Sunday, October 23, 2005

Hong Kong - Si Nai

We headed to a hongkong style cafe located at upper east coast road, recommended by Sorina.

Its called Si Nai (meaning madam in cantonese).

The best part about this place is, it operates till 5 am daily!

This is the interior of the place....

and the menu....

oh.. and for guys, the 'best-er' part is, they have huge TV sets to show soccer matches!

Nice concept right?

Food wise, variety is good, taste is not bad (not heavenly fantastic la... but really not too bad .. depends on wat dish u order i guess)

These were our orders.....

Meina ordered a tomato based yuan yang rice... i ordered the curry based yuan yang rice... their yuan yang here is having pork and chicken meat. Both our rice were nice. I din finish all my rice.. reduce carbo!!

Sorina ordered a marcaroni with luncheon meat and ham... the soup tasted abit.. milky.. abit funny.

Yifan and Weipang shared a bowl of pork instant noodle... i can't help but compare it against Central's. Central's one is much much much much much nicer.

And we shared a plate of crispy combo...

Items inside includes fried chicken wings, fried wanton, potato wedges, chicken chop, pork chop. I would say its rather reasonably priced. Very sinful. lol

And the drinks they ordered....

Meina ordered some pomelo and mango thingy... which they said was quite nice but i being a non mango lover din koe how to appreciate... Yifan and Weipang had the milk tea.. which i tried abit, it was nice!! Sorina ordered some peach and lychee freeze.. i tried i found it too too sweet for my liking but Sorina liked it.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Cafe - Bakerzin

I heard dat the Plaza Singapura Bakers Inn has closed down and this Raffles City one is newly opened, replacing the Delifrance.

They kinda changed their menu abit... now its in a sweet Pink!

The rest of them arrived about 15 mins later.

Our orders...

I ordered the Linguine with mushroom cream sauce...

NICE~ I like!

We shared a Escargot with Asparagus Crepe....

Not bad also... but serving was quite small..

Ping jie jie ordered a Vongole...

Slightly spicy but still nice. Ping jie jie said its BEST!

Ah yee ordered the lamb curry!

According to them, they said the lamb is very tender. I din try coz i dun take lamb.

Leow ordered the chicken thigh with baked sweet potato...

Portion was rather pathetic.. haha.. but we still did pinch from him. It was quite nice. We din steal his sweet potato though.. i dun think he'll be full.. lol

And Uncle sq ordered some pork chop with duno what pasta...

I quite like the greenish noodle but i found the pork too tough.

The rest of our drinks were nothing fancy except Ah yee's order of the lychee mint....

In a nice light green colour of smoothened ice...yum~

Monday, October 17, 2005

Thai - Lerk Thai

Lerk Thai....

Their menu...

The first dish was some exotic pomelo with prawns and peanuts dish.

Its actually quite unique. I've never tried this. Pomelo lovers should try it. Its abit sour but i like it.

Second dish is the kuay tiao .. i think its called phad thai.

This thai kuay tiao. I found it to be just so so. Comes with lotsa peanuts.

The third dish is the prawn fish cake, K's favourite or rather, he likes it very much.

Its really very nice and served hot. K said he likes it coz u can really taste the prawns inside. I agree.

The last dish was some deep fried dory fish...

We agreed its not very nice. I feel that there was probably too much flour and the fish was too thinly sliced.

We stopped for awhile and chatted abit before ordering the dessert. I ordered red ruby while he had coffee.

The red ruby was not bad.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Italian - Pomodoro

We saw this pretty cute restaurant at.. i think its level 2 of Great World City. Its called Pomodoro....

This is their menu....

They were having some kinda promotion whereby u can order 1 set meal and get another 1 free. But we only ordered one set meal. The rest were from the ala carte menu.

Jeffrey ordered this mango drink....

Its got chocolate fudge lining the sides of the glass. Jeffrey told me its good. I din try it coz i don't really like mango.

Den came the soup from my set meal... Cream of mushroom.

I thot it was nice! Alot of mushroom bits and tastes just right! But Jeffrey felt it was too saltish.

Den came our mains and starter....

The first is my cod fish pasta... second is soft shell crab.. third is Jeffrey's baked pasta something (can't remember).

The cod fish pasta was not bad. Not very tasty but not bad. The soft shell crab was said to be their best seller on the menu. It was not bad as well. Jeffrey thinks its very nice. Jeffrey's baked pasted was quite nice! Its got cheese and chicken.

And den Jeffrey being a ketchup lover, added ALOT of ketchup onto his pasta!

See! So much!

Finally for dessert (comes with the set meal), Tiramisu.

It was good! Jeffrey agreed dat it was good too!

Steak - Jacks Place

Lunch at Jack's Place. Ordered a set meal and they shared a starter.....

The first pic of the mushroom soup was complimentary from Meina's aunt who was working there. The second pic is my lobster bisque! Below is the starters and den followed by my Ribeye steak. Medium... nice~ yum~!

and for dessert, Meina's aunt also offered us ice cream and peaches...

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Swiss - Marche

Met up with Joyce and lil bee at Marche. Ren Pei and Darren also joined us.

Ren Pei had a rosti with cheese sausage...

and the other food we ordered.. we kinda shared majority of the food....

most of the food were quite nice...

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Western - Barnsburry

Ah yee and i had dinner at Barnsburry over at Bugis Junction. Meina had previously recommended it. (But i would strongly NOT recommend it)

This is their menu.

We ordered one starter - mushroom fritters to share. For main course, ah yee ordered a lamb dish whereas i had a Fish & Squids. We were encouraged to get set meals along with our orders coz it came with drinks, soup and dessert. So we decided to share a meal and order the other dish ala carte.

For the drink we shared a fruit punch.

Anyway, after a short wait, our soup arrived. Its those pastry soup.

The soup was so so. The pastry was not bad but some people might not like the strong artifical butter taste in the pastry.

Den the mushroom fritters....

Not too bad. Edible.

and after quite a long wait, our mains arrived...

Ah yee complained of her lamb being too raw while my fish and squids, they were over cooked. Literally had lotsa chao ta (overcooked) parts.

Leme zoom in and show u....

The fish was not tender and juicy. In fact there was a slight stale taste. The calamari was abit tough.

Though food was bad. Service was ok la. Not fantastic but seriously ok. Staff were generally very polite and all.

Oh.. and lastly our dessert ... brownie with ice cream...

Their brownie was not bad. Warm and abit crispy on the outside, went well with the ice cream. But ah yee started to compare it with Ma Maison! Haha.. Aiyo!! How can lidat compare?? Ma Maison's one is unbeatable -yet.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Central! CHA CHAN TING! In fact, we were pretty enthu about it...

There was quite a queue.

We ordered the following....

The first item is Nissin Instant Noodles with Luncheon Meat and Fried Egg. Its VERY NICE! Very salty dats why its very nice. Its very instant noodles (haha! hope u understand wat i mean), the noodles are very curly, very Q~! We liked it alot (except Elyn i think).

Second item is the XO Sauce Fried Rice with Seafood which was wat Andy zai ordered the previous time we were there but i didn't really taste alot of it the previous time coz i was rather late. Keke.. my own fault. Anyway, the fried rice wasnt fantastic. Very normal.

Third item is the Cheese Baked Rice with Fish Fillet, which was what i ordered during the previous visit. I recommended it to Lea coz i think its quite nice. Lea liked it as well.

The fourth, fifth and sixth items are the steamed bamboo rice. One is spareribs, one's chicken with salted fish.. another one is pork with preserved vege. Can't remember which is which. But all tasted good.

Drinks wise.. Sonia, Lea and Ee Koon ordered the Iced Milk Tea. I tried the Yin Yang with Red Beans while Elyn had some mixed fruit thingy...

It was agreed dat the milk tea is not fantastic. The yin yang had a much stronger coffee taste (only tea haters like Elyn can taste the tea in it.. haha!) and Elyn's mixed fruit was.. quite sweet but not bad la.

Eugene ordered the instant noodles with beef.... He also ordered the chicken wings for us to share!

Eugene said, the chicken wings if we don't eat, will " zhong shen yi han " (regret for life) hahahhahaa.. dats how good the chicken wings are in his view. haha.. Elyn and Ee Koon also liked it alot! I find it so so leh.

Central was really crowded and filled with people. 5 of us had to squeeze into a 4 seater. With Eugene, it was even squeezier. But haha.. it was fun!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Local Delights - 1A Curry Puff

Diane came over bringing us 1A crispy puffs!

I kinda heard about this curry puff from some forum... saying they actually haf chilli crab curry puff ok!! Diane said its this stall but today the chilli crab one is out of stock so she bought us the curry chicken and black pepper chicken one....

The exterior is really crispy while the inside! Oh my! Its quite juicy... as in its not very wet like the other curry puffs around. This one tastes like its got quite abit of sauce. Its just quite different, quite nice!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Hong Kong - Compass Point Basement HK desserts

We passed by this stall at the basement of compasspoint selling Hong Kong style desserts and some food....

Ping jie jie treated me to Fresh Steam Milk and Yam Chowder....

The price as stated above... $3 and $2.50 respectively. To be honest, i find the pricing abit steep coz the serving is really very small.

However, gotta admit the Fresh Steam Milk is really quite nice.

Ah yee liked it alot. She says its very similiar to the steamed egg from Hongkong. Actually, according to the owner, this Fresh Steam Milk is Milk and Egg White only. They also have another one called Fresh Steamed Egg which is the whole egg with bing tang. I believe the latter is more likely to taste like the one in Hong Kong.

Local Delights - 333 Bedok North Ave 3 Bak Chor Mee

My dinner for tonight.... Bak Chor Mee!! I think the coffeeshop is called 333, located at Bedok North Ave 3 (or is it street 3 huh?).

anyway, the bak chor mee is very nice! very satisfying! The rest agreed as well.