Friday, December 29, 2006

Guan Yin Wang

We were sitting around having donuts when we happened to talk about the very expensive tea from Szechuan Court yesterday and mum went into the kitchen and came out with these...

ok, yes its a total mismatch be it the pot, the cups or the big metal plate acting as a tray. haha

And we were all like.. eh.. chinese tea? We dont have the habit of drinking chinese tea actually but since mum prepared, we drank anyway since we were all so full. Some tea would probably help.

At first sip, i thought maybe its coz i just had sweet donuts so i tried it again. This chinese tea had a VERY sweet aftertaste! It doesnt taste sweet but the aftertaste is really sweet! And its very fragrant. And because its a small teacup, the few of us just kept refilling!

Got mum to tell us what brand of chinese tea it is. Mum said its Tie Guan Yin and they got it from some bak kut teh store along Sembawang (not sure where myself).

The packaging is like this...

its so so good!

Probably the BEST chinese tea i've ever had. Oh.. the above was the sporting ping jie jie who posed for me. hehe..

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