Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Miss Clarity Cafe

The seafoodies feb gathering at Miss Clarity Cafe (purvis street).

shared a glutton platter ...

comes with nuggets, onion rings, potato wedges, some fish cake deep fried thingy and chicken wings. Every item was pretty good.

We also shared a fish baked rice....

Clammy loved it. The rest of us find it not bad but we prefer the Garlic Crusted Dory....

Squiddy was especially full of praises for it.

and we also ordered the red wine risotto under my recommendation coz i rem it being pretty unique and nice. I was under the impression that Crabby and i had it during one of our previous visits and that she liked it too. Turned out that the time when i tried this was when i was here wif Lionel and Norman. The risotto dat Crabby and i tried and she liked was the seafood risotto. haha..

the red wine risotto.....

i like it as much as i did the last time but it didnt seem to go well with the rest of the girls ... they all cant quite accept the taste.. haha.. so i guess this is an acquired taste.. u may not like it.

Dinner was so cheap. After splitting, its only about $7 per person.

The lighting was very dim at Miss Clarity Cafe. Seriously am not sure why they wana dim all the lights in the shop for the night. Coz its really very dark to a very uncomfy feel. Maybe also coz of the colours of the walls, it makes it even darker which is why we didnt stay on.

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