Friday, July 04, 2008


after work today, Carol, Crabby and myself headed down to MORTONS! its early friday off!

3 martini for the ladies!

i had lychee (because crabby wants the chocolate), carol and crabby had the chocolate.

my lychee martini...

its good!

the chocolate martini...

it is DIVINE! haha

our martinis...

and the best part is, it auto refills! how come? thanks to the friendly and funny server....

we were by the counter (its soooo packed it was almost impossible to get seats) and halfway through, one of the server came to us and said.. " you're drinking chocolate martini right? you better faster drink if not it will get more and more "

initially we were confused and we turned around to see our chocolate martini refilled! ahahhahaha... den after a while, they did the same for our lychee and even gave me more lychees! haha

martini reloaded!

and of course, who can miss out their free flow of beef sandwiches??

its tender fillet mignon in a soft bun....

yum yum!

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