Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Basil Alcove

Lunch was with Norman and Lionel at Basil Alcove.

Norman ordered an Appletiser....

its sparkling apple juice that's really refreshing! And its served in a long glass with the Appletiser word printed on it. Tastes great. Goes especially well with me since im an apple juice lover.

We tried to order my favourite caesar salad but sadly, its so popular that they ran out of it. Apparently, after it was featured on the sunday's newspaper, this place has been 'chaotically' filled with customers. haha..

We ordered a few mains to share and to try out the new menu.

Basilico duck with pesto oil and red wine dressing ($13.80)...

A closer up view of the items...

seriously, i never knew you can opt for the level of doneness for ducks. I thought its usually pretty well done. Xander suggested we get it medium rare and so we did. It was a pretty different way of having duck and it was really tender and juicy.

the brown coloured sauce is on the sour side, tastes abit like vinegar of sorts.

the sides was a nice round cupped diced vegetables including carrots and cucumber. It was nicely seasoned and topped with lavendar. We were told that Xander's mum planted the lavendar herself!

Bratwurst sausage w balsamic onion and dijon mayo ($8.80)...

a close up view of the raisin rice....

Really like the raisin rice. Also, the tomatoes on top has an additional spicy taste to it. When asked, Xander didnt fill us in on what it was but it somewhat tasted like tabasco. heh..

the bratwurst sausage went very well with Lionel and Norman. It did well for me but i kinda prefer saltier sausages. However, the onions and mayo did help to add flavour to it.

Pan fried mackrel with tomato salsa ($8.80)...

You know how mackrel usually tastes pretty hmm.... tough (not sure if this is the right word) in japanese dishes? Well, this one kinda changes my opinon. It was much more tender. A pretty nice dish as well.

BBQ pork ribs with pesto ($10.80)...

This time, the pork ribs are somewhat different from my previous visit. According to Xander, he has somewhat made a couple of changes and perfected the dish. Comparing it to the previous visit, it is really significantly better. The sauce is well blended with the ribs. Its abit more meaty den previously but would be better if its meatier den now.

Lionel was commenting to Xander that we'll prefer it if its the kind where the meat can be easily stripped off the bone (my sentiments too) as we tend to avoid bones and shells when we're dining outside. Xander's reply was that sometimes its good to have your hands on real food.. that's how they are finger licking good. haha..

and immediately, Lionel did this....

(Lionel doesnt want to show face.. so i had to do some kind of censoring)...

haha.... he was licking his fingers!

overall, it was a pretty good meal. And in case you havent noticed, for that kind of price, you rarely get food presented that nicely.

Basil Alcove
190 Middle Road, #01-07
Fortune Centre
Tel/Fax: 63361318

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