Monday, June 15, 2009

Chinese Box

a few days ago, when i got home and was checking my email, i saw that someone left a comment for me on my food blog! the message is as follows:

Exclusive preview of Singapore's first $2 Beijing Duck Roll at Chinese Box

On behalf of Chinese Box we would like to cordially invite you as exclusive guests for a delectable food-tasting event, with compliments from the management team at the restaurant.

The highlight of the food-tasting event is to preview Singapore's first $2 Beijing duck roll scheduled for launch on 15th June 2009, Monday, at 1pm. The dishes include

1. Chinese Box Signature Beijing Duck

2. Vietnamese Mango and Duck Roll / Soft Shell Crab and Duck Roll

3. Poet Drunken Chicken & Taro Strings

4. Stir-Fried Taiwan Pea-shoots

5. TeoChew TaiPan Superior Thick Shark's Fin Soup

6. Signature Golden Roast Duck & Teochew Five Spice Meats Roll

7. Signature Golden Tofu Bar with Sauteed Mushrooms

8. Pan Fried Cod Fish Fillets in Superior Soy Sauce

9. Garlic Steamed Fresh Scallop w/ Tofu

10. Taro Paste"Orni" w/ Pumpkin & Gingko Nuts

The event details are as below:

Date: 15th June 2009, Monday

Time: 1pm

Location: Chinese Box, 1D Cluny Road, Singapore 259600.



and after a couple of email correspondence with the person, they told me that i can bring two guests. Cynthia and lil bee came along with me.

Lil bee came to pick me up from work. i thot this is at Cluny Court which is along bt timah. When lil bee and myself got to Cluny Court, somehow it didnt seem right. Cynthia who was already there tried to direct us and we realised its quite far off.

we tried to call the restaurant and the person seemed totally clueless about how to direct us either. was quite funny when i asked.. " is there a person-in-charge who can give us directions on how we can get there from Cluny Court? " (thinking that Cluny Court SHOULD BE along Cluny Road. Apparently not. haha

the person replied.. " i would be the person ".. but he didnt know what i was talking about .. the reception at the carpark was terrible so the line got cut.

i tried to call Cynthia to ask for directions and she said its at the NUS law facility. During my era, i thot NUS campus = the one near SP? apparently the law facility now atas liao. shifted to somewhere much nearer to Orchard. In fact, they said this is the old SMU campus. eh.. enuff info to know where the place is already right?

anyway, we got there...

hmm.. they have a Black Angus Steakhouse here too!

the Chinese Box...

we got there slightly late because we found the wrong place but we were lucky they havent started.

there you can see everyone around flashing their cameras and taking pictures of the place etc. haha..

Initially i was worried dat lil bee and cynthia would be bored coz they've never met and imagine usually when we dine, i alone flashing and taking pictures of food is already time consuming enuff. i was wondering how it would be like if like 8 other people on the table were doing the same.. must wait how long den can eat?

haha.. but they actually apportioned the food so they didnt have for me or anyone else to finish snapping.

i did however snap pictures of the contemporary chinese decoration after our meal....

the first dish we were served were the vietnamese rolls....

comes in two different fillings, the softshell crab and the duck....

as per the price list they provided, the items are $8 but im not sure of the portion for the $8. taste wise, i found the duck one mediocre but the soft shell crab one is nice! Cynthia and lil bee agreed with me. the soft shell crab one is, in some sense different from the typical fillings and the crab was yummy.

we were also served tea....

the person later explained dat its peppermint tea but before they informed us, cynthia was whispering to us saying that the tea tasted like it had toothpaste added. hahahaha.. after she made dat comment and we tried the tea.. mmm... she is right. haha.. but den again, maybe we just dun really know how to appreciate their tea.

next up was the poet drunken chicken & taro strings....

my favourite! i like the taro strings (i thot taro was yam but it didnt taste like yam)! its very Q, very bouncy! a bit like dong fen but thicker and more Q. it was really tasty! as per the pricing list, the taro strings go at $4, again not sure hows the portion but i'd say its quite cheap.. i will come back for this!

the poet drunken chicken was nice also... the alcohol taste was just nice.. not too strong, not too mild. But we realised an inconsistency here... duno if its the dishes or us because cynthia totally thot it was just some normal chicken coz she couldnt taste the alcohol while lil bee said he found the alcohol a bit too strong. haha.. i guess taste IS subjective? the chicken goes at $8.. reasonable pricing i'd think but again, not sure of portion.

next up is their signature beijing duck (half a duck is $38, whole duck is $68)....

just as the duck arrived, the owner of the restaurant stood up to give a speech and introduction of herself, the restaurant and the signature duck.

during the speech...

apparently she has been in the F&B industry for quite a while and has operated a few different restaurants and she has organised this session mainly coz of the location of the restaurant. A bit ulu, people duno.. need to create awareness.

the duck is their signature because its a classic chinese dish and they are gonna introduce a $2 beijing duck. this is good for people who go in small groups for their meal and cannot finish probably half a duck. i think its a very good idea and typically after having the skin, we hafta think of what to do with the duck which in truth we are more interested in only the skin. ha!

but i think coz after she took a while to finish sharing wif us the above, the duck cold liao. =(

the duck was ok.. she did mention they use special herbs like ginseng (if i recall correctly). to the 3 of us, it was normal beijing duck loh. it was nice but not wowing.. highly suspect coz it went cold already.

next up, sharks fins...!!

75 g - $38, 150g - $68. very YUM! the broth was so flavoursome and the fins were thick and good!

this lil bee, just as i finished taking pictures and was enjoying the fins, he said to me.. " i actually feel a bit uncomfortable abt eating shark fins these days " (about to go on about those save the world theories) so i peeped over at his bowl.... he had already totally polished off everything including the broth! hahahahahahaha!!!

i teased him.. " wah lau.. u eat finish everything already den u say! "

their fins are really good in my opinon! i was secretly hoping lil bee didnt finish so i can kop!

next up, cod fish!

$9 per piece. When it just arrived, cynthia and lil bee both commented dat they could smell the fishy smell but i didnt smell it. taste wise, i liked it. its pan fried so its slightly crispy on the outside yet soft on the inside and they both agreed that when you eat it, there isnt the fishy smell anymore. but cynthia pointed out that its probably due to the seasoning and sauce. but anyways, i like the dish.

the wu xiang spring roll and roast duck...

roast duck goes at $18 for a quarter, $32 for half and $58 for whole....

i duno if its the same as the beijing duck. i'd think not since their pricing looks different but their roast duck is GOOD! the skin is mighty crispy! i like!

the spring roll, small is $8, medium is $12....

i dun usually like wu xiang rolls. but i know tons of people love them. they particularly love the ones dat my mum makes (but i dun). but i kinda like theirs... maybe its coz they added prawns.

their tofu...

small = $10, medium = $13.

the tofu bar...

i like the tofu bar. soft and the skin has that eggy taste dat i like.

dou miao....

s vs m = $13 vs $18. not sure if its some special dou miao but its just vegetables to me. heh.. not bad in terms of taste la.

den as we were eating, the person-in-charge was giving out some media kits to the media peeps seated with us. cynthia whispered to me and went... " wah.. they giving out thumb drive.. u haf or not.. "

i whispered back... " dun haf la.. we not media "

but turned out, I HAVE ALSO!

cynthia looked at it and raved.. " wah! Intel one leh! 2GB summore.. ! " and being the typical financial controller she went.. " they put in a lot of budget! they could haf just given you a CD " hahaha... so happy!

next dish... scallop with tofu..

i didnt find the scallop particularly fresh especially in terms of texture. the tofu was ok but there is this layer of fish paste like thingy sticking to the plate below the tofu which i found to be good. small $16, medium $23. a bit too pricey, not what i would order.

last but not least, im sooo happy they were gonna serve the yam paste! hee...

$6. it was not bad... they used some kind of syrup instead of milk/coconut milk which i felt was a good replacement in terms of being slightly more healthy. but of coz, wat healthy is there to talk abt in yam paste. haha..

when i got home, i downloaded the higher quality pictures that the management of The Chinese Box gave ....

another of their signature merlion fried rice...

i wonder why they didnt serve this. i was quite excited to know how it tastes.

thanks for the invitation!

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