Sunday, December 03, 2006

Olive Tree

Met up wif Yan and Sorina at Olive Tree Restaurant (Hotel Intercontinental). We're treating Yan in appreciation of Notre Dame. Olive coz i've got vouchers n discount. Works out to only $20 per person and thats after all the +++!

was quite lazy to take pics of the food and while i was doing it halfway, the manager came up so i stopped.

Only took pics of their savoury items.

Mutton balls....

pork knuckles...

their pork knuckles were really nice. Was also avail during my previous visit.

when the pork knuckles were finished, they replaced it with prime beef!!

same sauce as the pork but it was beef slices! Tender and juicy! Yum~

some squid in tomato sauce..

spicy mussels and crab..

some vege...

minced chicken gratin....

some spanish noodle...

which was basically yellow noodle..

and their pasta...

wouldnt say its very good.

overall the items which i didnt comment was coz i didnt try. Of coz there were the usual cold dishes and desserts but was kinda lazy to take pics of them. They are pretty similiar to wat we had previously.

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