Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Kerrygold Cheese Spread with Ham

After dinner, we went over to check out the 24 hours cold storage at katong mall.

and i saw this!

Kerrygold cheese spread! I remember trying to explain this to Lionel the other time we were at Jason's and Meidiya. And having not found them there, i thot this item is not available anymore. Was kinda sad actually. Its been a number of years since i last had this. I used to have this when i was young. Tried it for the first time at my aunt susan's place and i loved it! When i saw this, i pointed it to ah yee and asked.. " do you remember this? " haha..

Ah yee nodded and pointed to boursin and asked me.. " do u remember this? " ahhh.. boursin! Another yummilicious garlic bread spread. Ah yee and myself tried boursin for the first time on a flight and we fell in love with it immediately. Its a thick and tasty garlic bread spread. But looking at the price difference, i bought Kerrygold! (Kerrygold is $2.95, Boursin is $7 plus)

The inside of Kerrygold...

Its got little bits of ham inside. The taste is... yummy. haha.. go try it and u'll koe. Or should i say, how many of u haf also tried this before?

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