Tuesday, June 30, 2009


the dessert place he brought me was Nectarie... its like a glass house kinda concept along clarke quay.. very very pretty!

the service staffs were all very friendly and chirpy. Good service!

their display...

their cakes all look so pretty!

i ordered the strawberry shortcake..

their strawberry cake is a bit different. its nice! its got this layer of biscuit like crust below .. its not as creamy and the layers of cake are really soft. the strawberries are really sweet!

JJ ordered waffle and he let me choose the ice cream. heh.. went for baileys ice cream!

the waffle wasnt fantastic actually but i like the baileys ice cream!

thank cute again for the treats and pressie!

Bellini Grande

JJ brought me to Bellini Grande to celebrate my birthday.

as we got to Bellini Grande, we were welcomed by a lady door hostess at level one. She invited us into the lift after we told her table for 2.

As we entered the lift, JJ told me.. " den she will run up and meet us upstairs "

him being him, i thot he was kidding. i thot its another one of his jokes but turned out that he was not kidding. the lady hostess was really upstairs by the time the lift door opened and i was like .. " is this really the same lady? or is this some kinda joke? "

so i actually asked.. " if she is also coming up, why didnt she just join us in the lift? ".. i went ahead to ask the lady instead and she told me that joining the guests in the lift, is only by invitation and i told the lady.. " you should have told us " haha

when i told JJ what we corresponded, he felt SO BAD. so i asked him.. " uh huh.. so how many times have u been here? "

he replied.. " erm... i've been here 3 - 4 times? "

den i teased... " so how many times did u make people run upstairs? "

and he went.. " 3 - 4? i didnt know! "


anyway, the place was beautiful and it was a good place to have a quiet dinner....

we were first served the complimentary bread. they said this is one of their special bread...

it smells quite good. taste was not bad also.. there was some vegetables inside the swirl.

the condiments to go with the bread...

we both went for the crab meat soup served in a rather unique looking bowl....

the portion of crab was quite decent..

Taste wise, i didnt find it fantastic or think. i had a decent crab flavour but i thot it would taste better if it was thicker and was saltier.

for mains, he went for the catch of the day while i had veal steak.

his catch of the day...

the fish was not bad... there was also cha soba and it was seasoned in some sesame sauce.

my veal steak...

this is so so good! the veal is super tender and though it didnt have a very strong taste of its own but it was very nicely marinated! the potatoes were good as well but the stewed mushrooms on the side were fabulous! its got this red wine stew kinda sauce that goes superbly well wif the mushrooms. love it!

the place was so cozy that we literally wanted to just sit our night away here. Service was excellent as well.

thank cute for the treat!

Monday, June 29, 2009


The seafoodies June gathering at Archipelago. Clammy recommended the rest the tortilla chips....

their tortilla chips is really GOOD. The chips are very crispy and goes superbly well wif the minced beef. everyone gave their thumbs up.

fishy ordered the top shells...

which were super spicy la!

thank cute tawi for the treat!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lim Seng Lee Duck Rice Eating House

Joey and Ishan brought me to this duck rice place that they have previously told me about. its along south buona vista road selling braised duck....

Lim Seng Lee Duck Rice Eating House. apparently they are really quite famous. even the taxi driver knows about it almost immediately after joey told him.

shan was telling me they ONLY have 3 items. 1. duck 2. tofu 3. kangkong. haha... not giving customers much options to choose.

and although we kinda went at an off peak hour, they still had quite a number of guests!

the tofu dish...

their tofu is not bad. the gravy is quite nice though we much prefer the duck and the kangkong.

you can choose from porridge or rice. joey n i went for the porridge...


the boneless duck...

very nice! especially since its boneless, its so easy to eat also. i like the duck!

their kangkong....

very generous with the haybe... we liked it so much we went for 2 plates!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


arranged to meet up with meixin for dinner today. its kinda our birthday celebration coz my birthday has past and hers is upcoming.

we went to tampopo, probably her current favourite japanese restaurant.

we shared the following...

some raw fish rice...

forgot the name of this fish. i didnt like the fact dat they added ginger. meixin pointed out that this fish kinda reminds us of the raw fish we usually have at the local chicken rice stalls. hahhaa. dats true!

char siew slices....

dun really fancy their char siew. not tender, not tasty.. i didnt like it.

the sashimi set we ordered (can't remember the price but i think it ranges from $55 - $68!)

sheer delight just looking at it! really expensive yet really good. they taste so fresh! love all the different items.. the uni, the toro, the swordfish, the shrimp!

for desserts, meixin recommended the milk tea custard...

its quite nice with the tea taste.

i was craving for their cheese chiffon cake after looking at the menu. but we probably ordered it too late so there was only the fruit roll cake left....

the cake was harder den the usual sponge cake but its not not nice. i'd say it looks better than it tastes though.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Scotts Tea Lounge

The Xin sisters gave me a birthday treat @ Scotts Tea Lounge.

the food sections....

my favourite shrimps salad of all time!

a closer up view..

their shrimps are really GOOD! its big, fresh and oh-so-crunchy. the xin sisters describe it as the arnold schwarzenegger type of prawns.. haha

the thai beef salad...

a closer up view...

its really good as well. xinying liked it a lot.

today's soup was tomato soup....

the fondue section...

the pineapple they had were SO GOOD. its SUPER SWEET. im salivating just thinking of it! their strawberries as well. the strawberries are so red and so pretty.. and they are also REALLY SWEET. im missing it already!

salmon pastry...

a closer up view...

the salmon doneness is just right! medium rare. and its covered by a layer of seaweed. even the pastry is super good! ahh.. i love it!

the desserts section...

which i missed mainly coz i was quite fun by the time i was done wif the rest.

their scones.....

i'd still announce their scones as the best i've ever had. love the texture and their cream. oh so good!

the great thing about their high tea buffet is also their drinks. i love how they haf that really wide variety of tea, coffee and chocolate. usually i'd go for tea but today i was feeling chocolatey so i went for the iced chocolate and their iced chocolate is oh so good. feels so fulfilling.....

the desserts which xinhui got...

the bread butter pudding was YUM! warm wif vanilla sauce.. too bad i was too full.

thank cute for the treat!

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Courtyard

Headed over for tea @ Fullerton hotel with the tai tais.

The courtyard....


each of us had a pot.

we each othered different types of tea.

Geisha blossom ($13)- Elegant and highly refined, this blend of Japan green tea and refreshing ripe southern fruits infuses into a fragrant cup that will calm and appease after a day's disruptions

its got a very strong fragrant fruits like smell. initially i thot the smell was from my apple tea but turned out it was from the geisha blossom.

Celebration ($18) - Rare white tea leaves are intricately handcrafted into a bouquet with blossoms of orange lil and osmanthus. Delicate and delightful.

among the 3 we ordered today, Celebration has the mildest smell. i'd prefer the Geisha blossom and the apple tea.

Apple Tea ($13) - A black tea with fresh green apple

I like my apple tea and find it pretty similar to the Geisha blossom.

thank cute ah mah pig for tea!