Thursday, December 28, 2006

Donut Factory

We went over to the basement of Raffles City wanting to get some finger food and i saw this....


its called the donut factory....

their operations...

the processing...

and the queue!

more queues...

just as we were queuing, the staff came out to tell us that they are unable to process any more orders and we can only buy whatever is remaining....


I asked if we could wait.. they said what they are processing now are actually those that others have preordered =(

In the end, we only managed to get these...

ah yee and uncle sq said i should be glad that we got these. Some people cant even get the glazed ones.

The glazed one is probably the most boring looking one. Its also the first one we tried. Uncle sq dropped his glasses because its SO GOOD. Haha.. It was soft and sweetly glazed. YUMMMY~

The Peanut Dark Chocolate was also nice.. most importantly the donut was soft. In comparison, Dunkin's donut is a bit harder.

The hazelnut milk chocolate one was also pretty good! I really liked it.

We were told they would have another batch and we can go walk around first. We decided to head for dinner first before we come back to try our luck at getting a box.

After dinner, we literally rushed back down for donuts factory only to find....

Yes, they are closed. NO MORE DONUTS FOR TODAY. Please come early tomorrow =(

Aside from myself, i saw quite a number of disappointed faces when they saw the half closed gate. haha

Through the half closed gate, we saw some of the staff eating the donuts and we were jokingly saying why they won't sell it to us instead.

Btw, i saw the owner (well, i assume hes the owner) walking out to buy pipers pie for his staff. He looked pretty friendly and seems to treat his staff pretty well.

All in all, im very excited about donuts factory! No more having to fly over to KL or bangkok for dunkin! haha.... YAY!

was telling ah yee, must patronise more! If not wait close down. But judging by how popular it is, they'll probably open up more outlets pretty soon!

For those interested, Donut Factory is at Raffles City's basement, facing Chippy British Takeaway!

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