Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Cafe - Coffee Club

Went for dinner at Hotel Rendezvous Coffee Club.

Recommended ping jie jie to try their country pie...

I opted to try their crusted dory gremolata

Its crisply baked dory topped with herbed and lemon scented crumbs, served with a chorizo mashed potato with a homemade parsley and poached egg sauce. The dory fish was juicy and the potato had sausage and ham in it. I like it.

Was having a dilemma about which dessert to order coz i noticed they haf this lychee panna cotta dessert. i like panna cotta, i like lychee too but im not to sure about placing the two together. Otherwise theres also the safe choice of the hazelnut nougat which im pretty sure ping jie jie will like. Later, after the green light given by ping jie jie, we ordered both!

The hazelnut nougat....

True enuff, ping jie jie liked it!

And the lychee panna cotta...

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