Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Mcdonalds Pandan Cone!

i like pandan but i don't particularly fancy this flavour. a little too sweet?

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Seven Friday Cafe (Jakarta)

prior to dinner, we made it to the Seven Friday cafe for bites coz i remember this place had one of the better food i've had in Indo. Importantly also, they love Seven Friday watches!

They had fun and we had a nice sharing meal!

The mushroom soup was thick...

the chicken caesar salad was good too and it has kale!

pork belly skewers...

and i must add, the food was cheap! like seriously cheap. drinks were like about S$1.50 - S$2 equivalent. This angel hair beef pasta was only S$7 plus....

importantly, it was not kao kei nice, it was very nice! The beef was juicy and had that beefy taste. the pasta was al dante! so worth it! so much so that bunny wants to come back for brunch tml before we fly off!