Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Western - Fishermen's Wharf

I met up with ah yee, uncle sq and ping jie jie for dinner at fishermen's wharf.

This was basically the restaurant that we passed by when we went for ah yee's bridal fitting the other day and ping jie jie said she would like to celebrate her birthday this year over here. But in the end i guess they celebrated it at some restaurant at Novena Square.

today is kinda a belated belated celebration for ping jie jie coz i din attend her bday celebration this yr and also to thank uncle sq for helping me print the so so many pages MOR project (though now after calculations it seems more wu hua if i bought ink cartridges instead! LOL)

Anyway, it was a good thing that they din celebrate it here!

Coz they basically served fish & chips, fish & chips & fish & chips!

Nothing else!

oki.. maybe a few side orders like.. bread and butter? coleslaw? dats about it!

u must be thinking.... cannot be la.....

"got soup?"


"got calarmari?"




"got desserts?"


"got fruits?"

"mei you..."

Oki, stop trying so hard! dun haf meanssss dunch haf! =z

its REALLY just fish and chips.... n if it makes u abit happier, its different types of fish and chips (which isnt really DAT much of a difference in taste)

as there were 4 of us, we decided to order the 4 different types of fish on the menu and share a chicken fingers.

Due to some miscommunication, we apparently ordered 5 different types of fishes... n even the cream dory fillet ( i duno if it had the same effect on u .... but it sounded to me like it'll be some grilled fillet with creamy sauce...)... turned out to be...

honestly doesnt matter which one i show u first coz aside from the shape they basically look the same to me and taste more or less the same.. the last pic is a combination of all the fish after we cut each dish into 4.

if i recall correctly .. one's snow fish... one's sole fish... one's dory.. cant remember the rest... basically just fish & chips la!

*disappointing oki*

Truth be told, Fish & Co.'s fish and chips is much much nicer.... though im not much of a fish n chips person to begin with.. i usually order the platter when i'm there

next time we pass by the restaurant (its actually located right opposite Clarke Quay MRT station), all desires and yearns for the place would have died....

i mean, seriously, the boss of the place if u're reading this, rather den spending time on coming up with all the different different type of sauces for the food.....

(i think one's tar tar, one's mayo, one's curry mayo or mustard and cant remember)

or even coming up with different variety of fries by calling them chips (which they basically LOOK VERY SIMILAR)

i specially put the 2 together into a basket.. can anyone really see substantial difference?? (though honestly the chips aka fresh cut potatoes, taste better), the fries are ok as well...

point is, do u honestly need 2 varieties of fries???

cant u just haf more variety in ur main course and probably add in some dessert?

the decor of the place was alright....

no air-con... but ping jie jie complained abt the uncomfy chairs.

surprisingly for such an ulu place, it was pretty packed. for a weekday night... probably many working class wld pass by that place after work before going over to the mrt station.

Price wise it was ok i guess... the different fish n chips were priced from $6.50 to $14.50 ( i think). The total bill (inclusive of 4 cans of drinks) came up to $62. n oh... they ONLY accept cash n nets.. (how kuku is dat????)

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Western - Marche

Well, the great thing about dining at marche especially if u're with a close group of friends who are willing to spend and share and etc...

i ordered lobster bisque! one of my favourite soup flavour!

deanie ordered rosti with garlic sausage and when dar told him i like cheese sausage, he ordered another one!

hee.. i love marche's thick cheeeeese sausage!

n loh gong zai wanted to order fried udon.....

but becoz i said i dun feel like eating the udon, he went to order the crepe!

so how come there's still the pic of the udon? coz i ordered for him! lol...

den the grilled section... deanie wanted to order lamb chops... but he suddenly remember dat i dun take mutton... so he changed to order chicken leg...

in the end i ordered the lamb chops for this also! (pic not available coz it was placed farrrr away from me coz i dun eat mutton)

look at our feast!

dat was not all.. before we left, we were deciding if we wana have oysters!

we've discussed it before about this oyster thingy.. lol.. we realised that everytime when we go to places where its ala carte, we always like to order items like oysters which are not cheap and chargeable. but when we go for buffets, we always end up not touching these more expensive items like oysters! lol...

we wanted to skip oysters today but in the end we .....

all had one each! lol...

oysters are supposed to be an aphrodisiac and we always associate it with hornyness! lol...

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Cafe - Cartel (Elyn's Birthday)

Lea, Diane and me celebrated Elyn's 21st birthday for her today. Her actual bday is actually the end of the month.

Everyone was digging into the free flow of bread and butter. Oh... no more discounts for cartel... UOB bank cards dun haf... OCBC bank cards dun haf.. DBS bank cards also dun haf... =(

n this was what we ordered...

the chicken chef salad is mine! n the 3 of them are sharing the big platter... though its not apparent if u do a comparison of the 2 pics, but the platter's plate is really much much bigger.. n see the 2 fingers there?? its elyn's fingers. she wanted to put it there so u all can scale and roughly estimate exactly how big the plate really is.

aside from free flow of bread, plain water is also free flow and self-serviced.

by the time we were all super full and couldnt take in any more food...

Monday, April 04, 2005

Western - Swensens

Dean, loh gong zai and me went for dinner at Swensens coz loh gong zai has a $60 voucher! kekkee.. means order all u can! =p

look at our feast!! n dat omelette was coz im a swensens member, so $2 off if we order any soup. hehe... shoooooo fullll!!