Saturday, September 30, 2017

Tunglok Heen

Lunch treat from bunny! Wanted to pack for my dad so we had Tunglok Heen.

Their goose tongue which is very nicely stewed in a slightly spicy dark sauce. The flavour is awesome and the texture is soft!

This fish maw soup is very enjoyable for me thou the price tag is very high. But I really like the thick collagen texture and taste. It's very quality collagen. But one small bowl of this is even more expensive than one whole pot or beauty pot!

The fish maw inside is superb thou! It's gluey gluey one, I like it a lot!

Bunny ordered the asparagus fried with olive and some minced meat...

Which she really liked and I must say it's not bad.

The Xo fried rice which she really likes as well...

The pork collar cooked in some sweet teriyaki sauce...

Texture of the meat was really good. The meat and the fats were just all mixed so it's bouncy.

And finally, the seafood stewed bee hoon that my dad loves..

Something about the wok hei in this dish that makes it really good with quality seafood ingredients. 

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Mon Bijou

A quick lunch at Mon Bijou, one of my favourite cafes in town. I love it for how they are in town yet away from all the buzz. Importantly, they serve really good comfort food that warms any day!

I don't know about you but each and every time I visit any cafe, I will vision myself drinking a hot cuppa coffee but people who know me know that I don't take anything w/o ice. Like seriously. Even for any medication if I can help it, it's iced. I know it's not good, you aren't the first person to give me that frown and please spare me the lecturing haha I already know all the cons! 

Anyway yeah, warm cuppa vision coz the iced ones usually just don't look as nice. So I forgo the instagram worthy pic of a warm cuppa for my iced latte but it arrived surprisingly instagram worthy looking too!

And it was good! The latte was thick enough for me and sugar syrup is given on the side for your own desired level.

And did u see that salted egg shiok thingy behind too? It's apparently one of their promo dish (which I saw only after ordering my favourites). But it seems there's some campaign if u take a picture of it and post it on social media and tag them with their hashtag too, u may get to win a trip to Japan!

And that's not all!

That 1 for 1 promo looks so inviting!! In fact, prices wise I will say they are already quite reasonably priced! And did I mention they have plush comfy sofa seats?

To start, the beef salad!

With an oozing poached egg, yummy beef slices and hash brown bits topped on a bed of spinach. I love this. Today's beef taste a bit different from the past thou. But overall it's still good.

Garden mushroom pasta...

Comfort food as usual! It's good! Yummy creamy pasta with chunks of mushroom topped with cheese! 

And of course, the French toast is a must order!

Each piece is nicely crusted on the sides yet soft and moist on the inside. The almond and pistachio nut on the top adds to the texture, it's just super good!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Niku Kappo

Loh gong zai and minako shared their new yummy find with us on our group chat and we made a date to come by together! 

Located at b3 of orchard Ion, it is near the stretch where Nara thai and itacho is located!

Everyone is served a welcome drink upon entering! The welcome drink is said to contain slight alcohol...

We ordered a mentaiko potato salad which was really good! The mentaiko is slightly charred and it proved to be a good start. So good that we ordered another portion of it!

The foie gras pate with egg...

It was quite good n reasonably priced for foie gras! I liked it.

A platter of beef sashimi sushi...

To be honest it was mediocre for me, didn't make a deep impression.

Beef sashimi...

Likewise, no wow factor. In fact felt a bit dry.

Cream cheese with miso sauce....

I quite liked it. The cream cheese texture along with the miso paste was not bad!

The aburi beef sushi...

This was prob the best for the night!

So good we ordered another portion. They usually torch it in front of you...

The beef is nicely charred and really tastes soft. Really good. 

And of course, the must have alcohol for the duo. Haha

Sparkling sake...

U get to choose ur own cup apparently!

Beef above potato thingy...

Which was ok.

Another star for tonight will be this beef meat balls...

Not so into fried stuff but this beef ball is really juicy on the inside despite being fried!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Sumo Bar Happy

I have been missing the big beef rib and ramen since before all the trips and bunny brought me here! 

They offer a free corn/wheat tea, avail cold or hot!

And of course the beef rib ramen is a must order! Aside from it being enormously instagram worthy, it's really good!

Beef rib ramen didn't disappoint as usual. Tender fall-off-the-bone meat with a rich broth and bouncy ramen. We requested for ramen to be less cooked!

What I really liked was how despite it appearing gimmicky, I actually liked all components of it! From the beef rib to the soup to the noodles!

Mini home-made luncheon meat and foie gras don. Luncheon meat wasn't spectacular. Tasted just like mashed meat in bunny's words. Bunny really liked the gravy topped on the rice though. 

Deep fried chicken skin was ok but too oily for bunny's preference. Maybe cuz she's never a fan of chicken skin to begin with? 

It was ok for me thou it didn't arrive like how I thought it would. I think the chef is quite creative in general thou (in a good way)....

Fried Sakura shrimp and corn kakiage style. Bunny liked cuz it's very tempura style. But it's like, just deep fried lo. 

We will be back for more beef ribs!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Fat Lulu's

Bunny has missed me loads during my long absence over the past few trips and she said tonight we must have a date night!

And she decided we will have Fat Lulu's after many recommmendations by different friends.

Must say we are filled with anticipation after all the hype reviews by different friends!

Fat Lulu's took over Five & Dime for those who are familiar with River Valley....

I would say they occupy a cozy small space but good enough as it wasn't overly crowded.

We ordered the cauliflower to start! 

The fried curry cauliflower sauce is abit sour at first but after a few taste it is quite ok. Curry powder is not bad but we prefer it without. 


Liked that it's the bigger sized ones. Burnt asparagus charred areas are nice. Bearnaise sauce is not bad too but it wasn't skinned off well so a number of pieces had the skin still on.

Meat board....

Meat is generally quite tender but no punch. Bunny likes the sweet bakwa-like pork. We were surprised it's sambal pork coz it's no taste of Sambal at all. Only can taste the bak kwa like sweet sauce. 

Rib eye wagyu...

45 days dry aged wagyu ribeye. Recommended by staff to have this medium done cuz he mentioned it will be too beefy otherwise. He stronglyyyy recommended at least medium. But med made it abit dry and didn't feel beefy at all. Bunny feels $46 for 200gm is not expensive but I feel it's exp for such a tough meat!

Also, go for medium rare! No matter what the server says.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Pancake House (Bangkok)

They have ruined me for other pancakes!

Ever since that day I can't get my head off the thick bouncy pancakes! It's like soufflé kind. 

The strawberry one was much better for me. I ordered this one because it's supposed to have Nutella but it turned out to be more like chocolate instead. 

This is definitely a must eat on my list of BKK places! So much so I had to come by for lunch before hearing back !

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Coffee Beans by Dao (Bangkok)

After our appointment, we did a late lunch together! Risa brought me to the Coffee Beans by Dao!

Scallop and Prawn Caesar salad! 

Refreshing vermicelli salad, I like! Not overly spicy!

Kurobuta grilled pork...

I like how it's tender with some fatty parts! Yummy!

Coffee meringue...

Layer of meringue with cream, not overly sweet!

And my favourite cherry cheesecake!

The cherries above the cheesecake are so good!