Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Muji coffee

In view of how hard it was to get hold of the Just Drink latte, seeing this muji coffee just made me want to buy and hope that it's just as good....

Which I did... But nope, nowhere comparable. The muji coffee was not thick enuff. It was also not flavourful enuff. The one with brown sugar tasted more like brown sugar water with a faint coffee taste. 


always passed by this place and noticed they have truffle ramen, never got the chance to try it until today. 

There's a soup and dry version, I opted for the dry version...

I will say it's pretty good with a good amount of truffle. The charsiew was soft and a good amount of fats. I wouldn't say it's out of the world but it's pretty good for sure.

Portion was decent, service was pretty good.

The egg is the ramen egg and was nicely molten.

Also ordered a chicken karage...

Didn't quite like the chicken karage. Was a little too mashy for my liking. Couldn't really taste the chicken.