Friday, July 21, 2006

(Bangkok) Chinese - Nanxing

Our first stop today is Chinatown coz i wana haf sharksfin!

There was quite a number of shops but we both were more familiar with Nan Xing...

We were browsing the menu and were surprised that the oysters costs only 30 baht! Dats only around S$1.20! Hee.. we ordered 2! (both for me!) hehe

and see how HUGE they are?

The oyster was huge and tasted pretty fresh. But i kinda missed those dat i had at Broth's reopening celebration. Those were small but really good!

I managed to coax lil bee into ordering 2 bowls of sharks fins. hehe..

we had one in braised soup and another in clear soup. Initially, lil bee was rather skeptical about the clear soup but towards the end, he kinda preferred the clear soup! haha

we also shared a crab meat and shrimp fried rice...

its so good! I loved it! The crab meat is big big chunks kind! Wooo!

For dessert, needless to say it has to be bird's nest! Eat already complexion will be guk guk! hahaha!!

Yum! Only 200 baht!

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