Friday, August 30, 2013

Rice & Fries

today is a special day because i had planned a mini surprise birthday party for Joanne!

Her surprise party this year is held at Rice & Fries!

We have a theme for today's party as well - Minions! And i spent last weekend trying to look for DIY party props. I suspect the whole world is going for the minions theme. Yellow cups were out of stock like everywhere! i went to a party props shop, they checked 3 branches for me, all branches out of stock. i went to Spotlight, all other colours were available except yellow!

Hence, special mention and credits to be given to the lady boss of Rice & Fries (Xinying). Not only did she help me get the balloons, she also helped me search for the cups and decorated them for me!

lovely signboard!

oh yes, DIY minion cups!

and thanks to Xinhui who also helped with the party props and specially came down to help ensure everything's alright!

arrival of the birthday girl!

Happy birthday joanne!

and yes, WE LOVE RICE & FRIES!


Joanne had the King prawn truffle angle hair pasta with scallops...

Randal had the fish and chips...

ah mah had the prawn pasta..

Francis had the signature lamb shank and he was very impressed by it....

Audrey and i had to have the Filet Mignon with bone marrow risotto with foie gras.... its like a combination of everything good for ONLY $48!

and it was sooooooooo yummy! The bone marrow risotto had a slight cheese taste and was great. the foie gras was a generous portion and the filet mignon was tender and juicy. yummy!

and dessert, Rice & Fries chef Ken is starting to play around with making desserts and today we had the honour to try their molten chocolate cake...

i must say i am very impressed! it is oh-so-good!

the cake is nicely textured and warm and the chocolate oozes with. the sensation of the warm cake with the ice cream is just heavenly! Good job chef ken!

Happy birthday Joanne!

Thank cute Rice & Fries!


Lunch at Centrepoint Swensens. Jefrince is right. The only Swensens branch with very nice Soft Shell Crab fried rice is the one at Bishan. The rest of the other branches one sucks.

But i love Swensens' lunch time promo! With every main course, you get a free choice of either drink/side/dessert. Although there is a range they allow you to choose from but its a pretty decent range, not like one miserable scoop of ice cream.

i chose the sides of meatballs...            

rather consistent and decent throughout the times i tried it at the different branches.

soft shell crab fried rice...

sucks. too oily summore. Feeling totally not satisfied.

La Petite Patisserie

i also ordered minion rainbow cupcakes. ordered them from La Petite Patisserie...

we actually also ordered the rainbow cake from them last year for Joanne's birthday as ell. Last year's cake was amazing! But this year, the cupcakes were a big disappointment.

Firstly, the rainbow as now nicely tiered.. it is a total mess of colors. Also, the texture was sooooo dry. Huge disappointment.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Penang Food Restaurant

impromptu dinner with JJ at this supposedly famous penang food restaurant near my place...

76 Lorong 25A Geylang  Singapore 388258

6841 3002

the penang laksa...

super spicy (i can't take too spicy food)

spinach soup or veg of sorts...

salted egg squid...

which i thought was ok. don't really get whats the rave about this place yet. but they seem to have alot more interesting food which i think given its location and late opening hours, JJ and i will be back!

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Rice & Fries

met up with Bernard for dinner after work and we decided to head to Rice & Fries to try out their new menu!

check out the pretty drawings on the wall! 

takes a really creative one to draw all these!

foie gras at $8.80???

Cheap cheap!!


was so good that Bernard went for seconds!

the soft shell crab and the very yummy curry mayo sauce!

and of coz, for first timers who do take lamb, the lamb shank is a must try!

i went for the oxtail!

the oxtail was savoury and tender and filled with meat! the ratatouille was yummeh! the butter rice was decent, i will like it better if its slightly stronger in taste.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Ryoshi Sushi

for dinner, arranged to meet up with Jiamiao, Deanie and Kendi over at Liang Court. We went to Ryoshi Sushi...

the selection...

their sushi are really good. feels very fresh and very authentic japanese style. like the crab and crab miso and theres one fish which i think is called the fluke, very awesome! the texture is a little bouncy! yummy!

salt ice cream...


the mochi is very good. soft!


Met up with ali for lunch and to also pass him some little things i got him from Sydney.

He brought me for Yong Tau Foo over at this place called Bagus...

276A Changi Road...      

the different soup base...

it was pretty good.. his tom yam soup with rice was not bad too..