Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Moomba Tuck Shop

After work, i went over Moomba to buy the items for the Seafoodies Potluck at my place....

Just to show u some of the interesting mini things sold at Moomba....

Mini Pastries (10 in a set) at $8.50... mini sandwiches (6 in a set) at $8... i bought the mini muffins!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Moomba Tuck Shop

After work today, it was raining again.. i went over to Moomba again to buy my mini muffins... hee... today the lady at Moomba smiled and talked to me, asked me about my christmas, asked me what i like about the muffins and stuff.. I rave about this because on my first trip there, i noticed that she's not exactly a very smiley person despite how i try to smile to her... but after my second and third visit, shes smiling back to me too.. and chatting wif me.... and if that's not all, when i asked her about the rose cream tart, she offered me a piece of their breakage...............

to try for free!!!!!

So nice of her right? Breakage are those dat are not in full pieces and can't be sold. Though it may be something small and its something she cannot sell anyway, but she needn't have given it to me.. yet she did. To let me sample it. I was so happy.. more impressed by the gesture den the tart itself. Anyway, the tart was nice.. the custard texture is like egg tart but tasted like bandung and its not too sweet... =)

Saturday, December 24, 2005

The Moomba Tuck Shop

I walked over to Moomba after work.

I asked the aunty if they have the mini sandwiches.. again she told me its out.. but this time, she asked if im willing to wait (probably coz she saw my 'sincerity', being there yesterday and today)... she specially made a set for me.....

The mini set consists of a dozen mini sandwiches... namely vegetarian (portobello), seafood (crab mayo), beef (roast beef), salmon (sugar duno wat salmon), ham (honey ham) and chicken (poached chicken).

Yay, i bought the mini muffins as well! Yesterday i said i really liked the muffin right? Today i declare i love them!

And check out the cute mini sandwiches! I specially took pics and let you guys compare them against the size of my fingers....

Cuteeeee right? They are going to be my dinner for today!

Friday, December 23, 2005

The Moomba Tuck Shop

Was walking around before work and i walked past the cafe that was featured on tv last night!

The place is called The Moomba Tuck.Shop. Its located at 4 Battery Road, the basement of Bank of China. I told myself i must check this place out soon.

After work, i walked back to The Moomba.

The interior of the the place....

Despite being located at the basement, the white walls and all gave it a simple, clean and bright feel. Reminds me of those cafes always seen in the movies. Love the atmosphere.

Their menu....

their selection of salads....

and their special muffins!

As featured on the TV programme yesterday, their muffins are special because instead of the usual sweet muffins, their muffins are saltish. They have flavours like tomato, bacon and onion, etc... i bought the mini sized ones, VERY NICE. As in, i really liked them.

Their sandwiches were also featured yesterday. I tried to check on their mini sampler size sandwiches but it was sold out so i took a normal sized one. I opted for a roast beef sandwich.

This is the choice of bread they have....

I know its not very clear.. and i can't really recall the different names.. I chose Tomato Toast though.

this is the lady preparing my sandwich...

Aside from roast beef, there's also a spread of mushrooms... Yum~!