Friday, February 23, 2018

D’Good Cafe

After visiting d’good Cafe previously with joanne and Randal, I quite liked the place and decided to bring Bunny after we ran some errands today!

I like the place for how it’s a cozy cafe and reasonably priced food. The self service piece is a bit tedious but the staffs were generally nice. For the prices I won’t complain.

First time to introduce will be the tomato cream sauce striploin pasta...

The sauce was really nice. Tomato cream based and the striploin was tender with a generous amount of mushroom. 

Also has a meatball marinara...

Which in our view was just ok. Rather homecooked kind of feel.

The scrambled egg muffin was da bomb!

This was SO GOOD! The eggs were nicely scrambled and the muffin was nothing like what u have at McDonald’s. It was crispy on the outside and fluffy inside, a must try! A bit steep at $8 but Bunny said she can easily pop 2 of these.

I also ordered the portobello mushroom eggs Ben again coz I like that they had no buns or starch!

Bunny’s maple latte...

We also went for the pancake which seems to be really special. Looks more like egg omelette! And they have savoury ones so we went for the Parma ham and rock melon...

I’d say I like the texture of the pancakes but I didn’t like the sauce they had with this one. It was lemonish in flavour and it just tasted weird as a combi for us.

But overall I do still like the cafe and most of the food, will want to get back to try more!

Thursday, February 22, 2018


a true 西游记 indeed! Coz we really took on a journey to the west for this infamous 佛跳墙 that Loh gong Zai and minako recommended!

It is located at the Yuan Ching food court where Super Bowl is and they gave rave recommendations about this! In fact they said the ABC market has a same stall but the standard isn’t on par. He said the one here is wayyyyyyyyy better despite that the ABC One won some Michelin Star?

Buddha jump over the wall for a mere $7?

For $7, we have no complains! In fact, we wonder how they earn $! And actually, the soup was super flavorful! It was superb! Each bowl came with many pieces of fish maw, mushroom and fake abalone too...

Aside from the soup, we also ordered the pork trotters....

It was rather tender. Not the mosttt flavourful but no complains!

I also loved the olive rice! 

Thank you for the great recommendation!

And thank you for the treat!! 

Monday, February 19, 2018

D’Good Cafe

Joanne and Randal brought me over to Holland V and introduced d’Good Cafe....

Located on level 2, most likely a place I will not head up on my own. But I’m so glad they brought me here!

The menu...

Mushroom soup....

Soup was thick and had shimiji mushrooms inside. The centre piece is a cheese like pastry.  The soup was ok. 

Forest mushroom striploin pasta in tomato cream sauce....

This was really good in my view! The steak was tender and the sauce was tomato cream. Surprisingly good!

I had the portobello eggs Ben....

Was not bad and definitely very me! I love that it’s got no bread with it and the portobello was good.

We also shared a carbonara ...

Which was good and importantly the bacon has some fatty parts, very good!

Lavender earl grey...

And the very good and thick iced chocolate! Super love it!

The maple cheese cake is apparently their signature cheesecake...

A cafe I’d love to hear back!

Thursday, February 08, 2018

Im Herzen Afrikas (Frankfurt)

So Andre selected this venue for dinner. It was slightly off the city centre and they serve African food! 

Very nice decor! In fact I failed to capture many parts of the place which includes a loft like tent area and a bathtub at the basement! 

For starters, we had hummus served with some thin pita like bread...

And for mains, we had 3 huge platters like the below...

The meat (chicken and beef) were poured out and there were no utensils provided. Everyone is supposed to use the wrap skins and your 3 fingers to pick up the food....

The soft wraps skin felt like min Jiang kueh...

It was a bit hard to eat after awhile but it was an interesting meal. Taste wise the chicken and the beef was pretty good. A bit spicy but tasty. 

Saturday, February 03, 2018

Emperor’s Garden Cake and Bakery (Sydney)

So we randomly walked along Chinatown of Sydney after heading to the Paddy’s market and we chanced upon a QUEUE! 

And being typical Singaporeans, got Q we MUST JOIN!

Buy what? Duno! But den hor, ang moh also Q, must be good!

Probably some kind of pastry? We got to see what we were queuing for nearer to the front and while there’s a Q, it’s a short one.

Emperor’s puff! It looks like kueh neng ko!

Initially we thot it’s like the 鸡蛋仔 from HK but not quite. It’s actually some round balls of pastry puff with custard inside. It’s like waffle custard cream puff!

Quite a good mix and particularly good when u have it hot. Just bite a little and it gets u to the centre...

Nom nom nom!

Chiswick (Sydney)

Our partners in Australia brought me out for dinner and I was so glad they brought me here coz the place screams gorgeous!! 

I mean check this out....

The exterior excited me! It looks like it just came out for a Hollywood movie where one of the weddings were held! Super gorgeous!

Even the interior is so gorgeous! 

My partners in Australia are vegetarians so it made sense to go vegetarian in the dishes ordered. And although it was mainly vegetarian, I am actually missing the dishes as I am posting them! They are so good and so creative and different!

Like this is a zucchini flower!

Not only is it so pretty to look at, it’s really yummy! 

The inside is some cheese thingy and I really think this is what sets a good chef apart! To be able to be creative creating simple dishes out of the norm that taste so good!


I can’t remember which part of the artichoke this is but it tastes a bit like potato. Again another very unique dish!

This is some cheese thingy which was also great!

And this grilled corn thingy, the crunch was just great! So good!

The grilled egg plant!

We also had a fish which was really fresh and the peas, oh so good!

Their fries are home made and very fresh! 

Ended the meal with a chocolate cake!

I will love to head back there again!