Saturday, November 15, 2008

Swissotel The Stamford

we got a room again because it was D&D. I really miss the potatoes i had the last time for their breakfast at the executive lounge!

their breakfast is still as scrumptious as before!

this time round, the hotel stay wasn't as pleasant.

for starters, we had problems right when we were checking in. we specifically requested for 4 keys (which was no issues at all during my previous stay) and the lady was not willing at all. We had to quibble over it until she agreed but in the end still kay siao put only 3 keys in for us. duno what is her problem! had already specifically told her there were many of us and we had an event and we need it to do our make up! i had to go back for the 4th key!

den room was given to us wrongly. we requested for 2 beds, she happily gave us only one bed. we had to go through the hassle of changing rooms wif all of our barang barangs.

no parking coupons were given. this is the first time i've heard of hotels not offering parking coupons and their excuse is that it belongs to the shopping mall. which hotel actually doesnt offer free parking? we reserved 2 rooms and one of it is a suite! even if u need to buy from the shopping mall u should jolly well do that.

the complimentary chocolates we had the previous time were not given. when asked about it, they said they are replacing it with fruits but we still did not get it.

sorina had to request 4 times before we replaced the damaged hair dryer.

the WORST incident is, peisan said that on 2 occassions, one of the staff rang the bell twice and when they did not open the door in time, the staff used the key and entered the room! what if they happened to be changing? its such a terrible terrible experience.

the only person who was really helpful was Ms Vanessa again from Feed At Raffles.

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