Thursday, April 05, 2007

The New Harbour Cafe

Met up with Lina at The New Harbour Cafe. Meina had previously recommended this place for being cheap and good.

Located along 114 Tanjong Pagar Road.

the outside seats....

we took seats inside....

Lina had this crackling roast pork which i tried and it was really quite good. As i was late, by the time i got there, Lina was already semi done wif the roast pork so no pics!

unsure of wat to order, i had the mixed grill, changing the lamb chops to chicken....

it comes with chicken chop, bacon, pork chops, beef bratwurst and choice of fries of mashed potato.

overall i found the items pretty ok except the beef bratwurst which i found it to be too hard but lina found it ok. also, portion is pretty good but i was quite full so lina had the honour of helping me finish some of the items.

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