Saturday, December 10, 2011

CA California

we let kaizhi decide on where to go since she was the one driving. kaizhi randomly drove along and reached the Ben & Jerry's side of Dempsey where we saw CA (California)'s banner of their breakfast. Looks damn yummy!

as we entered, we realised they were linked to ben and jerry's.

chicken burrito....

it was not bad. chicken and mushroom cubes in the burrito.

turkey ham and mushroom cream pasta...

decent pasta. the cream sauce was ok but i think its not thick enough.

their breakfast set...

was also not bad. as i mentioned to the girls, actually alot of these items can all be easily prepared at home. but somehow we still end up ordering them for brunch at restaurants. haha

open faced steak sandwich...

not bad either.

overall, food is decent.

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