good hence we ordered it...

sadly, i didn't like the mustard-ish taste it had inside the cream. the pastry was good though.

the cornbread pudding... 

ordered it thinking it should be like kenny roger's corn muffins. it was similar but Kenny's one is nicer. haha

the blue cheese spinach..

i would have liked the blue cheese to be stronger in taste.

overall we very much enjoyed the scampi and the oysters. will definitely be back for these!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Rice & Fries

Dinner is over at Rice & Fries and its a wonderful day to be here coz Chef Ken is trying out some new recipes, hopefully he adds them to the menu! 

Like this salmon salad....

It is crazy good! the salmon is medium rare so its really tender. The sauce is sesame sauce and its so addictive, makes me just want to keep going. The cherry tomatoes are so sweet!

Another R&D dish today is Poutine! Chef Ken's version of it...

thick cut fries! mashed potato, CHEESE!! the gravy was SOOO GOOD! he made the mashed potato on his own and it was incredible. Im so missing it now! Especially since the mashed coz its not those instant kind where its too smooth. I like my mashed to be with some textures, like some slightly chunkier bits of potato amidst the mash, oh god i love it!

fried drumlets!

Crab bisque!

with a generous amount of crab meat!

and for mains, i ordered a poached salmon because i saw on the menu it read.. comes with mashed potato...

yeah, i couldn't get over their mash! freaking awesome!

and the salmon, doneness was also great! Pink on the inside, soft and yummy!

Food aside, Rice & Fries' appeal to families will be how its a very family oriented restaurant. Simply coz Chef Ken himself is a father of 3 super adorable young boys. They hang around the place at times and that allows the busy chef to balance work and still spending quality time with his precious little ones.

and check out and cheeky Nicholas!

was about to cry until he saw the camera and decided to smile instead!

and this is Lucas coming in when i was trying to take picture with my salmon steak - can't decide if he's photobombing me or i am actually photobombing him! hahaha

Saturday, June 25, 2016


we headed over Bingki (Tanjong Pagar Plaza) for Bingsu after dinner for more chats and of coz for the yummy desserts!

Tried this formage cheese cake they have there and its really pretty good! 

the cake was moist and the cream cheese in the middle was amazing! 



which they all really liked it. i am not much of a honeydew person.


i love the watermelon! its so refreshing! the watermelon is also pretty sweet!

and another one of my fav flavour - injeolmi! its somewhat called korean rice cake...

i don't actually like the korean rice cake but i like the power. goes very well with the milky fine ice and those almond flakes! yay!

and we again couldn't resist and order one of their cuter looking ones with a bear/animal design. This time, in chocolate...

don't quite fancy the chocolate flavour as much. Still much prefer the watermelon and injeolmi one!

Like to come to bingki for its flavours and also the fact that they are 24 hours/open till late (like 3am). The place is generally clean but the floor sometimes seem to have this not fully cleaned smell at times.

Service is ok though sometimes the staffs seem overworked so occasionally bin chao chao. But sometimes quite nice.

But overall, we had a good time here!

Ah Pang Steamboat Seafood

We met Eileen, Rochelle and Charmaine for dinner. 

Rochelle highly recommended this Ah Pang steamboat located at Mei Ling Street...

Rochelle is definitely quite a regular here and she is full of raves of their steamboat...

the soup was not bad and i must say its very reasonably priced. They have very fresh and huge prawns. I usually won't eat the prawns for steamboat coz its usually very small but i actually liked the ones they have here. 

meat selection wise, i found it so so. 

importantly, the place was hot, no air con! 

Friday, June 24, 2016

Geylang Serai

It was a short casual food trail along Geylang Serai. Being a Friday night, place was packed.  Here are some of the things we had...

Salted egg churros with sauce that was very watery. I haven't been a very churros person but the 3 churros lovers that came with me didn't seem to like it that much.

There is much Thai milk tea avail there this year. One of it is this huge ass one...

Pretty good Thai milk tea and Thai green milk tea. The Thai green milk tea had a slight peppermint taste!

Melted cheese above some mashed potato with ham. A little salty for some.

Some watermelon drink. One of my favourite for the night. Nothing fanciful in taste - pretty much just watermelon ice blended with a prettier exterior!

Was a short trip as it was just too crowded. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


a lunch meeting at Jaan! 

Lunch with a view! 

The seating capacity for the place seems pretty small but i like the white/gray decor...

complimentary amouse bouches....

one exciting thing about fine dining (for me) will be these cute little complimentary starters and how they always presented looking so special and cute!

this nest like tartlet below is fish and chips!

reminds me of what i saw at Burnt Ends.

Truffle and foie gras macaroon!

the fluffy complimentary bread thats textured like croissant...

part of the menu was their signature soft organic hen's egg...

served in a very interesting nest like thingy!

Pretty good!

Cod fish...

and the ultra tender beef that was served in replacement of lamb... 

The beef was really ultra tender and very good. Not sure i like the plate though. The more i look at it, the more it reminds me of how trypophobic i may be....

truffle cheese and truffle ice cream...

although it was a very small portion, the truffle ice cream was really good! if only they serve it in bigger portions!

the following is some cucumber ice cream or sorbet i think...

probably something to cleanse the palate.

Dessert was a chocolate moose like chocolate thingy that was so good!

also a pleasure meeting up with Chef Kirk!