Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cookie Museum

Xinying also provided snacks for our mahjong session. Our snacks for times when we are full but mouth still itchy, was cookie from the cookie museum (@ Esplanade, formerly known as V Tea Lounge)...

Cranberry and lychee cookie!

PREMIUM cookie okie! means gui one hor.. dun play play.. one box can cost around $30! she bought it to match her freaking expensive english tea set specially flown in by Leo... Xinhui was sworn to secrecy not to reveal how much it costs but its been guessed that it costs at least $300 (most probably costs much more).... we suspect the teapot pour water in already got aroma one... haha..

anyway, the cookie was really really good. the cranberry was chewy and i think there are pieces of almond flakes as well. the lychee aroma filled the air when the tin was open. Sigh.. why is it so expensive?

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