Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Brazil Churrasco

My second celebration for my birthday this year! Ken and Chris are bringing me to Brazil Churrasco for dinner!

Located at Sixth Ave, this place is one of the first Brazilian BBQ concept places in Singapore. It survived so long I would think would be the price, the wholesome service and definitely the damn good food. Many other Brazilian BBQ concept places have sprouted out but their food don't come close!

Meat aside, for starters, they serve this really good cheese bread!

The cheese bread is really good! The texture inside is a little Mochi like and cheesy in a light way! It's yummy!

They also have a salad bar with a good variety of stuff....

One of my favourite being the fried kale abd the fried banana!

They also have this fried golden mushroom thingy that ken liked...

Following on which, its meat galore already!

Perhaps not the best of pictures as I was trying to see if my iPhone can capture good enuff pictures (but I guess not).

But yup they have a good selection of meat from chicken to beef to pork etc. my favourite was the rump and beef brisket! The chicken was awesome too!

And of course, there was the sugar pineapple!!!

It was damn good as usual! Even bunny who doesn't like pineapple agreed!

Overall it's a very meat intensive meal, not for the faint hearted! Haha

Monday, May 29, 2017

The Magic of Chong Qing

The group came together for dinner at The Magic of Chong Qing hotpot.


Located at level 4 of Tanglin shopping centre.

 I pretty much liked it after visiting it previously. For the price it felt quite value for money with free flow better quality beef, fish maw and prawns! Well, at least those 3 are the ones I liked and what makes the it worthwhile!

So the normal dinner buffet is about $38++, doesn't come with drinks.

The one we took is supposedly a promotion. Normally it's $98++ (which if it is so, it wouldn't be worth it at all) but with the promotion it's $55++ and it includes free flow ba bao Cha. The ba bao tea can be iced or hot. The iced one basically tastes like a very nice version of chrysanthemum ginseng whilst the hot version looks like this...


Much better in terms of 卖相!tastes good too!

Soup base wise today we opted for the 酸菜 and the chicken soup yuan yang....


And that's the server adding in the fish paste for us. The soup base wise honestly it's not fanciful. It's ok to consume but definitely not as good as the current market favourites like beauty pot or hai di lao.

They also didn't come with fanciful sauces which disappointed Ken. Haha

I guess Chong Qing came as a slightly more value for money option for big eaters like us. The beef especially....




And fish maw!


Previous visit, the fish maw was thicker and gluey. It was so good! This visit the fish maw lost its thickness and glueyness. 


Sadly, I just realized I forgot to take pictures of the prawns which were fresh and of a decent size. We had so many sticks of it!

I can't say for sure that everyone who came today enjoyed or will be back but I probably would still come back.

What was funny about this buffet is they are super damn strict with the dessert portions. Each person is only entitled to one portion of the dessert. Not like it's super fanciful. It's a mini platter of chestnut cake, man tou and fried nian gao.

The chestnut cake is decent, man tou with condensed milk is so good and the fried nian gao is a waste of calories.

At the end you also get a choice of either an ice cream or black glutinous rice (which they affectionately call it as 八宝粥)or fruit platter. But u can only have choice of one n strictly one. I don't really get it, it's a buffet right?

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Kam's Roast

Been a long while since we could finally get together and the 2Bs were swee enough to celebrate our birthdays!

We got to choose a place and we opted for Kam's Roast....

One of the first thing I really wana try there is their prawn roe noodles!

Really missing this from Hong Kong and this is probably the only place (that I know) in SG that serves this! 

I would say it is close to what I had in HK, maybe not as fragrant but a good enough stand in to curb those cravings!

The prawn roes have that scrimp taste and I like the textures of the little bits!

The roast duck, we went for a quarter...

It was alright, the skin could be crispier. Pricing was pretty ok, around $16 for this portion.

We also had the 双拼 of char Siew and roast pork...

The char Siew was fatty as ordered but not charred enough.

The roast pork was decent.

The jelly fish....

And their Chinese sausage, both of it was not bad!

Overall, an enjoyable meal....

Friday, May 26, 2017

Beach Road Kitchen

Team lunch today at South Beach's Beach Road Kitchen! Buffet lunch at $58++ 

The team was excited about lunch!

The decor of the place is very modern and like an open kitchen, cozy and spacious between tables...

I love the marble design and of course the marble plates they are using from Luzerne!

This was the first section we attacked! The cold seafood area and it was like heaven! 

They have carpaccio, salads and other antipasti of mackerel, sword fish, salmon, scallop!

They are all amazing! We loved it so much we did at least 2 rounds here each and we were reluctant to move on to the other stations!

Tuna and salmon tartare...

Fresh chilled prawns...

And special attention to the Alaskan crabs....

The Alaskan crab claws were so so so sweet! I typically do not eat much of these but they were so so good!

And u know what? They serve scampis!!

My favourite scampis!!!

And smoked salmon...


Cheese and salami...

And the grilled section (mama mia!)....

That's beef ribs, lamb chops and grilled prawns!

And may I present to you, prime rib beef!!

The prime rib was salt crusted by the side and its sooooooooo good!

And aside from prime rib they had beef ribs!

I don't take lamb but my colleagues who did all raved about it. They went for seconds and thirds! 

I'm super happy with my beef!

Other baked stuff...

The fish was fresh and good!

Local delights!

And seriously, their local delights were as good as the international spread! It's somewhat surprising but in a very pleasant way!

The chicken satay...

The chicken satay in particular was so juicy and tender in good chunks!

My colleagues know I love chicken rice and particularly drumsticks! So they got me my yuan yang 鸡腿! We shared the chicken rice and everyone agreed the standard was good. Particularly the white chicken! It was as good as a typically chicken rice stall! The roast chicken is more like a fried chicken and the rice was decent....

And the laksa! Everyone give their thumbs up! It was so good! Despite this being buffet and laksa being coconut, they finished all the laksa soup! Haha

They also have a wide variety of desserts!

This uncle here who is in charge of the pancakes and waffles is so friendly and kind!

Cakes and pastries...

And see how cute these are!

The fillings are red bean and yam!

And they had gummies!

Ice cream!

We shared the black sesame and it was so strong in flavor (in a damn good way!)

Aside from ice cream, they even have a soft serve machine!!

Their soft serve is superb, it's of premium quality especially the chocolate one!

And another item we raved about is the hazelnut chocolate....

We loved it so much and it's so addictive!

Lovely desserts!

To add on, their lunch is so wu hua! For $58++, it even comes with free flow coffee/tea and it includes iced tea and coffee! We thoroughly enjoyed the meal!