Saturday, January 15, 2005

Steak - Black Angus - Erica's birthday

We went over to meet up with Erica at the Starbucks at Orchard Parade Hotel around 9 pm and we realised Erica, levine, Steve and myself have all not eaten. We wanted to go over to Modestos for dinner... i miss their ravioli and garlic bread!!!!! But before we even got our seats, one server was so rude to Steve and the whole way they made us wait here and wait there, totally disorganised! We were so pissed off and i told the servers off and we changed over to Black Angus.

As soon as we sat down with our menu, Luis said something really funny. " I thought they have so many outlets here... but i look at the locations, all not familar one.. den i realised its in the states.. " hahhaa

imagine having so many Black Angus in Singapore! LOL. The service at Black Angus was much better.. but i still missed the food at Modestos.. *whine whine*

our orders....

The wild wild west onion is POWER SIA!!!!! Even a non-onionring lover like myself finds it totally yummy!!! The Stuart's Steak Soup and Baked Potato Soup were also sedap!!! Cheesy Garlic Bread wasn't comparable to Modesto's one though. The fried mushroom was also very nice..... Oooo.. overall a very nice dinner... Erica treated us all.

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