Friday, April 28, 2017

Tuk Tuk Cha

It was an impromptu quick drinks after our swallowed down lunch. I thought it was just tea but JJ ordered toast too. 

Best decision ever. Their toast is air fried yet so damn bloody good!


The toast is slightly sweet the texture was fluffy! It's amazing! The taro dip was also great!

Pretty authentic cha Yen!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Ice Cold Beer

Attended a talk with Kerry and it was around Cuppage. Somewhere, sometime this week, something reminded me that I haven't been to Ice Cold Beer for a long long while. 

Missing their wings, fish and chips and four cheese pizza!

The fried chicken doesn't feel as good as before but it's still decent!

The four cheese pizza was thin and good in flavor...

Clearly this place isn't really the place for their age folks but ice cold beer was once the place for my era! Hahaha

The Skewer Bar

I've heard about the skewer bar from a few sources, where owners are friends of friends or how it's so near my place or how the menu has a tinge of creativity (at least for a Geylang kopitiam stall).

So we finally finally got down to checking it out today after we tried them at the Artbox last weekend....


We ordered some other items which I failed to capture but here's those I did...



The chicken thigh is wallet friendly at $4.50. They even have BBQ pineapple.

Bunny ordered a beer and the beer was so chilled she really loved it.

Service was great as well!

Everything was pretty good. My only pick is it's too hot for me else I think we will be back more often.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Gourmet Bar @ Novotel Mangga Dua (JAKARTA)

A last meal before flying back home! Decided to do it at the hotel itself where food should be cleaner when prepared.

Novotel is revamping their hotels to go for a more chirpy and vibrant look. And regionally (I think) they all have a Gourmet Bar serving burgers and some Asian local food! This cafe was having a promo offering 20% off of you post and tag them on social media.

I ordered a apple mojito mocktail....


Which was not just pretty but also refreshing!


Briyani chicken rice!



The rice was fragrant and yummy! The curry was buried and there wasn't enough sauce but it was good!

A delightful meal!

Saturday, April 08, 2017

Seven Friday (Jakarta)

Today managed to head over to one of their better malls for dinner. Was surprised to see Seven Friday as a cafe so decided to give it a try!

The seven Friday cafe....






Iced lychee tea!


Yums! Lychee tea seems to be really popular around here.

Beef cheeks bowl...,



This is super yummy! The beef was tender and the sauce was amazing! Love the fact that the sauce is saltish and flavourful!

Mac and cheek....



The mac and cheese was good though the cheek was not impressive.

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Say Chuzu Hokkaido Cheese Toast (Bangkok)

One of the booths for one of their food fair at the basement of siam paragon....


Toasted bread with melted cheese!


Looks legit!


Look at that pull! They have it in 3 flavours. Original, charcoal cheese and chocolate. I opted for the original....


Indeed very cheesy. Not bad except the cheese wasn't savory enough for my liking. The toast was great but if only the cheese was a little more savoury and flavourful!

But overall still worth a try!