Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ah Hung Sultan Durian

After all that spicy chicken wings, they were craving for Durian. so Ken drove over to Geylang and randomly chose a stall. I'm not a durian eater so i was the photographer.

The guys bot 2 durians (one sweet one bitter) at $5 each from the stall. when they opened the durian, they found that only ONE side contained the fruit....

they actually did go over to the owner to try to change the durian and the owner actually replied.. " if its nice, one seed enough already " WTH?!

xinying was so funny. she went.. " june, quick take pictures.. " den she told Ivan.. " she take pictures, by tomorrow whole singapore will koe already. dat this stall bluff people one "

like wat ken said, luckily they only bot one each. so we decided to shift over to another stall.

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