Saturday, November 22, 2014


Today is loh gong zai's belated birthday celebration and we headed to Arossa at Scotts Square...

it was a nice cozy quiet restaurant. The door host who was probably a japanese wasn't particularly friendly but the rest of the staffs did make sure that we had a good time. There was this Malaysian guy whom i forgot to take down his name, his service was excellent. He was friendly and offered us good suggestions to our meal.

we were first served a basket of bread with some olive dippers. I like the dippers a lot!

for starters we shared a burrata cheese with parma ham. Which was decent (kind of hard to go wrong with this dish)...

for pastas, we ordered 3 different pastas and they were all pretty amazing.

Minako chose a crab meat linguine... cooked in tomato cream sauce ($22)

it is done kind of al dente stayle. the noodles were springy and the sauce was great.

i chose for loh gong zai a spinach blackened ravioli with lobster stuffings cooked in a lobster bisque sauce ($28). It was so amazing as well!

the skin was thin and the texture was just right. the lobster fillings were also a decent amount. The lobster bisque was just right. Not too blend neither was it too much. It was great!

I had the parppardelle with beef cheeks in red win sauce ($25)....

check out how thin the parppardelle is. It was so good i felt like i could cry. hahahaha.. as in i really felt like i can eat this every day! The texture was so bouncy and i felt so touched by the texture - i know it sounds really exageratting but i really like it alot!

we also ordered a T-Bone steak rack to share ($128). The T-bone steak unfortunately also made me cry - In a bad way. It was so lousy! Firstly, the steak did not have that typical beefy taste that racks generally come with. The addition of the balsamic vinegarette made it worse. For that price im sorely disappointed.....

it was so bad that even the fatty parts did not have that strong beefy taste. The fries were nice though.

managed to pull together a little surprise for loh gong zai, thanks to the staffs...

loh gong zai is a lucky chap! how many guys can have their 2 wives get together so cohesively?? hahahaha

Happy Birthday my loh gong zai! Thanks for being the great friend that you are!

I really loved the pasta at Arossa. However, we were also informed sad news from the staffs that Arossa will close shop by next year. I will definitely be back for my beef cheeks parppardelle before you chap lup!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Luke's Oyster Bar

the long awaited lunch date with Frances. We were shortlisting a few places and Luke's came to mind as recommended by Lionel.

Luke's is inconspicuously located at level 3 of the new Heeren Robinsons....

entrance is hidden amidst the racks of clothes...

a small area, with a classy bar concept in black and gold. The crowd on a weekday noon is mainly some business folks.

complimentary starters was that of some corn like muffin...

which kind of reminds me of kenny roger's muffins except this had a milder taste.

for mains, i had the burger. I must say the burger was really good! The beef patty was lightly salted on the outside and nicely done to medium rare as i had requested...

the patty was juicy and tasty with a great beefy taste. Comes served with fries. The fries didn't make a strong impression on me though.

We also ordered the lobster sliders to share...

which was good with succulent lobster pieces.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bear Bites

i came across this food stall at the basement of Bugis Junction. It has buns in the shape of bear paws and available in many different flavours like strawberry, milk, squid ink etc.

im a sucker for such cute food!

they actually have 2 different sizes. one is the regular and one is the mini sized one.

i bought one to try. the person recommended strawberry flavour because he said this is a seasonal flavour.

the last picture may not look very pretty because i only took the picture when i got home. overall the taste was nice. may be gimmicky but i will try it again to try the other flavours and fillings!